Today You Can Win 15 SBD Only By Making Me Laugh 😊

in esteem •  3 months ago

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. - Marilyn Monroe


Where's your sense of humor?

Charlie Chaplin already knew that a day without laughter is a day wasted, so let's not waste neither time nor resources here.

@good-karma frequently rewards his top users - those who post, comment and earn the most using one of his eSteem applications - with little giveaways.

Lucky me, today I was once more on the list for being a top earner using the desktop client eSteem Surfer frequently.

Lucky you, I'm not going to keep my win - I'm gonna give it away to the most hilarious person on the block. Yes, being funny is now rewarded on Steem!

That's probably easier said than done, since I know that we've got a lot of people with an extremely developed sense of humor in this community.

But hey, this is a game and competition will make it even more exciting.

Do you wanna win 15 SBD today? Then watch my video, check out the rules of the challenge and participate!

You've got one shot, make it count!

One cross each is more than enough, as we all know from the movie "Life of Brian", so every user is allowed to submit one entry.

All submissions need to be published as comments to this post here (leaving your reply down in the dedicated section 👇).

You can include pictures and videos, but remember to keep it short and precise, not spending too many resource credits. The contest will end in 7 days from now.

Last but not least: Of course, black humor is accepted - this is the blockchain and not a church.

Please have fun, I'm pretty sure I'll have some. The comment section is yours! 😀

Much love,
Marly -

PS: If you're new to Steem and want to know more about resource credits and mana (apparently everyboy is talking about right now), then watch my video 'Resource Credits' Explained For Beginners.

This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: All my blog posts are created and submitted via eSteem Surfer 1.1.12 - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

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Was a little disappointed the kitten in the last scene got no juice taste, but maybe that would’ve been over the line


Nooooooooooooooooo!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

Have you ever been this drunk?


lol - no, it went even worse since I started to talk to myself :-D
Check out point no. 8 of my post Love, Drugs & Other Sins for further details if you want...


Already checked it out. You know, talking to yourself on a mirror doesn't have to be related to neither drugs nor mental issues, there's no person in the world that can understand you better than your own mirror image (yourself), that's why you felt so comfortable. I find it therapeutic.


Well said!


jajjajajaj hay no manche buena compartida de un video jajaja cuando te dicen ayer estabas bien borracho y uno les dice no por que lo piensas y sale se video we jajajja

jajjajajaj there is no good spot shared of a video hahaha when they say yesterday you were very drunk and one tells them not why you think and it comes out video we hahahaha

Your video presentation skills are top shelf pro. Well done. it was like TV quality. But with your accent, I kept hearing "Make me love" :D Kinda the same thing tho, isn't it?

Good luck to all the contestants.


Thanks for the lovely compliment, Cork!! The sound quality of the GoPro Hero 7 is really impressive, I don't even use a mic to record my videos, even though it's quite windy here at times.

Haha, yeah the accent... I noticed it when editing the video which is why I added the text make me laugh (just in case), but you're actually right: it works perfectly, even if you understand it in a different way :-))

Let's spread the lauuuugh (love)!


lol - he's just one of the best, no doubt about that!!! 😁

This really happened when I was in my sophomore year at Catholic high school...

Name the Epistles of the New Testament

My unruly classmate was called out by our Priest lecturer during Christian values class to name some of the 21 Epistles of the New Testament.

He shyly grinned and recited:

Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, and..Amphibians!

AMPHIBIANS??? What the crap...?!? :D


Hahahahahah, that's a good one!
Situation comedy is always the best comedy :-))

Riding into HF20 like...




Hahaha, I remember having done something similar with a bobby car at the age of 3 :-P


jajajjaja ese gif del carrito de la niña me hiso el dia jajajja

Please never leave your luggage unattended at the airport as well as on the top of a mountain ;)


Haha, how cute's that?! Love it :-)))

Thanks for the smile transfer :-)

This one is epic! :D


Haha, that's a really cute one! :-)
Thanks for participating @amahovac93

Maybe the intro of my today's will put you a smile on your face or even make you laugh! ;-)
Liebe Grüße aus Barcelona


OMG, how could you know about my doughnut addiction?! 😁
I've been 3-4 times to Barcelona, but haven't had the chance to try one of these sweet guys so far. I will definitely need to try them next time.

