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Last time I wrote about the terrible teenage years and how I am dreading them, but truth is every age is a challenge!


Just What Goes Through the Mind of a 7 year Old?

It’s a long time since I was 7 and I definitely do not remember my thought processes at that age, but I wondered if they seem so alien and heart breaking at the same time to my own mother, when I was that age.

My daughter is just coming to realise that there is a lot of problems and stress in the world at the tender age of 7 and she tries to take it all on her shoulders. The biggest strain of all is having a little sister who doesn’t misbehave as much as she does!

(75% of the time they love each other though, all be it somewhat grudgingly)

She worries about the library not being open at school, what would happen if she missed her book quiz each day, what she is going to be when she is grown up and her biggest concern is what happens if the fire alarm goes off when she is in toilet and she ends up wetting herself.

I try to tell her, as long as she is safe that is all that would matter. The teachers tell her, they check the bathrooms, so she wouldn’t left in the school.

Oh she has missed the quiz once and the library was shut once on the last day of term for a stock take.

We only just can use the hand dryers in public toilets, without being frightened of the noise. That is the fault of McDonalds about 3 years ago, because one had the loudest hand dryer you’d ever heard.

How Much 'Truth' Can a 7 Year Old Handle?

In the mind of this 7 year old these are major issues. Then she comes and tells me that her life is full of problems and has so many difficult questions.



Further questions on the sex education she did at school was amusing. That ended up with..

Her: You and Daddy did what?

Her: What once for me and once for my sister?

Me: Yes, dear, just twice.

I tell her that the world sometimes is not a nice place, and they are bad people too, but if you dwell on those things you will find more and more things wrong with it and no one person can bear all that on their shoulders.

I have to be honest and not tell her that life is a bed of roses, as my heart so wants to do, but instead I tell her, we have a choice everyday as to what we let play on our minds and we can do things to make us happy, and nice things for people to make them happy too and the world a happier place, even if it is just for a moment.

I don’t ever have the news on at home and I am so glad of that at the moment. Although they did tell her about one of the terrorist incidents in the UK at school and we talked about that and I probably ended up going into more detail than I should have done, but this is not knowledge that worries her at the moment.

I teach my children rightly or wrongly, to be a little wary of people they don’t know, be extra vigilant when were are in a city and not to go far from away from me and they are fine with that.

And they tell nice old ladies that they don’t want to talk to them because they are strangers sometimes.

But so far they have always nodded and said “quite right too”.

But school worries are her top worries and lamenting the fact she has a baby sister - “what did you go and have her for Mommy?” Is a question uttered on many occasions.

They love each really, most of the time.

My 7 year old has already had two marriage proposals and is going to marry Bentley when they are 16.


Guinea Pig Love

Speaking of love, I overheard a funny conversation this morning between my two daughters, that went a bit like this...


Poppy (age 5): That guinea pig loves you so much, it wants to marry you

Hazel (age 7): I am already getting married to someone.

Poppy: But both the guinea pigs really love you.

Hazel: By the time I’m old enough to marry, they will be dead anyway.

Poppy: I’m going to marry Tilly and Connor.

Hazel: You can only marry one person.

Poppy: Why?

Hazel: Girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys and girls can marry boys, but only one at at time.

Poppy: But the guinea pigs love you.

Hazel: You can’t marry animals, but you can still love them.


They are Designed to Keep You on Your Toes...

Hazel’s latest mission is to become a famous footballer who plays important matches all over the world.

As well as a kickboxer, vet, vlogger and fashion designer.

Oh and she is going to create a new game of rollarblade football and she is going to be best in the world at that.

But she loves football, she has a crush on a boy that is 2 years older and plays football too. She has been asking me how they can become friends.

Play it cool is my answer to that one.

No hurry.

I guess every age is challenging.

But they keep me on my toes and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Witten by @hopehuggs with <3
(Unless a source mentioned, photos are my own)

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Pretty kids you got there @hopehuggs, reading your articles remind me of my experiences with 5-8 year old when I was teaching in basic schools. A lot of dreams at that age and strong belief that everything is possible in life. I only wish we adults could continue to hold that same belief that all is possible and always open our mind to possibilities. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


Hazel is so excited about everything at the moment. They have some chicks hatching at school and it is the most exciting thing she has seen in her life. It is even better than water zorbing apparently!

Thanks for sharing the truth about the world with your children. I don't think that we should be sheltering our kids from all that is out there. Rather, they need to learn what the world is like and how to navigate through it.

