We are Family Protection, Keeping Families Safe, Together.


@familyprotection is an account set up to help protect families from being torn apart by Child Protection Services or Social Services.

All future funds this account receives in the form of payouts or donations will go directly to families who need help, either to escape having their children legally kidnapped or take on the CPS in court, as of now, this account is small and with limited funds but as steemit and cryptos grow I truly believe this account can make a big difference one day.

I @markwhittam came up with the idea but this account will in no way benefit me. I want this account to be the way all charities should be, where 100% of the funds go directly the people who need it. Because of this I asked who I believe to be the most trusted member this community, @canadian-coconut to set up the account. She holds all the keys and will be the trustee of all funds. I @markwhittam have a copy of the posting key so as I can post, resteem and upvote all relative posts with the #familyprotection tag.

I will not be the only steemian posting on this account, in fact, anyone who would like to speak up about this issue but is too worried to post it under their own account is welcome to post under the @familyprotection account, just contact @markwhittam or @canadian-coconut.

This will be a place people can turn to for advice or support, this will be a place for the teenage Moms, the single parents, the parents with limited funds, the homeschoolers, and any other group who so often find themselves under the scrutiny from the dreaded CPS.

We also have a small group of people on the family protection discord which anyone is welcomed to join, this group will offer support and advice for anyone who is worried or under attack from the CPS. Discord LINK.

We are NOT doing this for financial gain.

We are NOT doing this to gain popularity.

I AM doing this because I grew up in foster care where no CARE or PROTECTION was ever offered to me. I AM doing this because the CPS threatened to take our kids simply because we chose to educate them at home.

Linda, @canadian-coconut is doing this because she has helped various families and witnessed on numerous occasions how the CPS have succeeded in tearing families apart.

We are doing this because we have discovered story after story of families being destroyed by an agency that makes money from putting kids in foster care or care homes.

We will not fight or attack the CPS because they are too big and too powerful, instead, we will show unity and support for one another, we will come together when needed to show that solidarity and a community spirit is whats needed to keep families together.

Too many families are being destroyed for no reason and it has to stop, we think lots of small initiatives like this can one day join together and become a force to be reckoned with.

Believe in Family Protection, Support Family Protection, Be a part of Family Protection.


Please Follow @familyprotection.


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This is SO awesome to see!

This is one of the very best initiatives I have seen on Steemit. I will follow for updates but please notify me if you need any help.

I have already successfully helped MANY families, single mothers, fathers and more deal with CPS, COPS court and such protecting the children and best interests of families. I have been studying the law and often help people more than attorneys can.

I can provide insight in comments, posts or in private to people in need. Great job. Thank you for your service to humanity.


Yes, @quinneaker having people like you on board will be a huge asset to this project, your knowledge, experience and understanding of this subject is much needed to help combat these injustices.

Feel free to be involved as much as you please, this project is for everyone and anyone, and everyone who is involved will have a say in the direction it takes, this is not my project, this is steemits project.

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for reaching out.


Yes I am all about conscious, responsible community for the greater good!

You can count on me!

Bless it be~*~

Thank-you @quinneaker ... I'm sure that your advice and experience will be very helpful

Thanks for being on-board with this!

If you want to write up a post, or series of posts on your experiences or share some important tips,
we will be happy to resteem it for you.

Ok great!

I may have to wait until after SteemFest as I am already way over busy but I will defiantly keep it in mind and try to put something together sooner rather than later.

I have a lot to share about it and its a very important subject dear to my heart. Nothing more important than family and CPS destroyed a lot of families.

Again I really respect and appreciate this project but probably more so who you are and what you have doe for the community and the world.

Blessings, Respect, Gratitude~*~

Selamat datang... Saya senang bisa berkenalan dengan anda.
Saya sebagai pemula di steemit. Dan saya merasa sangat senang, bila anda berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman kepada saya.
Terimakasih banyak...
Salam sukses...

Welcome... I am glad to know you. I am a beginner in steemit. And I feel very happy, if you share knowledge and experience to me. Thank you very much... Send regards for success...

Blessings of success to you.

It is my pleasure to support and be apart of this initiative. Thank you for submitting this idea @markwhittam and thank you Linda @canadian-coconut for taking on the responsibility of keeping track of the funds and holding the keys. I couldn’t agree more Mark about Linda being the most trusted member of this community. You have my support and soon I look forward to sharing some of the things we have experienced as a homeschooled non-vaccinated family.

