Facebook also scans Private Messages

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The social media giant "FACEBOOK" is already having a rough year which started with its "Cambridge analytical breach" which lead to 87 million accounts getting leaked.

Facebook had already admitted to it's mistakes and are trying to regain the trust of all the people again.

Now another controversy had surfaced saying that Facebook has been reading your private messages without your knowledge.

About a week ago a software engineer exposed that the company also keeps log of your phone calls and private messages on Android devices. To which the company admitted to scan all your private messages. Here is what the Facebook spoke person said,


The news was highlighted last week when the company CEO "Mark Zuckerberg" disclosed that Facebook scans and removes any malicious content that is promoting genocide in Myanmar from users private messages.

An explanation by company’s spoke person,


Whatever Facebook says in all these recent controversies it is hard to believe that Facebook is not reading private messages.

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Wow that’s kinda crazy, and still we have people who still choose to use Facebook over steemit simple because all there famil and friends have accounts with them I CANT WAINT FOR STEEMIT MASS ADOPTION

It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Yes... they all do that.. i think google probably read the emails too. they all say it is system that reads, non human.

The question is after reading, something needs to be stored somewhere... and thats data that humans can get at.

imagine all sextings and video calls


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We never hope that Facebook should read our private messages.

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Wow...this is crazy. Yet, people still use Facebook. I never missed FB after I stopped using them.

It is indeed rude for Facebook to scan private messages without our knowledge because these are private. While on the other hand, Facebook move was to keep everyone safe away from child exploitation imagery and viruses - as mentioned above.

So what do you think? Does Facebook's move good for all? Did they revised their terms of service?

Facebook as of now is doing all the measures to eliminate privacy concerns as much as possible. But these things are bound to happen on the internet. Even Google is watching your every move and you might not know how much data they have on you. So ff you are too afraid about your privacy don't use the internet at all.