Mypictureday_submission || beautiful tourist attractions are in aceh

in esteem •  2 months ago

Hello everyone.

Happy buddy .

Back again with me, glad to greet the people who are on this extraordinary platform, hopefully friends of Steemian are always happy and successful in managing this platform.

Dear Greetings, I give to @timsaid who has made this incredible #mypictureday contest. On this occasion I would like to share the photos that I captured last week.

On the weekend yesterday I visited a seaside tour in Aceh, this place was named Lhoksedu, a very beautiful place with colors and combined with natural nature which made this place very calm.

This place is so suitable to spend all the fatigue and noise of the capital city, this place is not so far from the city of banda aceh, with access to travel so good makes us easy to travel to this place.

If your friend comes to Aceh, don't forget to go to this beautiful place, hopefully all of you like the picture in my post this time.

in this place there are many photos and many people celebrate with family.

the view from the top is so beautiful and beautiful


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