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Today, let's talk about "RIGHTS", you know those little power every individual is entitled to, actually ain't little. We exercise our rights in so many places, and even a suspected criminal  still exercise his rights. Let me paint a scene for you:

Officer: We need to search your house,
Drug-Dealer: Officer what is wrong, do you have a WARRANT?,
Officer: We need to search your house due to a tip we received about you
Drug-Dealer: Come back when you have a warrant!!
Door slams, and police walks away. 

That is it, parents have a RIGHT!, numerous in number. If a suspected criminal has rights and stands by them firmly, how much more parents. It is quite unfortunate that parents fail to exercise these rights when dealing with social worker(CPS). The failure of not doing so have either cost them their kids, or lots of court battles and emotional blows. We need to be aware that before any social worker comes into your home for any form of sighting or investigation of your kids, they need a warrant to do so. Whatever the tip or information an informant provided them, they still need a warrant before they can walk through your doors. 

About two week ago, I had made an appointment on skype with about thirteen families that had passed through CPS harassment. Only nine kept the appointment, I was surprised as to how many forgot to exercise their rights. Social workers visited about seven without notificationof their coming, and without a warrant, to make matters worst, five let them in without any resistance and preparation and they ended up falling into CPS claws. Only two families stood their ground, assertively saying they can't permit entrance until they have a warrant and they won't speak to them without their attorney being present!. I must say, their case turned out to be much easier.

You are in the best position to talk with a social worker who had been tipped by someone that you abused your child, or whatever the accusation when your attorney is present. It is your right to refuse to make any conversation or answer questions asked. This is where parents still get it all wrong, try as much as possible to always get your attorney on board any discussion.Try not to get a quack attorney who is inexperienced, get someone who has previously dealt with similar cases and has a wining record. Guess what?, the two families that exercise their "Get a warrant" right had the time to prepare and call an attorney before their next visit. 

No social worker has the right to talk to your kid without your consent, you have the right to refuse them that access until they have a warrant to do so, most times we give them power to easily crucify us because we wanted to act nice to them. We begin to explain and talk, trying to reassure them nothing is wrong in your home. Nah!, you are giving them the power to crucify you, literally!. Because they will surely try to find something to nail you to a cross by the information you provided. Let me resound this once more, Do NOT invite them in without a warrant!, even if they coerce and threaten you, stand by your decision. This is one of the most important of the perks. Unless they practically force themselves through(they come with an officer most of the time), you can legally sue for that later. Don't act rashly or rudely, be very assertive and politely firm when exercising your Rights, No social worker is a friend!. Read  my previous post about keeping a form of video recorder secretly in your home to keep a footage of any social worker misconduct or during their next visit when they finally get a warrant HERE.
Remember, keep loving your kids. See you soon.

Stand for your family
Stand for your children's happiness
A parent's love would always triumph
Fight for your HOME
Know and exercise your RIGHTS 

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Right on don't let the man walk all over you, show respect and keep your peace that's for sure.