Thank-you so much!
I'm glad to hear that you are going to share some of your experiences with us.

Thank you @crosheille for your support, having people like you on board is whats going to make this project a success.
You will always be known as the first person to donate to the @familyprotection account and I thank you for this act of kindness.
Let's hope we can really start to make difference and help some families stay together.


Oh you are very welcome and it is truly my pleasure. My heart aches at these horror stories and I’ve always wanted to do more. Thank you for finding a way to make that possible. Remember what I posted about those little waves in the ocean of Steemit? Well the same holds true for this project. I honestly believe if everyone pulls together and makes their little waves now, we could eventually make rogue waves and make a huge difference in families lives.

Selamat datang... Saya senang bisa berkenalan dengan anda.
Saya sebagai pemula di steemit. Dan saya merasa sangat senang, bila anda berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman kepada saya.
Terimakasih banyak...
Salam sukses...

Welcome... I am glad to know you. I am a beginner in steemit. And I feel very happy, if you share knowledge and experience to me. Thank you very much... Send regards for success...

Without government, who would break apart families and kidnap children from their loving parents?

I fully support your project and am a private investigator in Virginia. Let me know if there's any way I can assist you.

Thank-you @finnian for offering your help.

I am basically new to Steemit and still becoming familiar with how to make this platform one that can benefit the most people. Finding your post here has taken away any fear I had of not finding those that are truly wanting to make the world a better place. I can think of nothing more important than children and their families. I worked for a time for the Dept. of Human Resources, which included coordinating efforts of several agencies. One of the most heartbreaking tasks was working with CPS. Watching the manipulation used on children to extract particular statements, the intimidation of parents and a complete destruction of families by the family court system proved to me that it is really only about the money with absolutely no accountability. I know we will be in touch in the future and hope I'll be able to contribute to your efforts. I plan on resteeming this post so as friends follow me to Steemit, they will see @familyprotection and will upvote if I have enough steem to do it at this point. Bless you for doing what you do!

Thank you so much @vickiebarker
I am glad that we have inspired you. Yes, there is a great community here on Steemit.

It would be great if you wrote about some of the things that you witnessed, and tag it with @familyprotection.

What a wonderful initiative and full credit to @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam for making it happen.

Thank-you Deb!
I hope that we can make a real difference.

Upvoted and Followed!

I don't know about other countries but here in the usa this criminal destruction of families has been going on for as long as I remember.

While it is true that there are of course many instances in which a child should be rescued, there are also many times when another solution besides child abduction by the state should be considered.

Also let us not forget that there are times when the "state abducted child" is given into a foster home that is as bad as, or even many times worse than the original home.

I know some of this from personal experience since at 6 and 7 I was in a foster home of sometimes questionable sanity.

You'll find reference to a few occasions in an autobiography I've been posting here at Steemit. I won't here include a link because I just want this comment to be about commenting and not about 'self-promotion'.

I don't really know how the system works but I do know that somehow someone must be making money.

E.g., The usa has the largest prison population in the entire world. Why is that? Because corporations became involved and there are now many privately owned prisons here in the usa.

So there it is. If prisons become big business then the corporations bottom line will need people to fill them and become prisoners.

You have my support. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Thank-you for joining us in this initiative!
If you write more about your experiences in foster care and how the system has gone very wrong,
feel free to tag them as #familyprotection

Thank you for your reply! :-)
If you'd like to know more about my stay in a foster home many decades ago when I was 6 and 7 years old, here's a link to the segment I mentioned.


I'm sure my story is just one of many thousands and some I'm also sure were worse. I'm sure I was lucky compared to some others. Compared certainly to the boy I mention getting placed on the kitchen table in the story I relate.

Feel free to use it if you like. Just give credit. Thanks.