This can be done in a way that can be understood at various ages. As a parent, you get to gage and decide how much information your kids are able to handle and when it is best to give more information. Being a teacher, I think that a little bit of worry is a good thing for our kids. Wat to many kids in today's society fear nothing and as a consequence of that kids are struggling to be accountable and be responsible.My hat is off to you and the way you are preparing them for life....


As a parent, all you want is to take their pains, or illnesses, or worries and put them on your own shoulders, so they can be happy, but alas this is not good for them and as a parent you need to prepare them for life, which will not always be sunshine and rainbows.

Thank you for sharing your children's stories! I wish I could be young again... Their discussion of marriage is funny and cute; can only marry one girl or boy but not an animal! I guess it feels a little odd to me, while I support same or different gender marriage, when I was young I think I assumed it would always be different gender marriage so it's funny and nice to see this awareness early on.

School must be "fun" for them, I certainly don't miss being at a teacher's mercy on how well I do in class. (To be fair, most of my teachers were nice, it's just the uncertainty when stepping into a new class that kills me) I hope your daughter appreciates school, does she have anything in particular that she loves to learn about?

And that's a funny point about her complaining about a younger sibling... Did she ever ask for one before the younger one was born? Haha

I look forward to hearing more stories! But one day, your kids may learn about steemit and maybe want to start posting here, I guess that'd be one growth milestone haha, have you thought about walking them through this one day?

Sorry for all the questions; I might want to be a parent, too, one day but it sounds quite nerve wracking... Anyway, best wishes and I hope your kids do fabulously in school and beyond!


Hazel loves all her subjects, she really likes reading.

Hazel wanted a little brother or sister until Poppy was able to talk, then the dynamics changed a bit! She still wants a baby brother though. Hazel would like to vlog on Steemit. I have created a family account, but not done anything with it, nor do I remember where I wrote the password down...

I love that you are sharing the truth about the world with your children. I don't think that we should be sheltering our kids from all that is out there. Rather, they need to learn what the world is like and how to navigate through it. This can be done in a way that can be understood at various ages. As a parent, you get to gage and decide how much information your kids are able to handle and when it is best to give more information. Being a teacher, I think that a little bit of worry is a good thing for our kids. Wat to many kids in today's society fear nothing and as a consequence of that kids are struggling to be accountable and be responsible.My hat is off to you and the way you are preparing them for life. Cute Guinea Pigs, my daughter had two but they have since passed on.


Unfortunately Hazel seems to be a natural worrier, if it's genetic then she has a double whammy of that from both sides. That it is a good way of putting it, they need a selection of tools to navigate, rather than just a satnav that tells them what to do, without question.

You're right. It is difficult to understand what is going on in the mind of young children (in your case, the girl is 7 years old). I believe that at this age children begin to be more aware of what is going on around and they ask many questions. "Why is this happening?" "Where do the children come from?", "Who do I want to be?" and so on

I think that earlier the children had fewer problems. Although I can be wrong. At such a young age it is important to give the child the opportunity to reflect on the answer. What they could understand what is good and what is bad. For example, studying, she definitely should bring the child joy. It is important for children to receive a good education. Best of all, they would like to do it themselves.
The childhood period is the most magical time in a person's life. It is important that the child would be interesting and joyful. You have beautiful and beautiful girls! I liked your message, it was interesting to read! Thank you


The world is full of so many more opportunities. One of the things she worries about is which one to pick, will it be the right one. She is a very intelligent 7 year old who keeps me on my toes.

I think that you are doing just fine as a parent. We cannot tell children just everything that is going on, but preparing them for the world is a cool thing to do! Really! It's not all flowers and rainbows out there, and if we teach children that, they will not be prepared when the problems come.

It is an obligation for parents to prepre kids for the World, and not being real about it doesn't help at all. Again, I must say that we're not gonna tell them everthing immediately. But with time they must know some basics of going through life.

You have a very cute guinea pig :D And that conversation was really funny :D Anyway, keep being a good parent, show real love as you already do.

Have a great day, Luka.


Thanks Luka.

I was brought up quite 'sheltered', so know what I need to do on that front with my girls.

Last night we had a discussion about earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanos. It is a learning experience being a parent too.

Home schooling is the best for future of all kids..


In an ideal world maybe, where a parents sanity was not important

Well done, beautiful ..
It is an important age to make you the personality of the child
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Childhood or childhood can be the most beautiful period in human life. Playing dolls, swimming, chasing, cycling; many things can make us happy even in simple ways.

