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This story may not be for all humans, but it does is for all cats. Of curse, it was wrote in "meowglish" (the cat lenguage) by me 400 years ago.

Here in this house there is absolutely nobody. Unless you define as "someone" that sewing machine and that dress that are in that corner. And if in case you are asking, yes, they are fighting. It is absurd, but the dress takes the win.

"This is absurd!" The dress shrieks.

"It was always absurd" answers the sewing machine with boredom. "But we are in another time. I'll give you a divorce" he says. The dress celebrates it.

It's absurd what just happened, don't you think? But look if there is the cockroach! He is who says that "stupidity opens the door of conscience". It's a pity that he only spends the days getting fatter every time that he metamorphose. Now that I think about it, you have the look in your eyes of your grandmother telling you that you was born to think…In nonsenses, of course.

That cockroach lives here, the name is Kafka. However, he only exists because someone wrote that he should exist in this house. What you said? No! He do not eat the food quotas but the food, they do not feed. Do you see that we can talk about absurdities all day? But I must teach you more of the house.

The stairs there if you go up… They are going to take you down, or maybe more above that the second floor. In any csse, it depends of their humor. Stairs are harsh, my friend. The room on the second floor has no roof, but it does not allow you to see the sky when it is daytime. Ideal to spend the nights.

These paintings here are painted in fire. The artist said they were like a sleeping woman. Although this property was originally from a man who fell in love with the moon. A poor madman. There are other rooms, each one is always a different station. In the living-room, Sancho Panza sometimes appears chasing his demon, Don Quixote.

I like you, you know? You just does not ask for any reason or logic, you just only wants to end the tour and see if the house suits you. You are a guy who says: "love the city". But that's absurd, why love something so big that you may never know all its places, if you only need a room inside a small house? That is exactly the condition of the human heart, my dear friend.

The good thing about this house is that unlike the world, it will not get smaller and smaller until it leads you to a mousetrap.

How much does you offer me for her?

"A hat and a cape," I said.

"It's not much?"

"If I knew it, I would have offered less".

"I accept it. But I do not want to sin of cunning without having too much subtlety".


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What a refreshing and bold way of writing. I read this and couldn't help but be amused by the way you described everything in a rather nonsensical and adorable manners.
Congratulations for your second curie vote. Keep on writing ^_^.


Awww. Thank you <3. I tried to create a fantasy with something common like buying a house. Houses have to be special :o So I tought in the house of my dreams and this came to my mind: one with many things from books happening!

Thank you again for the cuestión. I feel really happy. ^-^

Hugs, Sei


Keep em coming chief. Makes me laugh and smile and still be intrigued by not understanding.


It is simple, for me they are selling a house with some stuffs.

It got some references from many books, but that it is all the story. I wrote something weird for people to have fun.

You can write some weird stuff. And I like it!


Hehehe. Thank you!

Hi seifiro,

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Hi seifiro,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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Thank you @curie you made my day <3.

How appropriate and I never think of it. A divorced between dress and sewing machine. In real life, sewing machine cannot separate with dress.. I love this opening :) You really know how to write some weird, funny and interesting story. and I LOVE it. I am so fortunate came across your story and thanks for curie upvoted your post. I enjoyed it very much.. You have brought the story into another story world. I always read story related to sci-fi, criminal, suspense, romance etc and I have not came across any story line like yours.When i started read your story, i like wow, this was new and interesting. Your hard work has paid off and recognized by curie. Hope to read more in future. Keep it up @seifiro


I know! Most storys needs to be explain for the readers, is the common formula. I tried something diferent thanks to Kafka and his storys who begins and ends with no explanations. One day, a guy wake up turning into a insect, but nobody cares how he looks, including his family. So, I tought: "buying/selling a house, that is something so common that does not need to be explain". Finally the story is a collage of nonsenses that can't no be explain like the dreams.

Thank you for reading <3 really.


You nailed it, your story immediately attracted my attention because it so easy to understand and humorous. I love how you wrote this story. Hope you can continue writing it :)

Hahaha, while reading I kept shaking my head and thinking: I don't have a clue what this is about! :D Great way of writing! Very funny and absurd in many ways. Oh, and I would love to be able to speak meowglish :D It must have been a very special sewing machine as I've just googled that they were invented in the 18th century. Damn! You should have patented your invention back then! You'd be getting royalties up to now! :D Thank you for sharing. You really made me laugh :)


You can learn meowglish if you ask your cat. Of curse... Cats are not aware of humans knows about their lenguage. So, it is probably that you cat or any cat will act as if they don't what you're talking about, human. In that case, you must offer a big fish first. Then, they will think about it ;).

I still have one of theese machines in my house since this is a really old house in a historic place of my country :o. The machine still working, but nobody uses it :(.

I'm glad to make your laught and smile, like a cat. Paw five!

That sounds like a normal conversation that could happen with any couple who is looking for a property, we are all the same but also different we have our own opinions and we I would say never really change our minds unless we accept the opinion of other and find it more reasonable and accept. I love the story, really funny a lot of realistic matter in it :)


Yes, you're right. We must accept the opinions from the other, because sometimes our egos are very loud. This house could be anything, perhaps.

Thanks for reading <3.

It's a pity that he only spends the days getting fatter every time that he metamorphose.

Please let the cockroach be😂 he like his fatness 😅

I love the style you used in writing this story, it seems so simple yet funny and captivating... Maybe I am one of those "cat humans" this story is for? 😃

That house is a really interesting one, loved how you described it!