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in ethereum •  2 years ago

Recently golem has lost a lot of horsepower in the crypto world. Along with golem, ethereum has been dropping as well. This makes a lot of sense, because Golem is powered by ethereum. What can we expect from this?

At first I was a little dismayed. I bought golem very cheap, and then it started getting cheaper. But many are saying that ethereum has the potential to be worth $1000 in the long run. If this holds true, ethereum investments will pay out large dividends, in turn, increasing the value of golem.

I suggest investing in both for the long haul and waiting.

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I'm holding GNT since the beginning, and yes, I agree with your point, they will go really high in the next few years. With the industry getting bigger and bigger, and with the need of doing difficult analysis and calculations Golem will have a central role in the ecosystem.


Thank you for your insight! I totally agree. Golem is worth much more than $0.35 it's being sold for now.

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