Unfortunately, growing and growing up tends to make us forget the goodness of childhood. The nature of honest, active behavior, cheerful attitude, to not want to burden yourself are some of them. Being busy with routines and live loads like adults even makes us forget how to be happy.


If u missed the fun of childhood, u will never get it back.


Yes, it is true. childhood is a happy time.


Yes it is definitely good to cherish the simple things, as a parent it is one of the best reminders seeing their kids get so much pleasure from nature, or making a cardboard box a rocket to the moon.


Yes, it is true. parents are heroes to their children.

This is too adorable! My son is 21 now and every stage of his life was super amusing to us. Watching him unfold from a baby to a young man came with many surprises, tears, laughter and memories! Hooray to children!


It certainly is a mixed bag of emotions. :)

We have a choice everyday as to what we let play on our minds and we can do things to make us happy.

Giving choices to kids or making them recognize that they have choices takes away a lot of stress. I'm happy to have read this post.


It is a lesson I wish I absorbed as a kid. It took me many years to learn that I had a choice on how to react to things, so I'm hoping out of all the things I try to teach them, this one sticks.

Thank you, much appreciated...lovely to see that the time was taken to commit to the written word. There is a lack of wisdom in this world. We need to articulate our selves so others can know what is spinning around in our heads. I can not read your mind and I do not expect the same from you. With that said that is why we have language, without language we are mere very nice....
@resteemit done


Yes, it would certainly be good if we could take a moment to think about what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes and trying to understand, before automatically judging.

Children are the paradise of life and the home of the family, and the window of love and safety that the community sees, are also future generations and the hope of the community and its rise, but what if this child is not educated? What if he grew up in a bad environment? Are they going to be against his society or are they reversed? So what established the right education for children in society? Do we follow the methods that are valid as we always think? And do we inherit the methods of raising children - father for grandfather - are the right methods?
Psychologists say that raising a child has several ways.
Good writing dear @adsactly . Your 7 years child is very nice and cute.


That's it, there is no one right way to raise a child. Every child is different and there is a lot of trial and error.

I am a survivor and did all I could do to keep my children save and I will still do so as long as I am able to.

I had to make concessions. We moved many times. I gave up on my life, my dreams, my wishes, my health, relationships, a good income, but at least they are save now. Your kid is very talent girl @adsactly .


We can only do our best. Nobody could ask for more.

I was shocked with the last sentences of the conversation. A seven year kid knows whom one needs to marry and in our country the LGBT community, in INDIA is fighting for their rights and THE GOVT. thinks it is unnatural and against the laws of nature but your seven year old kid knows it.
I think, I started to think about the worldly things at the age of 11 or even twelve, because we live in conflict area of Indian part of Jammu and kashmir and my thinking used to be the safety of my dad, I used to remain anxious till he returns from work.
Nowadays world is so fast that kids starts thinking at the age of four and most of their thinking seems to genuine and realistic.
Time has changed so much from those days to recent period. Childhood crutch, preschool, school. Yard games now played now on mobile. There are so many reasons that makes child's brain to grow as fast as possible.
But it is also good, human behavior is learned within a short span of time and whole life is spent earning and spending.


You can't help who you fall in love with, or who you are inside - that is another of the messages I try to convey to my kids.

Interesting post @adsactly! I personally believe that you should raise a child based on how they process information. Whether that's primarily visually, auditorily, kinesthetically, or digitally could have a huge impact on whether preaching, light physicality, or some other method is most effective.


Yes, this is important too. Watching, learning how your child processes information and what they enjoy doing. I try to encourage what they like to do, rather than push something on them, like my daughter loving football. She is well aware that not many girls play football, as she plays it at lunch times at school with lots of boys, but only a handful of girls, but she won't let that stand in the way.

This writing very interesting my dear friend @adsactly
Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.
I like it your every Post and thanks for sharing your life.
At the age of 8, they do not think of anything other than playing and asking their parents what they need, and they can only cry.
But the habits in their lives are only happy and happy, they also use the time to play.
But if a 7-year-old child is already thinking about the future of his life, it's really an amazing kid.
Thank you buddy already shared, I love this.
I appreciate your valuable post...upvote and resteemit done... best of luck my dear friend @adsactly.


My 7 year old is going on 14 already, she questions everything and definitely thinks more about life than just playing. She has been like that for the past 2 years as well. I think it depends on the child. My younger one usually acts like she doesn't have a care in the world.

