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RE: and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Announce Joint Venture for New $325 million EOS.IO Fund

in #eos4 years ago

Anyone else thinks this looks like a cup and handle? I think EOS will go to the moon over the next week. Specially with Dawn 3.0 being released.


You are right....and, have said that numerous times today to friends of me showing this chart...

Screenshot from 2018-01-23 14-58-11.png

PS and that is the zoomed out chart from the beginning !!!

is there any possibility sir @liondani for the higher price by the end of the month.,

If btc don't tank, I would say it is very likely!...
And some "inside" information from cindicator indicator with huge probability only for the readers of this post!

Screenshot from 2018-01-23 20-42-51.png

PS Keep in mind you need to buy at least 700K of CNDs to get these predictions.

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youve earned my witness vote, haha thank you. I will also tell all my people on here to do the same

Woahh, that 700K CNDs for the prediction sir @liondani is quit funny but has a great point. And I'm pretty sure or not so sure, as btc will climb I think sbd will follow.

Thanks for that sir.

absolute textbook.

Ive been adding to my position since last week. Hoping for the market to stay stable so EOS has the chance to go up.

are agree with you..i dont see it coming down anything soon....

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