EOS ANNOUNCEMENT: Could Mike Novogratz be the next VC partner?

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Well ...I guess it's fair to say I called it.

Yesterday, everyone was so obsessed with wishful thinking, that literally noone wanted to consider a more realistic option. Until the announcement was made public, this post received about 400 views and one single upvote from an info-bot.

There is an important lesson to be taken away from this:
Never trust the majorities' expectation when it comes to predicting markets. Most people just project whatever they want to see.

Anyways, I'm sure Mike will be a strong force behind EOS.IO, and of lasting benefit to the community.

Follow-Up Article
Official EOS.IO Announcement

Original post from January 22nd

Today, at 9 am Tokyo time, EOS.io will announce it's next VC partner to help fund the EOS Ecosystem. Let me attempt to speculate on a potential candidate.

There is one major blockchain influencer who has recently hinted at supporting EOS.io:


It's billionaire investor Mike Novogratz!

Remember when Mike was on CNBC back in November?
When he is asked to give a casual list of cryptocurrency projects, he names: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and... EOS.

Keep in mind, back then EOS was barely in the top 20 on coinmarketcap, and of course there is no running protocol yet!
So why would he list a comparably insignifcant coin, that is still in ICO-stage along side with the biggest players on the market?

[Timestamp: 5:05]

Aside from this, he also follows pretty much every EOS related twitter site, even very small ones:

https://twitter.com/eosforumorg [2700 followers]
https://twitter.com/eosnewyork [650 followers]
https://twitter.com/go_eos [700 followers]

Whether it's this announcement or a following one - I think there is a decent chance that Mike will be a VC partner of EOS in the future.


Good Call You deserve to see your post on the trending page! Well done!

I certainly wouldn't mind that ..! ;)

Where did you get this info? Who is your informator, Sherlock?
anyway, like this "insiders" type data. Keep them coming. SUBSCRIBED

Nice job... when he mentioned EOS so long ago amongst more established coins, i thought it meant quite a bit. You don't just mention any junk coin amongst winners on mainstream when ur talking about quality cypto.

Bro, you are a genius.

Well good call i guess


Great call ! This video triggered my curiosity into EOS few months ago, but I forgot to do my research on the guy who mentionned it 😅

Great call!

u just earned yourself a follower

thx bro!

You win!


hehe. I have to say I'm pleased ;)

Funny I had a similar thought, but didn't vocalise it at all. My other bet was Peter Thiel. Thanks for the post.

Great call dude. Well done.

Great call @n3r0 I saw the interview aswell on CNBC and it wasn't a complete surprise when they've announced the collaboration. Hope he does a descent job 'herding' 👌😁

Good research there! Well done, sharp analysis to take that mention of EOS on the news way back and put it in context.

Good call mate !! I'm glad I hold a bit of EOS can't wait to see it moon in 2018 !!Keep up the good work

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Third eye seen it coming, before it happened!

i wlike this post

Informative post. I will research more to dig out

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Well eos has a lot of potential, it's a sure bet!!!

woops Im curious to this EOS, I will search on this.. thanks sir @n3r0 your post made me to research that thing :).

This seems like a good indicator to support buying more EOS!

Nice call! That's a sweet validation that your thinking is on the right track. What's else do you see happening in the next 6 months in the crypto space?

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