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Having one’s head in the clouds is often defined as being unaware of what is really happening around you because you are paying too much attention to your own ideas. It’s often regarded as a derogatory term for people who don’t seem to have a firm grasp of reality. I’ve always thought of it as kind of the opposite.

When I was younger, I always found myself walking around aimlessly, lost in my own world. People thought that I had mental issues or I was seeing things that wasn’t there. From an outside perspective, it did indeed look like I was bouncing around while talking to myself, but in my head, there was so much more. I created vast realities, interesting characters and vivid storylines. I could last a whole day in an empty space and not feel even the slightest bit of boredom.

No one else understood, until I started writing the stories in my head. But, this story isn’t about me.

“A Day in the Clouds” is a story inspired by my nephew, Ethan Zeppelin Gipit, and his everyday life. Zepp, as he’s fondly called, has Global Developmental Delay. I started writing this a year ago, but he currently has a chronological age of 5, developmental age of a 2-3 year old, expressive speech of a 15-month old, receptive speech of a 2-year old and gross motor age of a 2-year old.

This story is told from what I imagine Zepp sees. Partially influenced by my own childhood, how does the world look from the perspective of someone so innocent? I want readers to look at ordinary everyday events with fresh eyes. What was the feeling like when you experienced something for the first time, with childhood naiveté? Open your minds to the excitement of experiencing what most of us now consider as average.

Mind you, even though his development may seem like baby steps, like his namesake, he’s rocking each and every one of them! As for now, I wanted to give a voice to the voiceless, until he can confirm if what I wrote here has some shred of truth.

Silent mental conditions are often misunderstood and underrated. Most people just pass it off as an affliction or something some people suffer from. I wrote this in hopes of spreading awareness that those thoughts are misguided, and to inspire families to never lose hope. Everyone has an inner light that they could all share to the world, some just take a little bit longer.

How I wish I could relive even one day of careless bliss! To be limited only by my imagination, to break free from the bonds of normalcy. If no one understood me back then, I still don’t understand how having your head stuck in the clouds would be something negative.

Feel free to leave well wishes for Zepp or share stories of people who have the same condition in the comments section. Share this story with others and spread the word. I will transfer the STEEM earnings (50%) to Zepp's parents to help with the expenses, while I'll match the amount of Steem Power (the other 50%) by donating to studies and research firms that work hard every day to conquer Autism, Global Developmental Delay and the like. My cousin and her husband has been busy with work, taking care of their children and taking out-of-town trips, so I'll post an update when they have registered for Steemit.

Caring for a person with special needs takes very special people, but also requires extra money. Steemit has such a huge potential to help those in need. Imagine, one simple click could change a person's life in such a positive way! That is the game changing stuff that puts this platform a cut above the rest.

Most importantly, to Zepp, keep on rocking and we’ll be waiting for you when you finally speak up and share your inner light with the world.




Oh boy! I'm excited to read this series!

Woohoo! I hope you enjoy readinng! Do leave comments whenever you want :) You're lucky that every chapter has already been posted so your reading won't be interrupted :D

@jedau relate much of what you share in your childhood since I put myself in the line of introvert even though I play with others but as a kid I have much time for my own and.make.a.colorful world of my I own. And so are understood about ur nephew for I personally knew some of a kind with autism and late bloomers as what I say, but they have the special ability on their own. And they do need more support with patient and understanding.

I'm glad it was able to touch you on a personal level. We could all use a look back to more innocent times from time to time. As @dreemit said, this story is winding down, but I hope you get the chance to read through the whole thing one of these days. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts :D

Sure I will just happen sometimes I can't get n the net more on mobile Kasi ako walang signal minsan, btw it's @dreemit ang nagsabi pinas ka din nakabase last week nag meet up kami ng taga Cebu hope to see next time :)

Haha oo nga e, nasabi nga rin sakin ni @dreemit Nakita ko nga meetup pics niyo, ayos! Buti nakapagorganize kayo ng ganun :D

I'm starting over at the beginning. Already saw why I was interested in reading in the first place. Many good wishes to you and Zepp!

Nice!! I'm so happy you're getting back into reading it. I hope you enjoy the experience. Let me know what you think about it :D

I figure either one chapter a day or one every other day and I'll be able to savor it! I'll definitely let you know as I go.

Woohoo! One every other day is huge, even for me haha! You'll manage to finish it in less than a month. I hope you enjoy the tale :D

Sounds like great inspiration for writing! Looking forward to reading your work!

Thanks, @spark! I really found hope a very powerful thing, so I'm hoping that it translates well on the page.

Sorry it's taking me so long to read yours because I have a lot of things on my plate, but it's way up in my queue when my schedule frees up. I'm very excited to read yours as well!