Thank you for this initiative. I've had personal involvement with social services when my ex husband and I were going through our divorce. (We're back together now and he's been clean ever since but that's beside the point) I started dating someone whose best friend was a social worker when my husband and I were separated and he encouraged me to call cps when my ex started getting into meth. I was anxious about calling because I had a feeling it would backfire and sure enough, it did. They put conditions on me that I had to follow in order for me to keep them, like a mental health assessment and "adequate furniture." The social worker noted ridiculous findings like "the 3 year old wets the bed" (I mean c'mon, she was 3, so I just put a pull up on her at night.) I was staying at a shelter before I got my house back and the legal advocate there told me even the District Attorney said that I shouldn't have to adhere to the conditions they placed on me. All the kids had to be taken to the clinic, where hair samples were taken and blood was drawn. They all had to strip down naked and I had to fill out a lengthy questionaire about their cognitive development. I needed to keep all their dental and routine checkup appointments and call within 3 days of losing a job, changing a phone number, any change in my life. They tried to talk me into vaccines but I didn't budge. Eventually I was assigned a new social worker. She was great: she gave me goodwill vouchers when I moved back into my house for household things I needed and was given a Walmart giftcard to spend on other things like bedding, then one day I get a letter in the mail saying "no further court involement needed." She dropped the case. It was a two sided coin: they took my children out of an unsafe environment when I had no other legal means to do so but they can be so arbitrary, one social worker can differ from another and I can see how decent families can get caught up in the nightmare. The man I was dating told me a story about his social worker friend giving one woman another chance "because she liked her." It made me so angry, that's not how the world is supposed to work.

You dodged a bullet there by eventually being assigned a Social Worker who wasn't evil.
Yes, each Social Worker can pretty much do whatever they please -- forget all the guidelines and laws.

If you ever want to write up a post about your experiences, please tag it as #familyprotection so that we easily find it.

I did also gain some of insight into how it all works since my boyfriend's best friend was a social worker. She told him I wasn't on their radar at all, yet I felt had to jump through hoops to keep the kids. Anything you say will be used against you because they have to cover their bases. They don't even have to follow their own rules. For example I was supposed to grant a home visit once a month but there were months where I was completely left alone. Even though each social worker is different they all know each other's cases because they rotate who is on call on the weekend-at least here in my city... I think I will write a post about it all eventually, thank you. :)

So sorry to hear your nightmare story here. I hope you are together with your children now and can find support in any other place but with social services. Not called the SS for nothing!!!

I'm so grateful that things turned out the way they did...our family is completely restored and there is no longer any social services involvement.

That is amazingly good news!

100% upvote from me and a resteem! Together we stand divided we fall!

Thank-you Mary!

This is a wonderful initiative. I totally agree about the terrible travesty of so called child protection groups
I am totally behind you and will donate as often as I am able. Upvoting and resteeming now.

Wow! What a fantastic initiative! You know sometimes when I look around at this crazy old world of ours it's easy despair. Then I find initiatives like this and I'm reminded (despite a mainstream narrative to the contrary) that there is far more good than bad. I'm also reminded that together we are strong! and that's why our society is built upon division and lies. You have an enormous amount of respect from me for putting this together and for generally trying to make this world a better place Thankyou @familyprotection @canadian-coconut @markwhittam

Thank-you @perceptualflaws !
I love your positive attitude.

this is a great idea. the more people are made aware of the abuses CPS commits with impunity the better. i don't have kids but i know so many parents who've been threatened with having their kids taken away for trying to do what is best for those kids. CPS wields the threat of taking your kids as a cudgel to enforce conformity in all its aspects. is it as bad in Canada as in the US?

Yes, the Social Services system is VERY bad in Canada.
Some areas are better than the US, for example they do not seem to be targeting homeschoolers here,
BUT they still try to snatch as many children away from parents as they can.
I have 3 friends who went through terrible ordeals with them in just my own small town.
They were all good, loving parents -- and trickery was used to find anything at all that they could use against the parents.

I was eagerly waiting for this intro post my friend! This is one of the greatest initiative set on Steemit and together we can all put hands together and help all those families who are suffering!
Wish you lots of success ahead with this awesome project.

Thank you @progressivechef
Your support for this project is hugely beneficial.


I am so elated to see this reach fruition. Bless everyone involved! I will help in any and all ways that I can.

Thank you @lyndsaybowes, great to know you are on board :)


"we will come together when needed to show that solidarity and a community spirit is whats needed to keep families together."
@familyprotection is one of the best group have met here on SteemIt. Thanks a lot for the effort

Thank you @kryptocoin for your compliment and support.


Very good initiative and, unfortunately, much needed. We all think we're safe until we aren't anymore. Your family was so recently in trouble, now it's our friend in Ireland...God knows who's next!

awesome. This is somthing that I have been personally effected by.

i personally contacted social services for support for my son and his abusive father. Unfortunately it back fired for a long time. His father lied his way out of it and blame was jointly apportioned to my son abuse.
Even though there were charges of assult made and protection orders in place for both my self and my son against this man, social services fucked up.