Kids are the heaven of life and the home of the family, and the window of affection and wellbeing that the group sees, are additionally who and what is to come and the expectation of the group and its ascent, however imagine a scenario where this youngster isn't taught. Imagine a scenario in which he experienced childhood in an awful domain. Is it accurate to say that they will be against his general public or would they say they are turned around? So what built up the correct instruction for kids in the public eye? Do we take after the strategies that are legitimate as we generally think? Furthermore, do we acquire the strategies for bringing up kids - father for granddad - are the correct techniques?

Analysts say that bringing up a kid has a few ways.

Great composition dear @adsactly . Your 7 years kid is extremely decent and charming.


We can only do the best we can in our own circumstances, learn from the good and bad things from our own upbringing and try to learn to deal with the ever-changing parenting role, as no matter how well you know your own, they will never cease to amaze you with their intelligence or crazy antics.

Since I am now a grandmother ("Gibbie" as I am affectionately known), it's like the "second time around."

Other grandparents tried to tell me how much fun this would be, but I never believed them until I was in the midst of it all. I have 4 grandchildren and they are growing up so fast. Ages 10, 12, 15, in one family. A 16 year old in another family. I've made wise decisions to make time for them in all the different stages. Because I know that one day, they will be off and on their own.

My goal is for them to be full to overflowing with many memories of our times together.

This is an excellent post, @adsactly. Well written!


I like that. Yes it should be all about creating lovely memories to cherish, remember and talk about.

I think you are doing a great job and as a mom I know how hard it is to be a parent and wonder what is the best thing for our children and we want to help them the best way we can and always protect them.
Thank you so much for sharing your family story with us @adsactly


Knowing the best way and what to say sometimes is definitely hard.

I love the wonderful message in your story. I have raised my children and now when it comes to my grands, I have the opportunity to step back and relate on a better level of understanding that I didn’t have when raising my own. Every moment is precious. Enjoy, for it doesn’t last very long.


They definitely grow up in a blink of an eye.

You seem to be doing great with your kids education.
They will always ask questions that they won't fully understand until they are older but the problem is that they want answers now.
I won't pretend to give thoughtful and insightful parenting advise, I'll just admire your commitment to your family and your post to your followers on steem.
Thank you for a small glimps into your wonderful family.
Peace, love and God Bless.


Oh the questions, lots of questions and plenty of whys.

OMG!!! your kids are amazing, cute and smart.

Raising a child is kinda scary to me. Because I haven't had all my answers yet.

Though am still single. But wow. I just love how smart your kids are.

And I love how you build the communication and relationship with them.

Wow. Am blown away.

I picked a few things mostly relationship.

And I would love to ask, how did you build leadership In your 7 years old?
She seems to me. Like a team leader. She got the attributes of a CEO.


The only answer I can think of to this is she is a natural leader.

Hazel is quite knowledgeable and Poppy is intellectually curious. Hazel is a potential steemian who is going to add significant value to the steem blockchain someday. While Poppy might make a beautiful intelligent Lawyer.
Well done @adsactly for sharing, you've got great kids @hopehuggs


Hazel will be a force to be reckoned with for sure!

Poppy wants to teach or be a fairy when she grows up.

diligent writing base of clever@adsactly

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

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Beautifull girl 🤡

Kids are just so cute and sweet... I can't help but love them

smart kids with funny behavior.

Well, reading it is one of the roads to the cerdaa

Wow thats an amazing work done by a 7 year old kid.
Thanks for sharing.

It's very interesting and educational post. Thanks for your nice post.

I like your post very much to me. I hope this is always better post than ever.

I have a cousin who turns 7 soon, shes starting to display some of these qualities already. This is a great read!

She seems to be very happy Kitty and I KNOW she is, because I know you. It makes me so sad to read you had to give up so many, so did I. I have tears in my eyes, because of what you do for your children and also because I partly know what you have been thought.

The purity of the children is incomparable. Cute post

A view that very useful, Children Like white rice when aged from zero to seven years old this article describes how we mengdidik child with a good thinking is at oktu age seven years the rate of thinking is still the word gori zero percent and when it children want to know many things both positive and negative they do not want to know it.
Love grows with all the friends who together play without knowing the fatigue of a very interesting outlook that can be a learning in this life in the family of many different things whether we are with a brother or sister's habit of dissenting opinion.

Thanks ADSactly @adsactly has taught you something useful.

we win together

You've got a very nice initiative.
Many wishes and congratulations to you.

Youth or adolescence can be the most lovely time frame in human life. Playing dolls, swimming, pursuing, cycling; numerous things can make us cheerful even in basic ways.

