Break on Through to the Other Side (A Thoughtful Photography Post and Promotion for @familyprotection)

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I generally try to stick with one post per day, but on occasion I bend my rules. I really had to share this sky with you, and the thoughts that went with it.


I was sitting at the table on the back patio at my parents house feeling a little down. Do you ever have those days where it's nothing in particular but you just find yourself despairing over the state of the world?


If you haven't yet run across it, there is a new account on steemit called @familyprotection. It's a wonderful initiative, thought up by @markwhittam and created and supported by the passionate and inspiring @canadian-coconut


It's a place where people can go who have struggled with the corruption in offices such as CPS, and find others who have faced the same hardships. A place to share stories and find others who understand your plight, as well as some great information on what can be done to keep 'the wolves' from your door. Not only in the posts themselves, but also in the comment sections.


So as I was sitting on the patio thinking about some of the awful things that are happening around the globe, including some of the stories I have read coming through the #familyprotection tag, I was feeling that lately the beauty in the world is harder to see.


Even the sky when I had first pulled up the driveway seemed to agree with me, large dark clouds, no sun to be seen. When a sky looks like that, there's no hope of a glorious sunset.

That was the last thought I had before I saw the tree on the side yard take on a strange hue. From my current position in the back yard the sky was mostly blocked by trees and I couldn't see the lake so I had no idea that there had been a change. And if I had been sitting just a few inches to the left I might never have seen it.


But something wanted to buoy my spirits, to show me that there was indeed still beauty in the world. I stood up and walked around the corner of the house and stopped in my tracks. I've seen plenty of beautiful sunsets over the lake, but never have I seen one that was all about the clouds like this. I nearly missed capturing it on film, I was wrapped up in the moment and just marveling.

There will always be dark and ominous clouds, both physically and metaphysically on this earth, but I was shown tonight that even in what appears to be impossible circumstances, light will find a way to break through. That there truly is a silver lining--or in this case pink and gold.

So to all of you who find yourselves despairing, remember moments like this one. Record them if you can as that reminder.

I love you all,



Like sky in fire! Beatiful photos!

It is! Thank you!

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Kanlı gökyüzü gibi. Harika ♥️

Thank you @dreemit, this is a beautiful reminder that no matter how dark our days can get, there is always a bright light waiting to break through.

I know this from personal experience, I know that when you've been down to the very bottom there is only one way left to go,up!

Thanks for supporting our project in such a wonderful way, and thanks for showing that there is light, even in the darkest of places.


You have been in my thoughts a lot as of late, the choices you've made take a great deal of courage. I try to think of words I can say to make things brighter for you, and admit that words strung together in phrases we've heard all throughout our lives, well meaning words though they are, seem inadequate. Your struggle doesn't deserve a cliche. It deserves something as real as you are, and this sky is what I had to give.

That first photo really told the story; it is grey and gloomy on the top half, but when I scroll down it turns out to be vividly colored. Then the lake and the water trying to capture both in it's reflection-- so objective and fair about things, that lake.

I love that Steemit has become a place where people can get together to share support and helpful tips about something like this-- there were times a few years ago when my family was in real trouble, and I was terrified that CPS would get their hands on my daughter constantly during that time. I was so alone then, there really wasn't any place to go for support for my concerns about her being officially kidnapped from me. I would have loved to have a Steemit back then, especially with something called 'family protection' that actually means just that; helping protect one's family from the State. Thanks for sharing the tag and the notion-- I'll resteem too.

Objective and fair, that lake. I adore you. And it hurts my heart to think of you struggling through that alone. You are not alone now and never will be again, should you ever need me I am there. And I do mean I will come there, not just that "I am there for you" :)

Thank you, I know I'm not alone anymore. My daughter was actually born at the perfect time, as I saw the rules and regulations change each year and get more dangerous for families, my daughter finally turned 18, with the state snapping at our heels the whole way.

