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RE: ADSactly Personal - The Madness of 7 Year olds

in #family6 years ago

I think that you are doing just fine as a parent. We cannot tell children just everything that is going on, but preparing them for the world is a cool thing to do! Really! It's not all flowers and rainbows out there, and if we teach children that, they will not be prepared when the problems come.

It is an obligation for parents to prepre kids for the World, and not being real about it doesn't help at all. Again, I must say that we're not gonna tell them everthing immediately. But with time they must know some basics of going through life.

You have a very cute guinea pig :D And that conversation was really funny :D Anyway, keep being a good parent, show real love as you already do.

Have a great day, Luka.


Thanks Luka.

I was brought up quite 'sheltered', so know what I need to do on that front with my girls.

Last night we had a discussion about earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanos. It is a learning experience being a parent too.

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