The Music of my Country

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As a music lover I could not help but show the music of my country, the music of the llanera, the music that represents us, there are many who are passionate about a sunny day with many of the famous singers of our country like Reinaldo Armas, Luis Silva, Armando Rodriguez, Jorge Guerrero and many more, without forgetting the most recognized worldwide and in life was the author of Caballo viejo Simón Diaz.

Next I will leave some of the songs of my Venezuela:

Caballo viejo
Simon Diaz


A classic between classic unforgettable Simon, may God have it in his glory for having given so much for Venezuela with his music with his being with his love to the plain.

Luis Silva


A song that describes what our Venezuela is, I am desert, jungle, snow and volcano, as well as its beaches, a beautiful song authored by the romantic Llanero Luis Silva.

La Muerte Del Rucio Moro
Reinaldo Armas


Reinaldo Armas with the famous Rucio Moro a song in memory of one of his favorite horses, without a doubt one of the best songs for the eternal Weapons.

Guayabo de mes y medio
Jorge Guerrero


I could not leave out the great Jorge Guerrero with his Guayabo del mes, without a doubt the Venezuelan music falls in love because there is no more beautiful country in the world than our Venezuela.
Its plains, its mountains, its beaches, its music make Venezuela a blessed land, which today passes through a test only for a test but sooner than later the river will return to its cause.

Long live my Venezuela Carajo



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La Llanera, uno de mis géneros musicales favoritos. Música que se toca con el alma y el corazón.

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