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RE: ADSactly Personal - The Madness of 7 Year olds

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Thank you for sharing your children's stories! I wish I could be young again... Their discussion of marriage is funny and cute; can only marry one girl or boy but not an animal! I guess it feels a little odd to me, while I support same or different gender marriage, when I was young I think I assumed it would always be different gender marriage so it's funny and nice to see this awareness early on.

School must be "fun" for them, I certainly don't miss being at a teacher's mercy on how well I do in class. (To be fair, most of my teachers were nice, it's just the uncertainty when stepping into a new class that kills me) I hope your daughter appreciates school, does she have anything in particular that she loves to learn about?

And that's a funny point about her complaining about a younger sibling... Did she ever ask for one before the younger one was born? Haha

I look forward to hearing more stories! But one day, your kids may learn about steemit and maybe want to start posting here, I guess that'd be one growth milestone haha, have you thought about walking them through this one day?

Sorry for all the questions; I might want to be a parent, too, one day but it sounds quite nerve wracking... Anyway, best wishes and I hope your kids do fabulously in school and beyond!


Hazel loves all her subjects, she really likes reading.

Hazel wanted a little brother or sister until Poppy was able to talk, then the dynamics changed a bit! She still wants a baby brother though. Hazel would like to vlog on Steemit. I have created a family account, but not done anything with it, nor do I remember where I wrote the password down...

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