Oh, I wrote you in chat last night btw.

Thank-you for your encouragement and support of @familyprotection

wonderful initiative!

No, thank you for being a support for those who so desperately need it.

Thank-you @dreemit.

These are beautiful thoughts and beautiful pictures!

We can't give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
We just need to join forces and raise awareness and start the process of changing the world, little by little.

You have such a beautiful spirit Linda, if more were like you, and had your strength, those changes would occur so much faster. And you're right, we can never give up, that's truly important.

Thank you @canadian-coconut.

Beautiful and inspirational words as always my friend! I'm really glad to see you showing so much support to @familyprotection. This is the kind of positive initiative that steemit can make a reality and I've been thinking about another initiative myself which I hope might be able to do the same.

Hope you've been well while I've been away. I hope to be back posting again in the next few days and be on again more regularly so hope we can catch up soon. :)

Thanks Tony! I look forward to anything you've got brewing :) And definitely look forward to you being back and catching up my darling!

The photos are gorgeous and the thoughts that went with it will be just right for whoever needs to hear them today xx

Protecting families from the corrupt state.... Gets my support!

Yes there is still beauty in this clouded world, that is why we will savage all the beauty we can find and get. Love surpasses all.
I always say to people: "Real beauty never eludes US, it only comes after we've shed SEEMED beauty.....after being contained in an appalling countenance, after we've felt beautifully ugly". We define LIFE and life shouldn't define us. Thanks @dreemit, i felt the colors of your mind via your photo. There is still plenty hope for us all.

Wow, that was quite beautifully put @kryptocoin. We do define life, that is so true. Make it a great day!

Great post and Wonderful photos So beautiful and wise words thank you

I appreciate that, thank you man!

The sky opened up just for you to see the beauty amidst the storms of life. Now, you have shared your thoughts and the hope of this glorious sunset with all of us. Beauty unfolding before your eyes, a splendid sign from the universe.

Aw, thank you. In fact you are a further sign from the universe, because those feelings from the other day were creeping back up on me. I need to take a good long look at these pictures myself. I'm not used to feeling down, in fact my setting is usually at "positive and upbeat". Encouraging people is what I do, so this is an uncomfortable alien place for me to be. finding myself in need of that encouragement.
I appreciate you taking the time to say this today :)

You are most welcome, we are here to encourage one another. I know it can sometimes throw us for a loop when we experience moments like this. However, they are as precious as our up ones, as these are the ones that I have found open us up to new insights about ourselves and help us to view ourselves from a higher vantage point. Blessed be @dreemit

Really nice post dreemit, it's great to bring attention back to @familyprotection. it's a great project and much needed. Thanks for sharing.

Sooooooooooooooo beautiful. Feelings of beautiful peace.....

For a second, I thought it was a volcano eruption in the distance

thanks for sharing these.. wow what a view and the color of those clouds and sky.. brilliant pics

I had to, I was literally compelled to share these :) I know, I was dumbstruck when I rounded the corner and saw that.

Awesome Sky!!! Nice shots!!!

I know it was definitely an awesome sky! Thank you!!

OMG that's looks insanely beautiful :D

I just love this type of landscape pic, they are just awesome, nice pic's you got my friend!

I do too, and thank you!

very nice images dear.. your parents did the best decision in building a house where it has a great view of sunset

Thank you. Well, they didn't build it, they bought it but they did do a great job of finding the perfect location to settle:)

I see. Indeed a great decision

Amazing photo,,, :)...

Love you all my friends.....

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing :)

Very wonderful Picture.Enjoy the sunset with our famility is beautiful moment.. @dreemit

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing :)

Wow... isn't nature the greatest artist!

It certainly is.

We had the same sky yesterday, but the photos I took just weren't doing it justice. Sunsets are the best, aren't they? The wonderful shots are also a great accompaniment to the initiative!

great photos thank you for sharing

Its better late than never.