Gamification, Achievements, Trophies, Badges on eSteem

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In this post, I wanted to explore one potential gamification solution which with given positive feedback can be implemented on eSteem.

Gamification helps to engage us and at the same time increase our satisfactory level when we achieve something or reach some milestones. While we are enjoying social and monetary aspect of the Steem, we can certainly improve gamification aspect of different apps through achievements just like Stackoverflow or many other applications do it.

How ?

So how do we embed it into current system?

Although there are already some aspects which can be viewed as achievements, like getting X followers, X reward, X SP, X posts, X comments, X mentions, X reblogs, there is not really a way to give satisfaction/acknowledgement to the end user.

Reminding or acknowledging achievement of the user is quite powerful thing especially in a world of social networks and interactions.


This solution is quite practical one and maybe with future versions of eSteem we can try it out.

What if we can delegate user certain amount of SP for each achievements and depending on that particular achievement, there would have a deadline for delegation...

Let's take an example: You reached X number of followers and you would get notification on your device that would acknowledge and congratulate you on your achievement and delegates you Y amount of SP for Z hours/days/weeks.

This would not only encourage you to complete more achievements from the list but also gives you ability to empower and encourage others to do the same.

What do you think, would it work ?

Do you see any ways it can be abused ?

If you are designer or illustrator, would you help designing/creating custom achievement badges for eSteem app, let me know on comments or or

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Every way of gamification will be beneficial - some people will ignor it, but for someone it'l become a major motivator. Great idea

As of me, I'm thinking about user-made-games on Steem. Something like Mafia or AD&D but with the steem and upvotes )


Mafia, where the winners get money, and the losers lose?


Maybe. Maybe something more complicated... we will see

You can always privately give Steem and just note that it is for "satisfaction and acknowledgment on a post"....But I like the thinking.

Good information! Thank you~

The whole idea is great, but the list of achievements should be chosen wisely, for example I would not put reblogs and comments in the achievement list, because they can be easily abused, and should these achievement be reached by eSteem ? and if yes, how are you going to manage some of them like followers section?


Yes, I have few thoughts and list of achievements, but you are right they should be properly planned out to prevent abuse. Also some achievements won't be limited only to eSteem usage, because for some features there is no way to know which client user have used.

I think this is a great idea... and like you said it has sort of already naturally developed. I myself am guilty of multiple #milestone posts celebrating followers, number of posts, etc. If we built this into the platform, I think it would be a great incentive and also a goal for new people to set their eyes on.

HOWEVER: Lately, I have seen a lot of people just go crazy about getting followers. There is one person I follow that got to 1000 followers in less than a month. Yet, his posts still hardly get any feedback and his content is not necessarily worthy of the crazy number of followers he has. I think for some people, the incentive to get 1000's of followers is greater than the incentive to really build a meaningful Steemian community. I have been on Steemit for 4 months and only have 220 followers even though I am very active... yet by the standards of some people today I would seem like a super small minnow because it took me so long to get those 200 followers. IMHO there is a disconnect between number of meaningful followers and number of total followers, so gamifying this aspect of the platform may be detrimental to some.

Just my opinion though. Cheers and keep up the good work man!


You are right, everyone has their niche and trying to find it. It takes a lot more research and work until these gamifications are bulletproof but we will get there... ;)

Hey @good-karma!

Gamification is one of those things that when done right, is an amazing value-add to any business/initiative. When done wrong, gamification can fall flat and be a complete miss.

The attention should really be focused on what creates the most FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to the user. For example, in the airline industry with frequent flier miles, when you hit the next level,4 you gain additional incentives that that others in lower status do not. They make the rewards good enough that you want to hit the next level, but not exclusive enough that individuals that are not at that status are completely exclusive. It's one of those, it's awesome to be a part of the club, but your life isn't over if you aren't. Starbucks has a similar gamification structure as well.

The model of making it more of a club than it is a specific reward has always been more enticing to me, personally. Usually when you earn that reward, it's satisfying for the moment, then there's nothing else to do after...the goal is to keep the user engaged for the long term.

Anyway, I hope this helps...good luck in the process!!!



Thank you Kevin! I completely agree, haven't looked at it as a club, but it does help user to feel special...

