Bam guys. Just delegated 100. @ana-maria have tagged me in a post calling my attention to this and I think You guys do a great job. Even if I don't get that many of the updates anymore and it is a small delegation I hope it will be helpful 😉❤️

Thanks, Sergio! I knew I could count on you! 😊
Btw - you are not getting that many updates just because as high as you climb every next level is harder to reach, and as far as I can see you are doing good! 😉👍😊

But it is all good. Today I have uploaded a post about Steem Power delegations and a video as well. Took the day to be focus on that 😉

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I visited both of them. 😉
And yeah, I know how it goes and especially how it feels when you make all prior needed research and preparation, create a post that sometimes takes another significant amount of time (especially for us to whom English is not first language), and then when you finally hit that "Post" or "Publish" button it turns out to be just a 2 or 3 minutes read. And above that all someone always manages to understand something wrong. 😂

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But ned said everything was okay and that I was just bitching and downvoted me for calling him out on his post! Go take a look if you want proof! Guess we are both on the same side here! This HF20 FUCKED US ALL! Look at @blocktrades they were negative RC and couldn't even transact and lost $1,000s the last 2 weeks! But hey ned and steem said don't worry and downvote me for telling others how this update is a BAD move! I support you heres a 100% up vote!

Upvoting for visibility ;)

I heard you!
Waiting for some delegation to return, and then you can expect my support (unfortunately, not some huge one as I'm not that rich, yet but...) because I really do like the service that you provide!

This is a very selfless project, and I really admire what the team does.

Question: How do you see how many comments/votes/transfers/powersups you can make? In a day? Mine currently states 100+ for each. I think I need a tutorial guide for regular joes on how to interpret the new information.

It is a real shame to me that the average user is able to power-up much faster than steemitboard can, even though this team powers up everything they earn. When I looked at their wallet, I was flabbergasted that they are only a few hundred higher than my SP, even though I've only been here barely over year.

For some people, steemitboard is the only encouraging face they will interact with during their lifetime using steemit.

Not sure why this team does not qualify for some of that delegation that went to the lone rangers at Most users who did not use never got to see a penny of their upvotes, whereas steemitboard undescriminately (except for clear abuse) upvotes everyone.

I may consider delegating some Steem since I had a good earnings month, and I have already been voting for you guys for witness. Your team's technology abilities are top knotch, you provide excellent communication services, and none of the drama and shady deals.

My hope is steemitboard can contiue to serve everyone equally, as designed.

Sorry for the longish comment. I want others to know that many people really do appreciate this project quite a bit even if they do not comment here to say so.

I so wish they would shift that delegation to Steemitboard! That would be a real community move.

well... i just wish you the best.. i just regular joe here doing nothing about technical [email protected]

Thank you for the services you provide. I am always encouraged b the achievements I get from you.


I will offer the support I can provide: I will vote for steemitboard for witness, I will upvote this post, I will resteem this post and I will delegate some SP.
I hope that Hard Fork 20, patch number four helps you a bit, but I can see how the price of comments really hurts a high volume commenter like you.

Why not asking the whales only? Why not asking the people who invented this "simplifying" new processes?
Reminds me to politics: The politicians screw up something and the taxpayers are asked to pay.

Where is it written that we do not ask for help from the whales?

Nowhere, but I don´t expect that you write what you *not" do, but rather what you do. Anyway, peace! Glad that you are reaching out to them as well.

Come on everybody. We can all spare some Steem for a good cause.

So you need ~30k SP in order to resume normal-ish operations.... This should be possible given the large delegations given to other projects that do FAR less than you. Seems the good old "unintended consequences" bites again. This is an EXTREMELY common thing anymore and says a lot of our world.

I may not have much but I am sending a bit of steem your way for the cause.

Just voted for @steemitboard as witness, hope that helps!

I enjoy the posts that SteemItBoard leaves. For that matter, I actually visit to see the status of my account.

I can see how some people would consider a bot that drops 4000 posts a day as a resource hog.

Perhaps the solution is to send fewer posts, but to make your wonderful web site more interactive.

So maybe we should only get sent a message for UPVOTED rewards and not the UPVOTE rewards. We could then follow the link on the message to wee the rest of our rewards.

Good luck adjusting to Hard Fork 20.

... Steemitboard you took a big hit, Damn sending love when the delegations work. Was what I was posting yesterday but I ran out of RC's to comment lol.
Now that I can sending some support :)
Or I would still some bugs in HF20 ...
Oops! Something went wrong!
available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account freedomno1 does not have enough mana to delegate. required: [object Object] available: [object Object]
Sooner or later lol.

Congratulations! Your post has been selected as a daily Steemit truffle! It is listed on rank 4 of all contributions awarded today. You can find the TOP DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS HERE.

I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 8 SBD worth and should receive 141 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Upvoted and resteemed!

I cannot upload images.

Wish i could help more.

Is your team considering limiting to certain notifications instead of others? It is hard to say which categories are most important to people.

One alternative is to make a post that displays all the people who earned each batch that day. It would show the badge and a paragraph underneath listing all the names from left to right. As long as they have notifications, or they check their mentions, they will find the post.

Badge for Number of Comments Made

@name1 @name2 @name3 @name4 @name5 @name6 @name7 @name8 @name9 @name10 @name11 @name12 @name13 @name14 @name15 etc.

Hopefully you guys can come up with some genius script to parse results in a similar way, or perhaps improve upon the way you have always been operating to make it require less resources on the blockchain.

That might work for experienced users who use @ginabot and stuff like that, but I don't think any new users would ever see the project if it comes to this solution.

Thank you very much. Liked the publication

As a new user, i was really encouraged by your votes & comments.
voted you as a witness. Good Luck!!

This is sad SteemitBoard. You are responsible for a great deal of newbies feeling great being here - this Knight included. I will try to help but have already delegated widely. I hope a whale sees this and give you a hand.


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Thanks for your information :-)

hello I'm a beginner I want to take part in your contest because I'm interested in wanting to follow it

Resteemed... We will delegate a little bit soon! The world needs SteemitBoard!

52 SP delegated tonight from our family (:

I am very happy. Thanks for continuing this great Site Steemit and great full to you for your kind support.

Hi! This is great but idk how to use this.

I would want to help, prolly in the future when I have saved power. For now, A comment and a resteem is all I can do. I am still manually doing math after everything. Hahaha! I hope Steemitboard continues to do what it has been doing and hopefully it gets the help it needs from everyone specially those who are capable of it. Thanks and have a wondeful day.

I've loved your work since i've joined steemit.
500 SP delegated and added steemitboard to witness list.
Keep going guys!

Thanks for your information :-)

I love and support steemitboard.

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Is there a way to turn off you notifications on my posts? I find them rather annoying than helpful. Upvoting this for visibility!

It's clearly stated in the comment:


I hope you feel silly now.

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