Regarding the current situation on Steem: I still don't have that returning-from-holidays-feeling since I still experience a lot of bad vibes on the platform as a result of the changes. But I am full of hope that we'll be back at our original ambient soon :-)

Vielen Dank, dass Du hier vorbei geschaut hast! Ich hab Deinen Blog übrigens über @flamingirl gefunden, und es war ganz offenstlich ne ziemlich gute Idee Dir zu folgen :-)

Steem on & happy evening nach Barcelona 🤙


Thank you so much for your follow, yes I thought already that the resteem of @flamingirl is a huge bonus to my account! Thats the magic of our great community!!!!
Dann lass mich wissen wenn du mal wieder in der Stadt bist, treffen wir uns gern auf nen Boldu ;-)


Abgemacht :-)

So I was wondering why she got to give the whole 15sbd she won ?😮

Then I realized she has learnt to Rise By Lifting Others


I even noticed we can both see Surf in her name (@surfermarly) & in the browser she's using (esteemSurfer)😅 ( she didn't plan to use this browser before she joined the Steem blockchain)

Well I guess the surf In her name means surfing the ocean . That means she's been surfing real life ocean and now she's a whale 😅.
Here on Steemit too .she's a whale🐋.
She has just succeeded in every part of her life.


Hehe, sweet 😊 And yes, I enjoy lifting others. As on the blockchain so in the water, surfing is always even more fun in a group than being alone 🤙


Noticed all your pictures was shot by the ocean side😅
You'd catch lots of fun there ❤️

There is an inspirator on the block. She provides many moments of inspiration. This genuine moment lasted 10 seconds!!!


Oh Chris you even submitted an entry from holidays - how cool's that?!
Very well done you - aren't those jumps refreshing after all? :-))

Enjoy your holidayzzz


Super-refreshing! - I like how you call my falls - "jumps" - always looking on the positive side!! Nice initiative this Marly - I hope enjoyed seeing my many micro attempts to find balance!


Haha, I always call my falls 'jumps' - changes the whole thing, doesn't it? :-))
Yeah, I may only imagine how difficult it is to stand up there - haven't been trying SUP so far.

Great idea, @surfermarly. Our world needs more laughter!


Thank you, Terry!!!
That was exactly my motivation to set up this post. Glad you liked the idea :-)

Awwww that is so nice of You. That is such a great thing to do and I bet You will get a lot of laughs out of it in the end what makes it even better 😉😀

Posted using Partiko Android


Just between the two of us: I actually didn't do this for me, but for everybody. I feel that there are a lot of bad vibes going on after the hardfork, so I felt the need to kind break with the ice :-)

And YES I'm already having a qutie good laugh browing through this thread. Should do that more often!!!


Oh yeah for sure.. Since the 25th I have been uploading videos and posts also trying to promote the positivism to balance all the drama that this brought. Great work 😀

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I don’t need your 15SBD, i just need one of your surf board so i could make a small table just for us to have dinner together, then from there i will make you laugh all day all night...


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw that's been quite cute!!! :-)

To figure out how to laugh whit this video you just have to imagen it. You say i'm not make you laugh? Never say No to wisejg . I hope you have fun much as I do when i discover this comercial of cheese. And remember the panda in the moment to select the winner.


Hahahahhaa, that's totally my type of humor!
Thanks for sharing it - I hadn't been watching this commercial so far :-))


jajjajaja that pandita jajjajajja is the raffle for you to buy poor panda my vote bro you won

jajajaja ese panda jajajaja se la rifa para que le comprel al pobre panda mi voto bro te lo ganaste


Yo también me he partido de la risa, te lo juro!!! :-)


Congratulations @wisejg - you made me laugh like no other, which is why I just sent you 15 SBD :-)

Hint: Power them up to Steem Power so that you can increase your Resource Credits (mana).
Happy steeming!

This is very old, very British humour. I'm not a fan of 70s comedy but this is quite good.....its called 'Four Candles'


hahahah, veeeery good one Nathen! Pretty much enjoyed it, thank you!!!

When he lookes at him like this, it's just priceless 😄😄😄




Hahahaha, that's my type of humor!! :-D
Thank you @simplymike

I decided to put together a little visual representation of what its like when you first join Steemit


Sorry but I don't click on external links. As I mentioned in the rules above you'd have to submit your entry as a comment in this thread. You can include pictures if you want. Thanks for your understanding.


Hahaha, I'd say: the latter!! :-D

I was struggling to use steemit!! and then HF20 happened


Hahaha, he's gonna survive it I guess :-)


jajajja pobre chavo

hahaha poor guy

Before HF20 come, Steemians thought !!!!!!!