Hi Feruz great idea! I think rewards would be a good incentive and could increase usage of the app! I'm a Stack Overflow user as well, and getting those badges definitely motivated me to use the site more and explore its functions.


Indeed, me too... I remember early days when I used to strive towards unlocking badges one after another even though they wouldn't have any monetary incentive. It works even without delegation, but delegation can be viewed as a bonus with deadline... Thanks for comment! ;)


Nice! You're welcome! Please see my other comments as well :)

Gamification is surely a great idea!

Ok now I think I have good idea to contribute. Steemit blog ad promoting doesn't work. You should start eSteem Promote that will benefit all and should into gamification rewards. Here is brief post I made which short and clear. I don't need upvote, I truly believe on this idea.

I am a fan of your post exploring about how Gamification, Achievements, Trophies, Badges in eSteem. I judge the solution of grafimasi is very important, before I want to say thanks. Because the only application that really helps the user is esteem.
Overall the esteem application has worked very well. But there are still some obstacles that I found in the esteem app, first; In my smartphone the app still feels heavy, slow loading and sometimes sometimes I have to turn off my smartphone.
I would expect a little improvement or addition of features or facilities on the esteem application. I expect the esteem application to work like At we can make a post using "markdown".

And in the esteem application it does not exist yet. And sometimes I find images uploaded via invalid esteem. This is what makes me sometimes forced to post by using
If I find an application design that can support and improve the work of esteem, I will let you know, dear @ good-karma. If there is a problem about the apps esteem, i will also let you know.
For the moment I judge that steem is very good and very helpful to us. I tunnggu the next version. Thanks very much, dear @ good-kama and @feruz

Hi @good-karma, thanks so much for developing this app! I really like it, it's so convenient to use! And recently I noticed many comments are automatically awarded with a few bots, but seems that my comments are not always upvoted . Is it a feature for all users ? Thanks again!

(oh and this comment is upvoted though, haha is it a lucky draw?)

The current Steem badges are a bit annoying IMHO, would be much better if you got delegated a few sp for each one. Would this be an opt in thing?

Would be less likely to be subject to abuse than e.g. the current incentives to use the esteem app. A blacklist system could be carried over.


Yes it would be built-in. As for encouragement/incentivization program currently running, this experiment is temporary and helping to gather feedback about app, can be at any point discontinued without any notice.

Love the concept of this. Steemit board do something similar. It kinda works.
I think badges are a good idea. But they need to be visible beside your name. Maybe only one badge at a time could be chosen from your list of available badges.

This could also be monetised if required by the inclusion of custom skins for specific things. I.e. You've earned the badge but you want a custom skin for it and can be bought via a microtransaction.

Great post.
Steem on👍


Yes, yes! It is indeed can be used as such. Just like Viber or other messenger apps which have their custom stickers where you can buy them. In this case it can be used as buy SP to unlock certain badge...


Just had another thought.
Have the badge sitting behind your reputation number. Always visible. How many times have I seen people asking "what does that little number beside my name mean?"

So it's always in people's mind.


That would be something nice. But without any questions a lot of people just lokking for the money would try and find ways to "spam" or play the system to get that rewards. And that can affect the quality of the content shared by People.

In general I'm not a big fan of gamification when there are badges and virtual things involved, it feels outdated (think early foursquare/gowalla)

However, I do like the idea of delegation of SP as rewards for hitting certain milestones. Rewards that have real world benefits is what I'm interested in, badges not so much. Cheers and thanks for the apps!

It doesn't pay out SP, but you can get badges here: (replace with your username) or look at the footer of this post on how that might work:


Yes, @steemitboard / @arcange is doing great work and I believe it is helping users, I see quite a lot of users use those badges as footer

My Little EFFORT to Praise You as Our STEEMIT Community SUPERHERO !!!

Thanks for Making all these Tools for US !!!

To prevent abuse, I would recommend tiered rewards, where higher-ranked rewards cannot be accomplished via "spammable" means i.e. voting X times. For example, I think Stack Overflow's Fanatic badge to be quite effective, as it requires the user to visit the site for 100 consecutive days. Also, having a tiered system would help motivate users, as lower tiered badges would have higher level equivalents e.g. (Visit for 30 days > Enthusiast (Silver Badge), Visit for 100 days > Fanatic (Gold Badge)

Delegation is awesome, but it has to be done kinda long term to make it worth it. Delegation kicks in quick, but may take a week to take off. So, you gotta factor that time in when giving it away. Additionally, I'll publicly advocate for the use of Esteem in this comments section. Great tool. Glad to use it.