The process was a nightmare, and this all being faced at the same time as dealing with the abuse my ex gave to me.

Its only been a few months now since my sons father was diagnosed with a few disorders that social services have back off me.

Thank you for putting this together. Social services in Ireland do more harm than good. I and my son are a product of that.

thanks @aggroed for the resteem - only found this post from you

I assume your first post will be

Don't Let Them In The Door. They are there to find an excuse, any excuse to take your children. Lawyer Up.

I look forward to your posts.

CPS has been given way too much power and in Ontario it has gotten much worse thanks to Bill 78. They are very sneaky and will try everything to take your kids and mess up your life.

Hey guys this is a really great idea, i really like the concept behind this account, you would save a Lot of families the heartache of being turn apart. Thanks for this

full support coconut! I’ve seen the damage they do! FULL SUPPORT

Most people have no idea how CPS is unaccountable to anyone. Where I live you can make an anonymous complaint against anyone and they have to prove they are a good parent.

I think this is a wonderful idea, and will also be of service to families who also decide to birth at home (as nature intends). I, myself, am a free birthing mother and had such a blissful home birthing experience. I know that for other mothers, there are often cases where CPS comes to their home even though they had a perfectly safe birthing of their child!

You have my 100% support.

Nothing is more precious and important than family. To make them apart without diligence and silly causes is ridiculous and unnecessary. Thanks for the initiative.

Wow great initiative if properly followed 4th through. Well done

This is a good initiative. Something like that would be needed for Germany as well. Just look at this chart with the number of children taken out of families every year:

2005 btw was the year when the supposedly conservative Angela Merkel became chancellor. The jump in 2015 can be explained with all these "allone travelling minors". It's a disgrace.

i am doing this because i have been/always will be a support person for home education families and anti-vaxxers. - siblings and i were never vaccinated. we are all over 55 years. our mother was ahead of her time. yay. may love prevail. for our children's children's children

Feels great to know you are on board @marionjoe the knowledge you have will be very beneficial to this project.


Very excited to see this initiative become a reality! It's very sad that it's needed, but ... but also very glad it exists, for those in need.

Excellent post :)

Having seen how the numerous DFPS Offices are run, the lack of professional training, and how little some of the DFPS workers care, I like the fact that someone is actually looking out for families.
When my wife and I opened our home to foster children eight years ago, we did so with the desire to give love to children who had been abused and neglected by idiot parents.
What we got were children who's parents loved drugs and alcohol more than they loved their children.
We would take those children into our home and give them love and shelter, hoping that they could move to a better home where someone would just love them. Instead, what we watched, was them being forced to go back to parents who were still hooked on drugs and alcohol.
Now, keep in mind that DFPS isn't perfect. For every child that they manage to save; once they are in a foster home, DFPS really just wants to maintain the status quo. They don't really help the parents out, or if they do, it's often substandard help, and if there are medical concerns, DFPS would rather let the child suffer than get medical treatment.
What I would dearly love to see happen, is for the people to step up and help the families that are going through rough times. I would love to watch addicted parents get help with their problem, and for the children to go back to the parents that they love.

If the system actually worked for the betterment of the children, it would be great, but since this is government we are talking about, it's not. It's about justifying why DFPS must be around.

Kudos to you sir @markwhittam for coming up with this selfless act. This is a great help to families, especially the children who didn't have a chance to fight for their rights. Bless you sir and @canadian-coconut for doing this.

I am presently fighting a bitter battle to protect my son ( he's 7 ) and although it's not a child protection issue .. I hope your cause gains momentum and you help those who need it !

Oh my goodness, this is a lovely innovation/initiative.
Concern for family well-being is a rare generosity, More power to you guys.

full support coconut! I’ve seen the damage they do! FULL SUPPORT

Very good idea. keep it up.. @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam

Very good and sharp article..that gives us info about family

Welcome to Steemet
follow me @lomidze

Thank you for sharing valuable information with us.

This is great! Safety first, people!

