and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Announce Joint Venture for New $325 million EOS.IO Fund

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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - (Marketwired – January 23, 2018)

NOT FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES OR FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWSWIRE SERVICES., the developer behind the leading blockchain software EOS.IO, and Galaxy Digital LP (“Galaxy Digital”), a full service, digital assets merchant bank, today announced the formation and capitalization of a joint venture that is focused on developing the EOS.IO ecosystem and making strategic investments in projects that utilize EOS.IO blockchain software. As part of the new relationship, and Galaxy Digital will deploy capital for future investments through the capitalization of a new $325 million EOS.IO Ecosystem Fund (the “Fund”).

Sam Englebardt, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Galaxy Digital, said: “With so many new blockchain projects, it can be difficult to ascertain which ones will emerge as market leaders. However, we believe EOS.IO is one of them. The team and the EOS.IO community are introducing the first scalable infrastructure to enable mainstream blockchain adoption and we are excited to be at the forefront of such a transformative initiative which we anticipate will drive positive change in the digital assets space.”

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, added: “EOS.IO is designed to enable new community-driven business models capable of disrupting the world’s largest technology incumbents. This milestone represents Galaxy Digital and’s joint commitment to investing in that future.”

Brendan Blumer, CEO of, commented: “Mike Novogratz and the team at Galaxy Digital are leading advocates for blockchain adoption and share our belief that this software fundamentally expands the capabilities of blockchain technology. We are excited to add Galaxy to the list of industry leaders driving EOS.IO innovation and expect this partnership to serve as an enormous catalyst for ecosystem growth.”

This is the second EOS.IO fund formed through the EOS.IO VC partnership program and comes on the back of last week’s announcement with Tomorrow Blockchain Opportunities, managed by Derek Rundell of Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures. has made an initial commitment to deploy $1 billion in partnership with leading venture capital investors to support the development of the EOS.IO software.

The EOS.IO VC program offers developers and entrepreneurs the funding they need to create community driven businesses leveraging EOS.IO software. Enquire at [email protected] to learn more.

EOS.IO software introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “EOS.IO Software”). The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications. For more information, please visit

About is a developer of technology solutions including blockchain software development. With employees and advisors based around the world, the company focuses on business-grade technology solutions, including the development of the EOS.IO software. For more information visit and

Abernathy MacGregor
Patrick Clifford, +1-212-371-5999
[email protected]

For Galaxy Digital LP
Prosek Partners
Mike Geller, 212-279-3115; Ext: 242
[email protected]

Disclaimer is a software company and is producing the EOS.IO software as free, open source software. This software may enable those who deploy it to launch a blockchain or decentralized applications with the features described above. will not be launching a public blockchain based on the EOS.IO software. It will be the sole responsibility of third parties and the community and those who wish to become block producers to implement the features and/or provide the services described above as they see fit. does not guarantee that anyone will implement such features or provide such services or that the EOS.IO software will be adopted and deployed in any way.

All statements in this document, other than statements of historical facts, including any statements regarding’s business strategy, plans, prospects, developments and objectives are forward looking statements. These statements are only predictions and reflect’s current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and are subject to risk, uncertainties and change at any time. We operate in a rapidly changing environment. New risks emerge from time to time. Given these risks and uncertainties, you are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance or events may differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. Some of the factors that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from the forward-looking statements contained herein include, without limitation: market volatility; continued availability of capital, financing and personnel; product acceptance; the commercial success of any new products or technologies; competition; government regulation and laws; and general economic, market or business conditions. Any forward-looking statement made by speaks only as of the date on which it is made and is under no obligation to, and expressly disclaims any obligation to, update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, subsequent events or otherwise.


Yes - nice call

Nice call. Well deserved my resteem and upvote! Well done!

thanks man. much appreciated!

WIth steemit it is hit and miss. Just keep trying and hopefully you are happy with the recognition given in this thread.

Too true, which is why we should use Steemit to express ourselves, and if we get paid for doing it... even better!

Nice! EOS is one of the best and is way undervalued! 2018 will be a great year for people holding EOS...and STEEM!

lol...i guess we need a bigger person on this platfom to make the announcement public.....

Anyone else thinks this looks like a cup and handle? I think EOS will go to the moon over the next week. Specially with Dawn 3.0 being released.

You are right....and, have said that numerous times today to friends of me showing this chart...

Screenshot from 2018-01-23 14-58-11.png

PS and that is the zoomed out chart from the beginning !!!

is there any possibility sir @liondani for the higher price by the end of the month.,

If btc don't tank, I would say it is very likely!...
And some "inside" information from cindicator indicator with huge probability only for the readers of this post!

Screenshot from 2018-01-23 20-42-51.png

PS Keep in mind you need to buy at least 700K of CNDs to get these predictions.

Hybrid Intelligence for effective asset management
52,000+ decentralized financial analysts enhanced by artificial intelligence

youve earned my witness vote, haha thank you. I will also tell all my people on here to do the same

Woahh, that 700K CNDs for the prediction sir @liondani is quit funny but has a great point. And I'm pretty sure or not so sure, as btc will climb I think sbd will follow.

Thanks for that sir.

absolute textbook.

Ive been adding to my position since last week. Hoping for the market to stay stable so EOS has the chance to go up.

are agree with you..i dont see it coming down anything soon....

It's great to see EOS defying all the "It's a scam" people from half a year ago.

Warning: Newb Question!

  • Is there a difference between "EOS" and the "EOS Token" that is on that distribution sale for the next 134 days?

  • What is the benefit to the buyer of the EOS token distribution sale?