Thank you for your input! Yes, Delegation takes time to see results, but with given recent interest and demand for SP it should work and user who unlocks one badge wants to unlock another one and so on, can be great driving tool for retention.


Yeah it's awesome, but if it's only a short term fix you're going to give it for 1 day and have it in the ether for 7. Better to give a small amount for a month or more so that when you take it back the week is a smaller fraction of the time.

Thanks! Will make a post if ever I come up with designs :)

Also, do you already have a list of rewards/badges? What size/layout would your badges be/have?


For starter, quite simple badges, I guess I will have to write down list and update post or make separate post later. Vector files would be perfect because we will have different sizes for different devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)


Ah gotcha. Not gonna promise anything, but if I come up with some badges, how do I give them to you? Do I just make a post about it and tag you?


Sure, you can reach me by email or or make a post with my handle in it, I would be among first to be notified ;)

hope to get some badges in near future..

@good-karma please take a look at the following post and see if this would be something beneficial for eSteem.

is there a way of implementing some kind of badge or symbol to indicate that post, upvote or comment or reblog was done using eSteem? or somehow identifying user mostly engages via eSteem? if yes then by determing the ratio of user engagement with eSteem and non eSteem users can be somehow turned to some level of achievement. or would this cause bigger conflict among devs?


lol now reading my comment again, it sounds rediculous. ignore:)

I would not care to get a smiley, thumbs-up or one of those badges. All I care about is functionality and reliability.


Yes this can be one of the future functionality. By reliability I suppose you mean with less bugs... I remember you having issues with eSteem, we are still in beta, please bear with us, update is coming soon


Yes. I did. And on occasion I still do. Sometimes when I follow someones mention, it will not go to that post. Resetting the app by pressing the off-button and then the home button usually does the trick. It might be my iPhone that is too slow to process the commands. I love the feature that should have been implemented on steemit long time ago...


I am actually working on saved notification where you can access them within app on separate page and push notification would point you to that page, but it might be ready after upcoming release though. You wouldn't loose notifications and can go back to check your recent notifications with that feature...


Cool. It saves me from searching manually for who and where I was mentioned. It is one of those things that eSteem is just better at.

Man.. Good karma yoy arenone of the most amazing people here on steemit.. Honestly I don't see the devs behind the site itself implement such good ideas as you do.
Can't wait to see the next feature update of the app and any great new ideas.
Although I think it would be hard to manage to delegate sp to so many users.
Cheers and all the best my friend..

Very well said

I think this is an excellent idea to increase usage of the app. The idea of achievements as incentive for monetary return appeals to my inner gamer (I passed playing Watchdogs just to upvote and reply to this post).

Not sure how it could be abused, but I suppose that depends on the type of achievements.

You had anything in mind for badges ? might be something I'm interested in doing.

You may need to set the achievement really high so it won't be abused. I have esteem, do u have a post that best explains the benefits of it so I can start using it more :)

It's a great idea. A great way to increase the fun and interaction amongst our friends and followers

The tricky part is monitoring abuse of the system, maybe having mods who can be on the watch for shady activities

It sounds awesome, definitely a big motivator for minnows to increase their influence on the platform. The achievements currently hold limited to no value.

What I'd like to see is a functionality allowing to kindly discourage users from doing certain things like comment spam. Gamification could make it less painful.

Initial impression is that is sounds pretty good! I'd like these sort of achievements for sure.

This is a great idea @good-karma. I also like a notification whenever I get a new follower. I think this would be great if this feature can be added, imo.

good information

It's nice information. I know one of my friend who has good skill in design. Let's me poke him @habibiehamzah. I hope he ll coming to this wall. It's time for for resteeming.

I loved the Idea.
Gamefication often use to motivate people's engagement to anything. i cant really see a bad pont about it

I think that would be amazing if people got rewarded with delegated Steem Power if they hit certain achievements!

I was actually working on gamifying the steemit wallet as we speak. I am doing a design more or less that shows power down time and amount of steemit power in respect to a fish-shadow figure.

I think you are in a great path. I also believe that gamification of steem based platforms is key for success.