Family is an important thing in a society where everything is essential if a strong family was a strong society if a weak family was a weak society and a society that cares about the family is a very successful society
A very wonderful publication well done, my friend

My upvote is not worth much but more than willing to help. Thanks and God Bless

Hi, Familyprotection, I'm just here to leave a nice Hello ^^. Unfortunately i don't have much voting power, but i will be back and vote my followers. Need to grow a little ^^. Have a great time @rightuppercorner

great post

I will never mind to help you.you are doing a great work to help families .Thanks for this idea.
I will surly support you .if we all go together than we can make difference so please go a head and help .
Nyc post as well as you good mind.

we have the complete security that any project that this destined to the familiar formation will give a positive result. the family makes the world and the world makes family congratulations since I start to follow them count on my support.

welcome here @familyprotection !! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @younesshilal <3

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off-topic, yet could not wait to share this news story. i have been waiting for this kind of story for a couple of decades. logic prevails. at last. I wanted to share with @canadian-coconut, so have posted in the discord.

brilliant intro post. thank you so much. for our children's children's children


This is an excellent idea.
Ever wonder why the government has so-called child protection services but nothing whatsoever to protect families?

Thanks friends have provided a place to share with a family that needs attention. I have followed this steemit account because I really need help for my brother's brother in Acheh Indonesia. because here maaih many children and families who need the help of those who suffer after a prolonged and post tsunami conflict.

You are very intaligent inform

thank you

Hi welcome to steemit family i am also new here follow me pls i will also follow you too

I hope you have a lot of fun here and you may follow me @shaikatkm

Great Post!

What an amazing initiative! Wish you good luck!:)

What a wonderful idea! I'm sure this will benefit many people with solutions to their problems, financially, emotionally, and intellectually. I wish you all the very best!

this is a very amazing project

very nice post.. @familyprotection

I like what you're doing and I resteemed, upvoted and followed.

yeah family is everything , a good family is the basic of children developement, we should avoid at all cost splitting families unless their is a domestic abuse. i stand with what you are doing

welcome to your new family.

such an amazing initiative. i know as well some cases of single moms that got their kids away just for being way to alternative for the system... there was a 4 year old girl, quite wild for the society standards that lived in the forest with us with her mum, but didn't get a 'proper flush toilet', was barefoot and had dirty clothes and other things... thinking of this, how many kids don't have dirty clothes if you look at them when they are playing? what this mum did wrong in my opinion was that she was so much against the system, that she didn't make a birth certificate for the small one... and then the problems appear... i totally understand why you don't want a piece of paper to proof your existence, but she was too much in an extreme... anyway, one of the many cases of children i know taken by the state. everything went ok in the end, cause all the people who knew the child came together and made exactly what you are trying to build "a family protection".

what sucks the most about this state taking the kids away is that they don't try first to help the families with money, with resources so that they can have better conditions to live in, they just take the child away... wouldn't make more sense to support the family, instead of breaking the family?

lots of love and thank you in the name of all,
your sister from another mother how we say over the rainbow

great logo . well done.

Nice to meet you dear freind, welcome to steemit, hope you are comfortable here,This is a new home for lovers
of bloggers and the best platform today,Very good intro,I like that,No forget to Visit my profile For Info and tricks about cyrptotrading.

Sadly, a very needed service. I am sorry there was nothing available when you needed it.

Pretty good goal. I remember I dated a woman that worked for CPS and...I can't even lie, I always questioned how she can even work that job. Some people don't give a damn what they do for money, as long it's money. It's pathetic. Welcome to the community and you have my support.

Nice post. I also advice parents to always keep smaller kids in your sight. That's the reason, my first post was about best GPS trackers for kids. Families should never be torn apart.

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Welcome to the steemit community. It is a very useful community of the world. I hope your steemit journey will be more greatful day by day.

Selamat datang... Saya senang bisa berkenalan dengan anda.
Saya sebagai pemula di steemit. Dan saya merasa sangat senang, bila anda berbagi ilmu dan pengalaman kepada saya.
Terimakasih banyak...
Salam sukses...

Welcome... I am glad to know you. I am a beginner in steemit. And I feel very happy, if you share knowledge and experience to me. Thank you very much... Send regards for success...

Good to see that there is actually some light in this world.

thanks for sharing!

i really impressed thanks for very inspirational post.

Thanks for starting this nice initiative. Following, upvoted and resteemed. Have a nice day.

This is amazing and very exciting for what the two of you great influencers in this Steemit community @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam are doing. You guys are making a big difference in this community and beyond by helping families stay together. I really admire you two and just want to say thank you.

Great thing my friend did well

Very pleased to see this post and your group. Doing God's work and hopefully there's a place for me to assist when we go down that dark path together.

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