STEEM to ERC20 Token Exchange! Developers Needed! [Closed]

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STEEM to ERC20 token Exchange!

Developers Needed!

I'm looking for developer who can create Ethereum ERC20 token = STEEM exchange.

STEEM <--> ERC20 token

  • Instant Exchange (no login, account, verification...) (Like Blocktrades or Shapeshift)
  • When user send STEEM to exchange's steem account, exchange send ERC20TOKEN to his ethereum address.
  • When user send ERC20TOKEN to exchange's address, exchange send STEEM to user's steem account.

If you think you can do this, contact me:
Discord: fbslo [Witness]#8470

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Good luck my favourite witness ;)

Thanks :)

@steemanchor is pretty much this but for the stellar network, and the dev was @upheaver - I would assume for him it would be kind of cake to build such a thing.

There is difference between Stellar and ETH. Stellar transfers have memo and this make whole process easier.
On ethereum blockchain, new address have to be created for every user and this is "problematic" part for me. I'm already working on front-end and STEEM --> Token exchange, but I will need help with TOKEN --> STEEM.

I can think of a way to make it work logically... granted, seems to go the long route, but...

Of course you would have to create a smart contract, right? and the idea would be that when you receive STEEM tokens on the @steemaccountforyouidea you would have a script listening for the transaction.

Then, in theory, once the script receives the transaction, reads the memo, then it would in turn send tokens to the Eth Address on the exchange.

I got that part... makes sense... I do have some considerations regarding the amount, since you technically have to set a hard limit when you create an ERC20 token in quantity, but you could se this stupid high, and it would not be a problem for a long long time, in theory at least.

The way back however, the only way I can think about doing this... is that you would have a script running on a server you run that works as an escrow for the ERC20 token and that generates addresses for every account created on your exchange.

In other words, @meno would have to register on your escrow service, and withdrawals to the Eth address you've given me, thru registration would in turn trigger a transfer from @yourexchangeaccountonhere to the @meno account on the STEEM blockchain.

Hey, cool initiative. I added you on discord, let's discuss

Thanks for the ping @meno. ERC asset was already on my list of things for steemanchor. And you are right this should be implemented as a smart contract.

then you guys need to collab... possibly! ;)

Zanimivo. Malce si modificiral mojo idejo. No jaz še vedno razmišljam o tem da bi naredil eno menjalnico SMT tokenov...

Ja, ideji sta malo podobni ampak vseeno precej različni... S to menjalnico bi Steem lahko prodajali in kupovali tudi na ERC20 menjalnicah kot je etherdelta in ostale. O tem sem razmišljal že pred časom, a zaradi pomanjkanja znanja nisem mogel uresničiti načrtov. Zdaj imam več JavaScript znanja in mi bo morda uspelo.

Ne vem, če imajo vsi SMTji sploh že kakšne žetone, ki bi se jih dalo prodati. SteemHunt je napovedal ERC20 žetone, a mislim da jih še niso razdelili.

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Ne, SMTjev sploh ni, nekaj žetonov pa je. Dokler se bodo pojavili bi se lahko ta projekt pripravil. saj po moje je princip izmenjave podoben (kar se programiranja tiče)...mogoče še lažji, ker je na istem blockchainu. Pri tvoji zadevi pa je več dela: najprej Steem nekak konvertitati v ERC20 žeton, ga na neki menjalnici zamenjati in potem spet v Steem pretvoriti.

Morali bi dobiti veliko količino žetonov od izdajateljev zetonov, kar bi znalo biti precej drago, če bi jih kupili.

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Ja, nekaj rezerve bi morali imet, mogoče bi se to dalo dobit na utopianu? Saj možno/verjetno že mekdo o tem razmišlja. saj to je tudi projekt ki zahteva sodelovanje več folka, tudi ni smiselno da samo eden to razvija...Poznam enega mladca, ki kao ful obvlada blockchain...najprej mmoram sam zaštekat postopke moram vzet čas za pogovor :) mogoče pa bi vprašal @@@ervin-lemark

ERC20 token come into exchange when bitcoin value highly increase

ah man i should have continued my web developer course and coding course

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Great project

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Hmm I never thought about this idea!

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Sounds like you want an OTC exchange. That is great. If you ever get a decent amount of revenue, you should consider building a centralized exchange. One that trades STEEM and SBD as central trading pairs against everything else. That is what will put STEEM in the mainstream. That is what the other exchanges are doing. They have created their own coin as a major trading pair to edge out Bitcoin's dominance. Imangine if you did that with STEEM and SBD?

My idea is to create exchange for STEEM&SBD to ERC20 token version of STEEM & SBD. Those tokens could be listed to all main ERC20 exchanges like
ForkDelta -
Etherdelta -
RadarRelay -
Kyber Network -
ERCDex -
Dextroid -
Paradex -
Bancor -
Dubiex -
Trade Airswap -
Oasisdex -
EasyTrade -

We could buy tokenized STEEM on many more exchanges and exchange it for "real" STEEM on my exchange.

That is a very much needed feature for Steem. Thanks for your initiative @fbslo.

I hope I will be able to finish this until New Year, but I can't promise anything. Together we can make STEEM 8$ again!