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RE: ADSactly Personal - The Madness of 7 Year olds

in #family6 years ago

Childhood or childhood can be the most beautiful period in human life. Playing dolls, swimming, chasing, cycling; many things can make us happy even in simple ways.

Unfortunately, growing and growing up tends to make us forget the goodness of childhood. The nature of honest, active behavior, cheerful attitude, to not want to burden yourself are some of them. Being busy with routines and live loads like adults even makes us forget how to be happy.


If u missed the fun of childhood, u will never get it back.

Yes, it is true. childhood is a happy time.

Yes it is definitely good to cherish the simple things, as a parent it is one of the best reminders seeing their kids get so much pleasure from nature, or making a cardboard box a rocket to the moon.

Yes, it is true. parents are heroes to their children.

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