Facts of plants and trees

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Facts of plants and trees

All animals depend on plants for their food either directly or indirect!ly. Let us know about plants in a general way.

  • Plants breath like other living things. They take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

  • Plants suck water from the soil through roots. They expel excess water through stoma.

  • Plants have flowers in order to produce seeds of new plants.


  • The coconut is the largest nut


  • There is intense competition among plants for nutrition, sunlight, etc., which are necessary for their healthy growth.

  • Plants which do not have wood stems live for some months only, eg. rice, wheat etc.

  • Some trees like the giant sequoia, chestnut etc. live for thousands of years, Among trees, the sequoia grows tallest.

  • The rattan plant, a climber, grows upto 600 feet. It stores a lot of water in its stem.

  • The red lichen grows at the highest altitude. It is found at an altitude of 21,600 feet K2 mountain (Himalayas).

  • The roots of tamarind tree go upto 160 feet into the ground in search of water


  • Some plants like Venus fly-trap are carnivorous. They trap insects and digest them.


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Life begins with plants. Without the forest cover of our planet, which includes more than 300,000 plant species, animal life as we know it could never have existed. Continuously adapting to the natural dynamics of their environment, these tree forms quickly invaded almost all the emerged lands to form the first forests.

Deforestation, excessively uses of natural resources, polluting the environment are the greatest mistakes of human beings. There are a lot of plants and species are already disappeared by the men, but the lack of awareness about our biosphere still continues.

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Beautiful yellow flowers My best friend and photography

so true, plants also need oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, so we as human beings have to keep it as well as living beings

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