Thank you! Great, looking forward to see fruit of your work! ;)

Interesting thoughts.
I am on, which offers a reward badge for certain achievements...

However, I think it would be nice to implement a goal-setting by a user... which could function as a milestone / roadmap to whatever achievement the user values most...

Why not build it into eSteem?

Gamification is a great way to keep people active I think. The ability to gain achievements definitely helps keep people active in games. I even noticed the effects in a crappy game like Tap Adventure, so in a place like Steemit, it'll work just fine. Isn't Steemboard a small example of this? I think the ability to see your payouts climb throughout the week also is a way to keep people coming back for more.

I'd be worried a bit about the rewards like delegated SP, but seeing you thinking about putting a time limit on it, that worry disappears a bit and it'll be more like fun and games, instead of a lasting advantage.

Some bots on Steemit do that. Remember the regular comments one receives when unlocking a next badge, for example 100 or 1.000 upvotes? Of course ideas like that can also be integrated into the eSteem App. Motivating the usage of the app and lastly also supporting the development throught the little % reward the app receives.
A little sad would be, that this would build an own eco-system inside eSteem app alone and has no implications for Steemit,, or any other front end the members use to utilize the STEEM blockchain.

So far, so not so special when introducing gamification to the app (but still useful). However, when underlining it with some real benefits, like the suggested delegation of SP, it would really stand out and motivate even more to use the app. As one does not only lose the small % for the app, but also receives value back.

As the app earnings are substantial, one could also introduce more creative challenges or winning games to the ones that already exist - provided the winner evaluation is based on easy statistics and can be found with a script to reduce the administrative effort. Making it possible also for not so heavy users to receive rewards in form of STEEM, SBD or support that would lead to value, like promotion of the account, reblogging, etc..
I would not participate in a contest that only counts the number of posts or the highest payouts and rewards those, as I as average Joe would not have a chance. Also, the most active people, or the people with the highest payout post this month, already have enough rewards, they don't need additional rewards. Examples:

  • Gigving each new user of eSteem App 1 SP (especially brand new accounts need that).
  • Picking random winners each week or month.
  • Reblogging a few hand picked posts that have outstanding content but weren't noticed so much yet.
  • Giving each 100th new user a special reward
  • Offering all eSteem App users a jointly meet & greet at STEEMFEST at one certain place and time.
  • Funny rewards, like a badge for the person who posted the highest amount of ASCII characters through eSteem in a month.
  • etc

More importantly though, for many iOS users the app still does not work. I would love to use it, but cannot, because it crashes every 2 minutes. iOS seems to have some tricky parts when it comes to resource allocation and memory usage of the app. Streamlining this would be my very first priority before putting energy into anything else.

Steemit already feels like a game, so a lot of these elements seem like they'd fit right in.


Yes I agree, especially the way steem power is accrued over time.

The aspect of rising power makes steemit pretty well suited for gamification. It'd become even more addictive after that.

Good ideas.
it might be a stimul to move faster, for some waiters' something

but, fron the other hand, also it might lead to increasing empty copy-pasted comments and posts about nothing

Great idea. Will make the achievements more useful

You gave such a lovely post
Thank You for sharing

good information @good-karma
folllow me @yanies

Well personally, I think its a brilliant idea.

I'm new to the platform I'm still learning how it works. I think it's a good idea and it would help to improve this great platform and stimulate even more users. Great idea and contribute

I am with this wonderful idea, which will increase the fun of using the application.
I have posted a question, and you did not answer me, but you are excused, is it possible to add a property notify us to each new post of our followers or those we follow ? thank you...

"Stone the flamin crows that's a top bloody post @good-karma. Listen mate, if you're not too busy over the next few days hows about popping round to #teamaustralia and #steemwars to just say 'good-ay'. You could maybe join us for a beer or something - see how our war efforts are going. Bring the missus if yah wants. It's all cool man, hope to see yah soon @scooter77."

this is a great update for esteem
thank you @good-karma
keep up the good work!


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Good information for all users of steemiy app @good-karma

I am addicted to esteem on my android. Thanks for the great app @good-karma

Can't wait to see the badge system. BTW, I see lots of comments upvotes like
annsita on this post. How can I achieve the same?


Hi, If you are using eSteem to post and comment, you might get some upvotes... It is part of encouragement program


Thanks for the explanation. You and eSteem are really great.