I'll try to answer without confusing you more LOL...

  1. EOS is obviously the company/foundation that is creating the EOS blockchain platform. You can currently purchase EOS tokens on the website through their ongoing distribution sale. However, if you reside in the United States you cannot purchase EOS tokens via their website due to security laws.

  2. If you reside in the US, you can purchase EOS tokens on any of the many exchanges (Binance, Kucoin, Bitfinex, etc) that lists the token. Maybe you are confused by the way that the tokens are listed on exchanges. EOS tokens will be listed as "EOS". So if you are buying on an exchange "EOS" = the EOS token. There is not a listing for EOS and another listing for a separate EOS token. They are one and the same.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Since these tokens are purchased outside of the distribution sale on, they must be registered prior to the date that the platform goes live (June, I think??). If you don't register your tokens, YOU LOSE THEM ALL! Don't forget to register them!!!

  4. Here are a couple of links on the registration process:

What's the benefit to the buyer? Well, owning a stake in the fastest, most flexible, most innovative, blockchain platform ever created. Other than that, nothing.

Oh the EOS tokens I buy on my exchange is the same (or will be) as the EOS tokens sols on this distribution, except I have to buy it via ETH and register them? So once registered, those ETH tokens will convert to EOS tokens, just the same as my other EOS tokens I got on my exchange, correct?

Man, I may need a 2nd cup of coffee to wake up my brain to process this.

Despite posting directly through steemit (a US based service)...It seems you may want steemit to remove this from the site?


much lol.
But seriously. If you two were able to stop acting like a divorced couple, Steemit and EOS would both benefit greatly. ;)
C'monnn... I know you can do this!

They are not divorced are all trying to share their views in different ways for the benefit of the Steemit and EOS

One could more pertinently say, “Steemit is the centralized news distribution service this was posted to.”

@ned, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Steemit is a platform for anyone from anywhere to post any content of their choosing? If you're saying that EOS can't use their account for news announcements, aren't you fighting against the purpose of this system? Isn't the power of a decentralized system that anyone can have a voice?

If your answer is no, then it causes me to lose confidence in this system, thus confidence in this investment.

Steemit is a centralized website sitting atop a decentralized protocol—that’s Steem. These centralized and decentralized entities are completely different but work together. Based on the disclaimer it could easily be construed this post violated their own Terms.

You openly admit STEEM is not decentralized, STEEMIT is the entry way into STEEM so it is controlled that makes STEEM not decentralized as well.

You destroyed your company with this post.

I'll take your word for it. Not familiar with any disclaimers on Steemit or EOS.

@ned i need to arrange official seminars about steemit. Is there any benefit of it brother i need to explain it in my country. Please guide me. My email is [email protected]

Just trying to help.

Despite posting directly through steemit (a US based service)...

Maybe, but it goes to the Steem blockchain which is decentralized.

Steemit is a blogging and social networking website on top of the Steem circlechain database. ... Steemit, Inc is a privately held company based in New York City and headquartered in Virginia. The company was founded by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, creator of BitShares, and EOS....I guess this a perfect explaination of steemit..This is what @dan and @ned created for us...

Why are you so harsh with everything EOS related? You should both be grateful (see the HALF FULL glass of water )you had the opportunity for a partnership that resulted such a great concept, steem & steemit. Get over it and move on. It really hurts the reputation of both of you, if not more your reputation lately. I respect both of you so please take it as constructive criticism...


Really, it is quite entertaining to see the two of them fight with thought ammo.

much lol..i will definitely die...which is not good for all of us...we need them to stay focus on what they are doing

Sir @liondani I feel you, you really want a peaceful relationship in every aspect. Yeah I think thats a good idea, partnership can build a great concept in this community.

you are right...we need them to stay focus and improve the community....well said @liondani

What is the real purpose of "NOT FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES OR FOR DISTRIBUTION TO U.S. NEWSWIRE SERVICES"? Assuming it has to due with security issues. Limiting distribution like this seems like an unfair practice.

Why is that there? It seems like you don't want it being promoted in the United States.

@ned, does Steemit work in the UK? China? India? I thought decentralized meant decentralized? In other words, is Steemit only for US Citizen?

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. No. Also see my answer above.

Haha! Thanks for answering, I'm sure this gets tedious after a while.

@ned ??? Have a look on my latest post i have created post for you if u have some spare time kindly

Steemit is not a US Newswire Service. Maybe you're thinking of Facebook?

No, it is a US Newswire Service if people are using it as one.

After the flag abuse by those at the top of the power pyramid, their victims will leave and steem will only be a place where they sit around and tell each other how cool they are.

Already searching for alternatives honestly.

Dear @ned;

I need any help to stop @grumpycat hurting innocent people.
We have to show that Steemit is bigger than any bully who is trying to impose his own rules by using his high SP on innocent people.
The post below is the summary of the situation :
Thank you for any help to stop the actions of @grumpycat.

Best Regards.


Thanks for the update. Looks like a nice collaboration.

I'm getting really excited boys and girls, and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the awesomeness that will surely come out of EOS and all of its future partners going forward! 🐳

We always knew we picked the right project. Thank you for confirming, over and over again. Go EOS!


Or maybe you should say Congratz...

EOS= Ethereum Operating System?--> No, the futurE Of BlockchainS!!!

it does seem kind of funny that they used an acrynom for the name, but then don't have an official explanation of what it stands for.

Maybe this is something they will address at the launch?

The dawn goddess Eos . It´s a new Dawn for the hole Blockchain Industry! Check it out on Everipedia our new Friends!

That is Eos. The project name is all capital letters: EOS

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