The tradition of aceh pidie people when it comes his month of Ramadan

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Tradition of aceh pidie people when it comes his month of Ramadhan, making the tradition of gun cannon a lot of berbondong bandong following the tradition, therefore many who loved this tradition including young racing race. .


This entertainment is created by the aceh people in the month of fasting arrived, this moment is very happy people who like this game especially. In fact many are interested in how to make a job like this, I am very amazed with this tradition because it is not in the tradition of his grandmother. .
Weapons are made there are various types, there is from the oil bar is also from the bamboo tree, his voice also various kinds that sound. This tradition has always been the time of his grandmother. .


This tradition does not endanger ourselves when we burn, But must be on alert also, this gun weapon is made big enough even to 10 meters long, the sound also sounds far enough to 25 km, Quite satisfactory
When you know where you are going, your life will be happier and happier than just flowing. You do not have to wait for something out there to make you happy in the future. Because once you decide something action then the universe will soon make it / give meaning of our life each.

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