After udate #ned and HF20 situation !!! Uncontrolling Lol...



Ha ha ha... Lol 😜😂👌🏽


Nice one.
Almost every thing is controlled


Hehe, well I bet the second one didn't have less fun actually :-)

First I was go look what others say... and then I was smile lot :))))) and especially this duck and nose :)))) ... and after that I forgot what I want to say . So ... what damn I go say now..... :(((


Do you freeze coffee ? Thats a new one on me!


As mentioned in the rules above, you can only submit one entry :-)
Also, if you edit a comment, you should mark it as edited. Thank you.

you know how they pave the streets in Africa? they throw all the blacks and pass them the road roller. and you know how they draw the dotted lines? they tell them: you laugh, you don't, you laugh, you don't.

Sorry i love black humor.

Sergeant Hartman is fully behind HF20.


Voting on the first day of HF20 be like :

What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho Cheese.


Woah, it took me a while! lol
Jokes in a foreign language are hard to get sometimes :-P

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A laugh a day keeps bad breath away!!! 😂 YAY

Nice contest..I love to laugh.. Laugh help us maintain look young and beautiful 😂😉😘


Fully agreed!
That's my favorite in that context:


Mom, Mom, at school they call me absent-minded.
You silly boy, I'm not your mother. Your house is next door.

@ned at launch of HF20 - HF20 is a success

Take a look at these videos, they are fun and will help you reduce stress
And I'm glad to see you smile.


Oh I know that one already, haha! It's one of my mom's favorite YT videos and we've been wathing it together a couple of times, always breaking into laughter at the very same timestamps, haha :-D

Thanks for unconsciously awakening the good old memories :-)

Crush: Why should I trust you? All guys are dogs.

Me: ....

Crush: Well? Aren't you going to say anything?

Me: .... meow

Knock Knock

"Who's there?"


"Telepath who?"

Morty , you gotta flip them off! I told them it means @surfermarly wanna wish them luck, how hilarious is that? xDDDDDDDDDDDD

😂😂When your dog even dances better than you



jajjajaja ya tiene tiempo que no veo este gif jajaja gracias por compartirlo

Congratulations @surfermarly!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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So some girls were going on a search for the PERFECT man for them. They came across this list and know this would be perfect.

Only if.....


This cracked me up because I didn't expect that's where to find them, lol!


A man arrives at his house at 2 in the morning, the wife receives him with a surprised face and says: good morning "Superman". The man surprised by the response of his wife, tries to justify himself and tells him that he was in a business meeting, then she says: Yes of course "Batman". The man is surprised again by the answer and thinks, wow, my wife sees me as a super hero, the man, tries to approach her and she again says: do not touch me "Robin", the man already worried about the attitude of his wife, finally asks: Why you compare me with those "Super Heroes" ?. Then the wife releases her sarcastic response: Obvious stupid! They and you, are the only fools to wear underwear outside the pants.

Good Day to all of you, God bless you, have a excellent day. Hands up! Put yours hands up! Hehehe. kisses.


Hahahah, good day to you, too!!! :-)

Hello @surfermarly, Greetings!

This is my entry, still when i thought of it still made me laugh out loud, lol.

I was working as a Nanny few years back, just arrive from a long flight late night, to make the story short, went to work the next day. As i got up to take shower, half-asleep, i saw a horribly scary ghost staring at me by the mirror, panicked and scared, i ran to the bathroom and accidentally trip over and got sprained in the ankle. I realised it was me that scary lady by the mirror. Regardless, i still went to work with pain (can't walk properly). This still made me laugh after all those years.

Regards snd Thank you.

Hello @surfermarly..
I love this consuro ... I love laughing, and I feel it is a way to be happy.
Here I leave my entry to the contest, I hope you like it just like me.

I saw this in a store last weekend and it made me laugh, so I bought it and brought it home with me. It now sits on the back of my stove.


It is a very generous gesture to give away your SBD prize.

Posting is sort of like being given a lottery ticket. 💙

Good luck to all.

So one day we were working on building this motel and the plumbers and I were taking a break, smoking a little green. I look down in the parking lot and there is this girl in the drive through at the taquiria digging in her nose, picking a bugger. I said, hey man, check it out... Look, My kind of woman, and the plumber dude says, yeah right, NASTY!!!