Finish The Story Contest - WEEK #26

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@f3nix here, your prêt-à-porter bananafish prophet strikes again!

Are you claustrophobic? I hope not. I don't feel like whimsical preambles today.. I just want to say that I'm very very very (but very) curious to see how you will develop today's story!

This contest is unique, from the brand to the amazing community behind it (Join here our chat]). One of the things I like the most is that we here prefer spontaneity over rules, once again let me introduce you the ..

Thingies that please his supreme potassiumness, the Bananafish mighty god!

  • vote, vote, vote your favourite story!

  • use the #finishthestory tag.

  • Try to post your story the earliest possible and not at the last moment.

  • Sustain, comment and upvote each other as a true group of friends and fiction lovers.

  • Respect the 500 words limit.

  • Post in your blog instead than in the comment section.

  • help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility.

And now.. let's dive into today's story!


Horror Vacui

by @f3nix

The moonlight descended on the east side of the Wagner Tower like an ancestral bone dust. The ectoplasm of a vague awareness crossed a tenant’s mind seeking for oblivion: finally, the dull blows coming from God knows what remote corner of the old building had decided to quit and he would have slept. However, between the seventy-fifth and seventy-fourth floor, a particularly fine ear could have still seized an intermittent, stifled counterpoint of voices.

"I feel that this unusual condition is helping us bring out some interesting perspectives, Mendo." In breaking the silence, the psychotherapist's voice had soon lost its initial momentum.


"I want you to know that this time won’t be billed, go ahead if you feel like it." She tried to assume a playful expression. Hidden underneath her short suit jacket, Dr. Wallace's fingers were nervously playing with a fluorescent orange rubber bracelet.

"No-one is ever suspended, not even now with seventy-four floors of nothing underfoot..."

"Well, this is certainly a positive observation..."

"Shut up, you don’t know a shit." An almost calm remark, pronounced with a firmness that hit Dr. Wallace like a bucket of frozen water.

"Have you ever thought, doctor," Mendo continued, sharply spelling out his last word, "that the fear of emptiness, the horror vacui as they defined it in the Middle Ages, is nothing but the unconscious and desperate attempt to look away from the ultimate truth?"

Since the elevator had blocked its descent, the patient had confined himself to a corner on the opposite side of the entrance. His left leg was now dancing grotesquely, animated like it had a life of its own and in contrast with the cadaveric stiffness of his other body parts.

"I never thought of that." Dr. Wallace wisely responded in brief, observing for the umpteenth time the assistance number carved on the elevator control panel.

"Mmmm...” A growing moan on the other side of the narrow cabin.

The doctor instinctively thought of her daughter that night, when the wind had hit the fixtures of the old house in the mountains so intensely that it produced an endless banshee howl. The little girl had made a sound of compressed horror, just like that.

If only she had known, she would have never asked Mr. Anatoliy “Mendoza” Volkov, an extraordinarily subtle personality, to follow her downstairs after that emergency therapy session in her office. On the other hand, he was one of her first and most challenging patients. Furthermore, he used to pay awesomely.

"Because the void swarms." Now his eyes were on the doctor, sunken out and bugging out at the same time.

"Soon they'll free us, do you think you'll keep writing that song you were talking about?" Dr. Wallace ventured. She realized that the silk shirt was soaking with her acrid sweat.

"It's the Yellow King's dominion, he comes from the void, it's him who made me do those things. I did not want to." His whine ripped open in a sinister vocal of terror.

"Mendo .." She did not know what to add. Now the doctor's hand, behind her sweating back, was pressing the assistance button convulsively.

His wide open eyes. They had stopped staring at her and now they were pointing up, right behind her shoulders.

"Mendo, what's up?"

"The Yellow King. He's here."


