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RE: ADSactly Personal - The Madness of 7 Year olds

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I love that you are sharing the truth about the world with your children. I don't think that we should be sheltering our kids from all that is out there. Rather, they need to learn what the world is like and how to navigate through it. This can be done in a way that can be understood at various ages. As a parent, you get to gage and decide how much information your kids are able to handle and when it is best to give more information. Being a teacher, I think that a little bit of worry is a good thing for our kids. Wat to many kids in today's society fear nothing and as a consequence of that kids are struggling to be accountable and be responsible.My hat is off to you and the way you are preparing them for life. Cute Guinea Pigs, my daughter had two but they have since passed on.


Unfortunately Hazel seems to be a natural worrier, if it's genetic then she has a double whammy of that from both sides. That it is a good way of putting it, they need a selection of tools to navigate, rather than just a satnav that tells them what to do, without question.

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