Great idea. Sounds good to me. I feel any form of encouragement would be called for. Something that would add fun and sense of reward in a form of a pat in the back for a good achievement.

Steem on

That's a very interesting proposition. I'd say it would motivate every user to engage a lot more, and it might even solve part of the "voting desert" we are going through right now, while people still adjust or rethink their strategy after the HF19.

hello friend i am little confuse about your huge payouts, as your voting power is 20% so how you are making so much payouts , .. i have heard that to get more payout one need 100% voting power .. please let me know i am new i am curious to know the factors which makes greater payouts

hello @good-karma i am really curious to know that how you are making a lot of payout in a single post.. as your voting power is 20% only .. i have heard that voting power affects the payout... would you please like to tell me what the actual factors are there which directly affects ??thanks in advance

Thank you very much for information and knowledge. This is very useful for me, success always for you.

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this is great post and great idea. Thanks!

@good-karma I agree with this, there is just something about adding these achievements that can elevate an already enjoyable experience.

On an unrelated note, I was wondering what kind of articles do you like to read most on here? I am researching what trending/hot posters such as yourself are into for a future article.

Generally this sounds very good idea, but it is very important the way that it will be implemented ... what negative consequences may be for those who do not want to follow or can not follow ? It must be found alternatives for these users too.

i like the stuff you post, its always meaningful.

hey man @good-karma i see many esteem users get reward for every comment? what i should do to get same reward as they ???????

Aww.. you are one of the most amazing people here on steemit. Great idea

Nice.... Please follback n vote n comment @hadimemories, need your upvote. Please. Thanks.

Hey @good-karma . Why posting on esteem rewards for post not shows?

@good-karma please fix some bugs on esteem on ios 10.2
thank you very much for your hard work..

Love the idea and so wanna see it happen! Upvoted and followed!

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Looking forward to it, Gamification is still one of the most unterestimated terms in 2017. Good job!

Wow! Amazing upvotes @good-karma, I hope and excited that good-karma would visit my blog and peak some my own and original photograph from my cheap phone camera

I upvoted and resteem this post...I amazed

This really interesting sir. Why not, because you offer us to create an achievement badge for eSteem. A big honor for me if i could create it and successful.
But, before i start to make the badge, may i know how it look like that you wish, sir? Maybe about the picture, and color that suitable with your hope. Then, i could give you the best one.

I agree with what you design.
It is necessary to notice to the steemian that has achieved a certain target.
With the award, although only in words I think will make steemian appreciated and considered in esteem. And esteem also has the ability to provide the best for its users.
Any change for the good of all agree.
I'm sure of that.
Thank you @good-karma for all your good in esteem.
I'm a loyal user of esteem to congratulate the holiday.
Best regards to all esteem users from @alga

Gamification is in the trend right now. Players in the game will get outcome from the game in each step. Therefore, each step will have reward (token) for each player who completed each step. At the end game, players got result from playing the game. The purpose of the game is the most importantly, what / how players will achieve at end.... became healthier, happier, organizer, sleep better, good planer.... what's the purpose of the game!

Wow.. that's a great idea. Thanks boss!!

If this is implemented, make sure you buy more bandwith to avoid eSteem crashing because there will be influx of users.

AWESOME ideas @good-karma 👍
Can the app be used on a windows 7 pc?

I was considering getting the unused pc to explore a few ideas and maybe I'll have some suggestions afterwards.

good-karma nice article on gasification checkout out mine you might like it

Motivation is the only thing that keeps hope alive and gives everyone the power to keep going forward and helps anyone…

Thank you @good-karma for your professional opinion! Have a nice day!

Liking your suggestion of this one:

What if we can delegate user certain amount of SP for each achievements and depending on that particular achievement, there would have a deadline for delegation...

I think that it is a cool idea! May also add multimedia in Steem, albums, music, event calendar to visit? Or may be maps with own guides and recommendations for places.

Congratulations @good-karma

You took 6 place in my Top 100 of posts

I sure love the idea of introducing gamification to steemit, as a new user it would be a motivator.

I think its a great idea of gamification. It will deffiently help the steemers to get notifactions on thier phones , while they are away from laptops. This will motivate steem users to follow back imideatly from thier phones. This will help build up the steem marketing strategy in future.

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