New Engrave engine deployed. It’s faster and better than ever!

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Excited to see how all this turns out. Keep going guys!

Thank you! We're doing our best and as I wrote in the update - we are ready to handle more traffic than ever so there should be more and more news about Engrave.

Yes,I can see huge growth in this !

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You were not having in-memory Caching in the beginning ?

We had an in memory-caching indeed but we developed a brand new mechanism with Redis. It's persistent now, shared between blogs instances and much more efficient as we can use Redis built-in mechanisms to manipulate data.

Footer's links to social media do not work.

It will be fixed, thanks!

@engrave, I've heard about this platform for first time. Good to hear that you are focusing torwards the Development. Good luck team and in my opinion Steem Journey is becoming exciting. Stay blessed. 🙂

We do believe that Steem will grow and that's why we're putting so much effort to make a project like Engrave. Feel free to test it and give us some feedback :)

Will going to checkout and will going to share my experience team. Keep up. 👍

Very excited!
I see very much potential in this project!
Hoping we steemians will have the ability to setup multiple websites on engrave which automatically shows different topics from our steem blog. :)
I would love to have a Website for all my music posts, one for my motorcycle and engine things and so on.
Normally posting on steem, entering a tag and not having to do more :D

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Hoping we steemians will have the ability to setup multiple websites

Soon. New architecture introduced a few days ago will allow us to do that quite quickly :)

I would love to have a Website for all my music posts, one for my motorcycle and engine things and so on.

This is our goal, to give our users the ability to differentiate their content across multiple domains/blogs.

Normally posting on steem, entering a tag and not having to do more :D

Categories functionality on Engrave will be much more powerful than tags on Steem. But we still need some good feedback from users and some time to develop a proper solution for that. Stay tuned!

Then I realised your project's potential already when you introduced it! :)
Really looking forward!
Can I support you somehow?

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Just play around with Engrave dashboard and give us some feedback ;) This is what we need actually. We want to make it as good as possible but we need real users and information from them ;)

What's going on actually? Does it loads infinitely long or redirects to Dashboard? Can't see anything in logs...

For me it redirects to dashboard..

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So actually you are saying only authors can log in and be a reader?
Looking forward to the next post.

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No, everyone can read your blog but interaction with a blog (commenting and voting article directly from your block) is disabled for the next few days.

I love the Engrave platform, but as a constructive criticism, the inability to log into a blog directly is a huge problem, unless its just a temporary issue. If its a future design feature I'd suggest against it.

This means that for my company's posts to be rewarded with upvotes they have to go to Engrave first to sign up. Maybe you think that's good for exposure for Engrave, but this is a huge problem for bloggers. Huge enough for many to stick with wordpress.

I would change that as soon as you can. Because as much as I like Engrave, that's a deal breaker for me.

This is of course just a temporary issue. We're developing a brand new mechanism to login into blogs which will enable cross-blog authentication. It will be even more useful for your readers than before because when someone will log in once, he will be logged in to every blog on the Engrave platform. This is just because we totally changed the technical way to render blogs.

Logging directly on blogs is one of our most valuable features and it won't be abandoned, don't worry ;)

I am enjoying using the #engrave blog for my posts. Thanks for all your hard work 🙏

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Thanks :) Stay tuned for our new dashboard :)

Thanks. I do have one issue when I am writing and that is that when you use the CAPS for a letter it doesn’t automatically turn of in the main body text area. In the title section it is fine. Not sure if it’s just cos I’m using my iPad or not. Thanks again for your upgrade I look forward to having a drive

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