Hashgraph vs EOS?

in #eos4 years ago

I just happened to do some research on Hashgraph today, a competitor to blockchain technology. After reading many articles explaining it, it seems the characteristics of Hashgraph and EOS are pretty similar, such as using byzantine fault tolerance and having super fast transactions just being a few. But those "fast transactions" are said to be around 250,000 TPS(Transactions per second) for Hashgraph and EOS is supposed to deliver around 1 million TPS.
Hashgraph seems to market itself better than the blockchain but those TPS facts don't seem to exactly prove it.

I would really love for @dan to do a review on the tech like he did with Cardano but definitely don't expect it. He's likely busy enough on EOS. So I'm posting this to see everyone else's thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts,


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Hey Alex! I jumped on the hashgraph train about a month ago and I haven't looked back since. Just as 8 tracks were necessary technology before cassettes and CD's I believe the Bitcoin and then the Ethereum blockchain were necessary to what is coming next. I've researched Hedra, Swirlds and now Mingocoin. Mingocoin has an Airdrop going on until the end of May, 100 coins plus 200 coins per referral. They have developed a Social Media messaging aggregator for steemit, facebook, twitter, skype and others on the roadmap. Sending a monetary transaction will be as easy as sending a text message. I'm really excited about this coin and the technology behind it. I found your post when I started doing research on EOS. The top features of hashgraph are...fairness of order (necessary for games and auctions), security (ABFT), speed (as you mentioned above) and no forking.

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