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Daily Digital.......Birds.

One thing I can guarantee when showing you my digital art is that you will never have seen them anywhere else in the world. That's kinda neat when I think about it.

And one thing I can guarantee myself, is that it is always enjoyable creating these original digital images. Today my collection for my #dailydigital post (which has been a bit hit and miss of late) is all about the birds.

I really love this particular effect on them and I didn't feel at all tempted to change the colours for a bit of variety, as the different shades of blue and burgundy looked great on all of them.

BLACK SWAN: The Black Swans (Cynus Atratus) are native to Australia and are often seen on extensive shallow stretches of water, both fresh and salt.


WHITE HERON: The Eastern Great Egret is the largest of the Australian egrets. They are white in colour but their bill and facial skin is yellow when not breeding.

The changes which take place during the breeding season is that the bill turns mostly black and long hair like feathers which are called nuptial plumes hang below their backs and their legs change to a pinkish yellow colour at the top. The young Great Egrets bills are black at the tips.


PIGEON: The Latin Name for pigeons is, Columba livia (‘dove’ or ‘bird of leaden or blue-grey colour’). Their common names are: Pigeon, dove, blue rock pigeon, rock dove, wild rock pigeon, rock pigeon, feral pigeon.

There are over 350 recorded varieties of pigeon with the most common one being, the Feral Pigeon. They originate in Europe, North Africa and Asia and are found in coastal areas. The feral pigeon is found almost exclusively in areas of human habitation.


BLACK SWAN: The Black Swans (Cynus Atratus) These large, nomadic waterbirds have erratic migration patterns. Their red bills are a beautiful contrast to their black feathers. The female and male swans share incubation and cygnet rearing responsibilities.


MAGPIE LARK: Magpie Larks are neither magpies nor larks, therefore their name is quite misleading. Because of their black and white colours, they are often mistaken for the Australian Magpie but their bills are whitish and their irises are pale in colour. Magpie-larks are confined to Australasia and are found throughout Australia.


AUSTRALIAN PELICAN: Australian pelicans are found throughout the country wherever there is fresh or salt water, estuaries, lakes, swamps, rivers, coastal islands and shores. Their most distinctive feature is their elongated bill with its huge throat pouch.


SEAGULL: Gulls or seagulls are seabirds of the family Laridae in the suborder Lari and are most closely related to the terns (family Sternidae) Gulls are known as medium to large birds and are characterized by their plump shape, longish bills, webbed feet and grey or white feathers which often have black markings on the head or wings.



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I really like this digital art style. They look like glass or gems on 2D imagery. Really Amazing :D


Many thanks for your welcome visit and comments @adamada I love your description.

Wow Trudee, I love how you managed to do that. I am intrigued by how you did that. They are stunning to say the least.


Those are the kind of comments that make my day @sunscape. Thank you very much for your visit and support. This particular digital effect really suited the birds and I hope I can find the same one again when I want to do more with this one. They are not always available when I want them.


Well whatever you used, it did an amazing job. The effect is stunning.

What a cool take on birds love each and every one of your digital art take sof them

Have a great day


Thank you for your wonderful comments JJ. Birds are ideal subjects for digital art I think. Enjoy your day too my friend.


Yes you have shown they are indeed ideal for this beautiful art, I hope your weekend is starting well


It is JJ. Thank you.


MOst welcome

They are one of the kind! This effect makes them look like they are from another world.


Thank you Neli. They are unique aren't they?

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Lovely unique edits, Trudee @trudeehunter. My fav is the white Swan.


Thank you dear Jo. I think you may be referring to the pelican......he is a little disguised after all. (lol)

Wow, it's the first time I see your work and I've to say it's amazing. How original your concept. This bird collection is so beautiful. I wanted to look at them at bigger size, but I couldn't. Printed they must be wonderful.



Thank you very much indeed @ylich I'm very pleased you enjoyed viewing them. It's always rewarding to receive comments such as yours and it's very nice to meet you.

You are right: I have never see birds in this way and for this reason I tell you thanks for spreading them with us.
Congratulations and I hope to watch new works like these!!!
Steem on!

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Many thanks for your visit and kind words of encouragement @monica90 I'm very pleased you enjoyed viewing them.


I am Happy to bè part of Steemit Engagement!!!!
However I am moncia90 and I am a man!!!😂
Do not worry, you are not the first one to make this mistake!

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Oh.....sorry about that @moncia90 I'm glad you let me know.

They are all so fantastic with these effect @trudeehunter, I love the pigeon and Seagull because the diamond effect on them and look so glorious with the jade effect around them. thank for sharing it with us.


Hello @el-nailul It's good to hear that you enjoyed these images. Thanks a lot for your visit and appreciation.

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That is a wonderful digital effect and I like the consistent use of it on all the bird photos! Nicely done!


Thanks Melinda. I was happy with the way these edits turned out. Glad you like them too.