This sounds amazing! I was exactly like you as a child, it got me into a lot of trouble at school, always being yelled at for looking out the window, ostracized for having my head in the clouds. Fortunately I never saw it as a fault within myself, I always felt they were the ones who were flawed and totally missing out,haha!
What a great cause. And you just gave me an idea for a story for the challenge. I have a nephew who has a severe form of autism, my sister in law's son. He's seventeen now, has never spoken a word, but sometimes when he looks at you it is with such clarity and awareness. I also have a close friend who's sister is autistic only a much more mild form of it.
My son's name is Ethan, Ethan's are the coolest ;) He's thirteen, nearly five foot ten a hundred and ninety pounds with a size fifteen foot. He's got a bit of chunk on him but mostly he's just a giant, broad shoulders and back, solid tree trunks for legs. He's my bear, he thinks it's funny to lift me off my feet. He looks like he's sixteen so it's fortunate his intelligence and maturity is developing as rapidly as his body!
Can't wait to start this adventure!

I guess that's why we have very similar themes in our stories, because we had sort of similar experiences growing up! The others may not be flawed, but you're totally right that they're missing out! Haha! It's so much fun creating worlds, and reading about the worlds that others have dreamed up (see what I did there? :) )

Oh, that would be awesome if you write your own take on the story! I find it amazing every time I read different perspectives from the same inspiration. It's always interesting to see the differences between the thought process of different writers. An infinite number of possibilities from the same source. The human mind is so magical.

Seventeen without a single spoken word ... I would imagine that it's been a real struggle. But, as I've come to realize, I don't feel sorry for your sister-in-law's family, rather I admire them immensely for their strength. Their indomitable spirit has carried them through unimaginable hardships, and I wish that they would receive the blessings that they are due tenfold. Silent mental struggles are such an understated condition that deserves more attention. My wish is that they would continue their fight and never give up hope. Give my best to them, if you will.

You son is huge! :o At 13 years old, he's already bigger than I am presently! I know only a few Ethans, but all of them are awesome people, and I'm sure your son is as cool, if not cooler, than them :D

The mind is magical! I admire them as well, especially since Thane is a really big guy and his mom is tiny, and sometimes he throws these fits that are very difficult to handle. Her husband can restrain him but he's not always there when it happens. Still they have no intentions of ever putting him in a home though there has been people who have tried to convince them it's the right thing. I will give my best to them, that's very thoughtful, you do the same from me for your nephew's family :)
Oh he's definitely a cool kid, coolest there is!!

His name is Thane? That's such an awesome name! I've only seen that in stories, and it's the first time I've heard of anyone with that name in real life. It's awesome that they have no intention of putting him in a home. I really hope that things would magically turn around and everything would just get better for them moving forward.

I hope he follows in his mom's footsteps and become an awesome writer. Far more awesome than any one of us combined!

Oh man! The big start and how excited I am to start reading this new story from you very soon now!

The novel looks to be born out of a very special place in your heart so the least we can do is give it the respect it deserves and enjoy it to the max!

Children, I feel, have the ultimate imagination and somewhere down the line, we lose sight of that. Well, looks like through your upcoming words, you'll be able to re-ignite that flame within all of us as we embark on this journey with you.

Bless, my brother. Look forward immensely to reading your work. :)

I'm almost done with your chapter, and I'm already writing my comment! You beat me to it, brother!

Thank you for your kind words. You and @dreemit have been awesome driving forces that encourage me to push forward with this. It's really unnerving to post stories for everyone to read and scrutinize. I mean, we can't all write as awesome as you ;)

This story is all heart, and I hope it translates well in prose. I'm taking no monetary compensation for the whole series, only the satisfaction that I've helped someone have a better life. If this series would help inspire and re-ignite others, that would be so awesome!

Reading The Symbiotic Protocol has really improved how I approached telling a narrative, so I hope that I could pay it forward and be an inspiration as well. It's an honor to publish this series side by side with yours, my friend. Looking forward to succeeding together!

It's nothing but love, my brother. I'm over the moon at how we are watching each other grow and improve through viewing our different creative visions. The backdrop you have provided for us is intriguing to say the least so I'm thrilled to have something truly exceptional to look forward to from the spectacular @jedau! You'll do great, man. Can't wait...

2017, to the stars!!!!! :)

I'm really hoping that one day the stars will align and the universe will allow all of us to collaborate on a unified fiction project! If it's not in 2017, then perhaps in the future :D

Well, as long as we got the Internet and other various means of communication, I'd say the possibilities of that happening are very real indeed, my bro! :)

I'll be looking forward to it then! :D It's great that we each get to flex our individual muscles, and it would be interesting to see what a collaborative effort would look like, my brother.

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