Tragically, developing and growing up tends to influence us to overlook the integrity of youth. The idea of legit, dynamic conduct, chipper disposition, to not have any desire to trouble yourself are some of them. Being occupied with schedules and live loads like grown-ups even influences us to overlook how to be glad.

Its cool!

follow me and i will follow you!


At the age of 7, they do not think of anything other than playing and asking their parents what they need, and they can only cry.
But the habits in their lives are only happy and happy, they also use the time to play.
But if a 7-year-old child is already thinking about the future of his life, it's really an amazing kid.
Thank you buddy already shared, I love this.

Good post, I agree with you on most points. Capitalism and greed go hand in hand, and while the production of goods becomes ruthlessly efficient at cutting costs, this also means that for everyday people, they become less relevant if they are too expensive and then replaced. Like you said, first corporations began to consolidate departments within themselves, cutting off the hiring of outside groups to do extra work. Then some time later, jobs are outsourced to other countries which helps those countries develop; however, home country citizens lose jobs. And now with the rise of automation, AI and robots, human labor becomes less relevant as profits soar every higher.

The idea you propose, of localizing resource production to a geographic area, is definitely interesting. It means every area then becomes self sufficient, and giving residents job security as every profession needs a job. But limiting based on geography alone punishes, I think, those who live in remote areas with lower populations, or even simply places that are more suburban in nature.

I'd be more inclined to pursue something that swings the greed pendulum back somewhat. It means higher taxes on profits, probably, but ideally wouldn't destroy the motivation to be successful. Steemit itself has the basic income group; I think profit funded basic income for all people may at least provide everyone with an acceptable minimum standard of living. It's not that we can or should completely eliminate inequality, but we absolutely should make sure that inequality isn't so massive like it is today.
I appreciate your valuable Post..upvote and resteemit done... good luck my dear friend.

She is by all accounts extremely glad Kitty and I KNOW she is, on the grounds that I know you. It makes me so pitiful to peruse you needed to surrender such a large number of, so did I. I have tears in my eyes, in light of what you improve the situation your youngsters and furthermore on the grounds that I halfway realize what you have been thought.

Numerous an abundance of thanks for your withness.

I value your Every post.and I tail you.

I require your help My dear @adsactly.

What's more, take after your Every post.

Steemit 😘 Great Humans.My exceptional thanks

@adsactly @azizbd

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Kids are really face of God! I love kids and like to play with them. Thanks much such kind of post. Family make boning with the kids and they are really innocent.

As they grow, they will learn many ideas, we as parents must keep them supervised and correct them

Your post is very good!

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This story was full of education, people like this type post. Keep it going...

How do I get involved with your group? I try to write good content but I get very little attention, if any...I really need some tips, help, etc...

I really like the habits that are done by children aged 7 years.

You know my friends .I really miss my childhood, when I 9 years old.

7 years The time is so sweet At that time, all children should be sure to grow in a beautiful environment. Apart from the study, along with the sport food should be monitored. The child will grow in reality. Anyway your writing has been so beautiful. The article is entitled to all proxies. I learned a lot. It was a lot of good to read.

Much obliged to you for sharing your youngsters' stories! I wish I could be youthful once more... Their discourse of marriage is entertaining and charming; can just wed one young lady or kid yet not a creature! I get it feels somewhat odd to me, while I bolster same or diverse sex marriage, when I was youthful I think I accepted it would dependably be distinctive sexual orientation marriage so it's interesting and pleasant to see this mindfulness at an early stage.

School must be "fun" for them, I unquestionably don't miss being at an instructor's leniency on how well I do in class. (To be reasonable, a large portion of my instructors were decent, it's simply the vulnerability while venturing into another class that murders me) I trust your little girl acknowledges school, does she have anything specifically that she cherishes to find out about?

Also, that is an amusing point about her whining about a more youthful kin... Did she ever request one preceding the more youthful one was conceived? Haha

I anticipate hearing more stories! In any case, one day, your children may find out about steemit and perhaps need to begin posting here, I figure that'd be one development turning point haha, have you pondered strolling them through this one day?

Sorry for every one of the inquiries; I should need to be a parent, as well, one day however it sounds very nerve wracking... Anyway, all the best and I trust your children do breathtakingly in school and past!

It's nice that your daughter vocalizes her fears then you are able to do something to try and assist her in dealing with them and having plans for different situations she might come up against. Some children are not able to vocalize in this way or feel unable to trust adults with their fears and become more anxious.