Cristiano and Messi alone with Lebron

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Hello friends of steemit, today I want to talk about football, taking advantage of the world and the two stars of the moment, for sports lovers it is not unnoticed what happened with L. James in the NBA, no matter how follower or little follower you are from this sport is impossible not to have listened, the only thing that was this player in the final of the NBA.

Well the case is in which both C.Ronaldo and L.Messi go through the same situation as the basketball player with the difference that is in a selection and the following year you can not improve bringing good players, here is played with what is with the best material that your team can have and neither Portugal nor Argentina have the best players at present, making the present of these two great stars difficult in their selections.

While it is true that C.Ronaldo started the World Cup with the right foot, with a hat trick against the powerful Spain, it is still true that Portugal did not show anything at all besides C.Ronaldo and it seems to be a long world for this star.


L.Messi on the other hand did not look very well in his debut in addition to having failed a penalty, although the World Cup is just beginning and the defense of Iceland reminded the cate nacho of Italy, Argentina showed no variations, no courage, it is a team without a soul where they only depend on the star of Barcelona and if he has a bad afternoon this selection does not exist, a tough challenge for Messi in this World Cup, although of these big teams anything can be expected as a good resurgence.


These are the top stars of the world and those two teams a tough challenge for both, if they want to be world champions and further enhance their sports careers, both have very uphill both are very lonely.



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