Join the fun! Here is how this contest works:

  1. An unfinished fiction story or a script is posted.

  2. You finish it with your own post or a comment in the comment section. A limit of 500 words is recommended.

  3. YOU WIN! 8 @steembasicincome shares to the writers with the best ending.

    The result will be out on Tuesday 4th September, 14:00 PM GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone) avg. Submission and voting deadline: Monday 3rd September, 12:00 PM - noon GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone)


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Prepare! Friday 7th September

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This week I'd like to reward the great comeback of @brisby!


Aww! Grazie Marco! 😎


@marcoriccardi for the awesome dialogue and going off in a different direction :-)


Voting for @dirge. The excitement helped me write this week.


I was stuck between @dirge and @marcoriccardi, so I flipped a penny and landed on @marcoriccardi. (Wish we can give half-votes tbqh.)


I found the most appealing one that of @gwilberiol - some surprising elements and a lot of humor to be found.


My vote for this week goes for @marcoriccardi. His story had humor, gave a bit of depth to the Tortillas and ended with a speeding police car and firetruck!!


Hastur! Has.. wak! Wak! WAK! (...)

I had a bit of fun with this one.

Dun dun!


I found your piece to be interesting.

Mendo got messed up by the doc., right?

occult contamination

ha ha!


Unbelievable! I managed to summon Master Gwilberiol from his travel around the world.

Didn't get the Cthulhu reference at all but have come up with my own horrific take on the story ;-)

Resonant Vocatus


First in the house! Welcome back Rowan, I was missing your great works..


Running to read it!

Okay this time I will put on my entry here.

Thanks for anyone that reads it.


Good move!


Great humour, man.

My first entry ever.
My bad, I didn't post this here yesterday when I finished, but anyway...

Enjoy :)


Welcome to the contest! Don't worry it happens.. 😉

I'm too late to qualify for this round. But, I wanted to post my story anyway. Sorry. Next week I'll not only be on time, but I'm determined to also not leave it so late. Now, I can finally read all of the other entries! :)


Weeee! What a nice surprise, our chief squirrel in da house! You're not late, Brisbellius 🤙😎


Wahhhh! What do I see here? A good story left wandering all alone! This time is really late but I'm glad that you felt the call of the Yellow King 😉

Here's my entry:

I hope I am not late. :(


Naah 😉


Ah, isn't that assuring! :) Will make it a point to post a lot earlier @bananafish!


The obnoxious fishbanana! Is it a sort of Nemesis of our potassium rich deity? Glad to see you managed to post it! 😎✌️


🤣 possibly you horror vacui.


Horror vacuum (fear of the toilet).


Here be me submission: Third Party for this contest here.
(Anyways, the Skeleton War and October are a month away!)
Nyar 'n' Ashley.gif


(Just be glad I didn't make "Country roads, take me home" as the only music-aide for this submission. I mean, it's practically an apocalypse song now because I keep hearing it when bad events just keep happening in my gaming sessions.)


I never thought about that as an apocalypse song.. I guess it all depends by one's concept of home. Quite sinister in a deadly gaming session tho..


Especially when it gets to its cathartic section (roundoff section).

Better late than never... my answer: Evacuate the Horror!


WTF! I had to expect this (did you eat shrimps by any chance?) 😂😂😂


You're in, bud!

Hastur! Hastur!


Has.. what? I donnow what you're talking about :-P


Hastur (The Unspeakable One, The King in Yellow, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Assatur, Xastur, H'aaztre, or Kaiwan) is an entity of the Cthulhu Mythos. Hastur first appeared in Ambrose Bierce's short story "Haïta the Shepherd" (1893) as a benign god of shepherds. Hastur is briefly mentioned in H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness; previously, Robert W. Chambers had used the name in his own stories to represent both a person and a place associated with the names of several stars, including Aldebaran.


I indeed knew about Hastur, I put the reference by purpose for giving a change to Nyarlathotep once in a while. Thank you @dirge, now more explicit than this is impossible 😂 😉

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A tall building

Trapped in the elevator

The yellow king


I think I'll wait to read other entries first

(covers face)


just give it a shot.


But the tradeoff is that you give less visibility to yours.. my advice is to shoot it, there are so many crazy ways to continue it ✌️

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