🏆 The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

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With 30 STEEM, a 5 STEEM-bounty, and at least 7 SBI shares to be won - sign up, engage, and win! 🎁

Next weeks post will be later in the day - more news as to why sometime this week

Welcome to the Engagement and Curation leagues. How does your engagement on Steem compare against others?

This weeks Post is sponsored by @esteemapp - A mobile and desktop app for Steem.

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If you have less than 500 Steem Power, why not join @paulag's Redfish Power-up League

If you have between 500 and 5000 Steem Power, join the @steemcommunity witnesses Minnow Power-up League.

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Would you like to enter the leagues? Make a comment below - this is for a lifetime membership and so you will need to ask to be removed.

The league tables are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

The Engagement League

This league is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations over the past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Number of people spoken to (PS)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Up-votes to others (V)
  • Up-votes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a small minus score for this one, sorry! (S V)

Note: Copy/Paste comments will be excluded!

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you among the top 25% of the league entrants!

  • 387 accounts earned a score this week (384 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 854 top level posts (782 last time)
  • The top 100 produced 12813 comments (13669 last time)
  • The top 100 produced over 2.55 million characters of text in comments ( 2.58 last time )
  • The top 100 cast 37228 votes (30056 last time), of these, 108 were self-votes (75 last time)

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner, @tattoodjay! 🏆

With @janton and @melinda010100 taking a break (but sponsoring first and second!), the door is wide open and first through is the very consistent @tattoodjay who claims top spot this week, nice!

Great stuff from @brittandjosie, another who's up there most weeks and takes a much deserved 2nd place!

And claiming 3rd this week its @erikah - well done!

Excellent engagement levels also from @veryspider, @chireerocks, @dswigle, @newageinv, @steemflow, @paulag, and @bengy who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Those without a self-vote and placed in the top ranks will also receive a little STEEM. These people are: @cicisaja, @akomoajong, @steevc, @simplymike, @blueeyes8960, @glenalbrethsen, and @soyrosa.

Well done everyone!

The Curation League / Rewards based

NOTE: If you have started a power-down or been involved in delegations in/out of your account, you will not appear on this list for 15 days following the activities above. Thanks!

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

Well done to the top 10!

🎁 Prizes 🎁

The Engagement League

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky number 25 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @fullcoverbetting, goes to @wonderwop (again!)!

Lucky number 33 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @bengy, goes to @kaerpediem!

Lucky number 13 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @phoenixwren, goes to @akomoajong!

Lucky number 11 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @roleerob, goes to @bengy!

Lucky number 17 in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share (or more, who knows!), courtesy of @meesterboom, goes to @wolfhart!

Not so lucky but well deserved 1st place in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @janton, goes to @tattoodjay!

Not so lucky but well deserved 2nd place in The Engagement League

A @steembasicincome share, courtesy of @melinda010100, goes to @brittandjosie!

A big thank you to all the sponsors!

If anyone wishes to sponsor a number give me a shout and I'll try to remember to add it next week - so many kind sponsors now!


  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from the master list, give me a shout

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below



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I wanna congratulate @tattoodjay WoW you Made alot of effort for this week!
Thank @janton and @melinda010100 for having other things this week ( melinda , jay is unbeatable he was on the Subway alot I think and you know than comments come in a flow 😉)

To the rest in the list Guys you rock in whatever spot you are.

And @asher12345 I didnt know that 14 was the blog amount for this week 😉

See you All next week

Who is this @asher12345 guy? :D :D

Congratulations @brittandjosie!

SHOOT Thats what excitement does with me !

He is most likely the same guy who self voted me.

YAY! I am SO happy to send you an SBI share for your 2nd place win! Congrats to you!

Oh dear you dont have to! I was glad you told me to try, and i had fun but jay is like janton, to much, is it because they are men?

No way.... I think it is called competitiveness! I hope to see your 'girls at the top' dream come true soon! I am so pleased that it is you that I am sending this SBI share to!

That woman top 5 well we have to sent jay on holiday with janton hahaha

Congratulations!!! That is awesome!!

Howdy there brittandjosie! Great job of taking 2nd place, well done!

Thats highly appreciated, and you know i like you buying honesty if you werent busy i couldnt have Made it, but as always i had fun, hope everything is ok at your corner of the red neck country

Congrats on your placement this week, Britt!

Hi dear i am soooo proud, i am very competitive and than is this a cherry on my steemit cake

You enjoy that cake, you earned it! :)

Sound...im above you again Asher...how cool is that.

An look at that...@janton has taken a much desivered break and @tattoodjay in first. Awesome.

i see @simplymike is sneaking up to

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah yeah :P

I've had a few lazy weeks you see, but well done nonetheless!

YAY I made it back on. How does one get a -1 on self vote? That has to be better than a 0, right? LOL

Grats to everyone, keep up the good work.

lol that is impressive!

I think because a vote was made over 7 days ago, but removed less than 7 days ago. I normally 0 these but forgot to check this week! :D

I did have one I removed right as 7 days hit, that would make sense. I wish there was a way to turn yourself off on SteemAuto

it's a conspiracy . I have a self vote too. But it's not a -1. LOL, -1
anyway time to ooohhh before I forget

Why don't you Iron a four leaf clover

Because you don't want to press you luck

Happy St. Paddy's Day

lol good one :D

You are on a role dear ! Congrats

Maybe you flagged yourself?

Maybe. It would be like me to do something silly like that on accident. That is most logical answer.

I self vote myself all the time. Then I go back and undo it when I see it. There should be a bell or something. A warning, “WARNING YOU JUST SELF VOTED - YES , NO”

The pressure is just to much. I have it on good authority that some of the Engagement League is in therapy. Yea no kidding. In therapy eating tofu.

I can’t say who but they have an alt account and all it does is self vote. Keep that between us. Ssssshhhh

I am going to go and self vote YEA. !!!!!!!!!!! @abh12345 are you with me

Another great week for the "CEL Team" @abh12345. I liked the little “Engage” video clip. Nice touch!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners. Very nice of @janson and @melinda010100 to support some new names atop the “Leader Board!” Definitely a classy “lead by example” move! 👍

As committed, the 1 SBI prize for the "ohhh so close, but not quite" award (might need to start calling it the “hot pink” award … 😉) to @bengy has been sent. For the second time … 😉 Right there, but not quite “across the line” into the Top 10 for my fellow PIFC community team mate …

Off we go into a new week!

Cheers @roleerob, and thanks for sponsoring a number - I thought I had it for a moment and just needed @bengy to work a bit harder!

Well @abh12345, as the "master number cruncher," I guess you can "dial it in" at any time, depending on what the numbers indicate is necessary. And what time you have available to "kick it up" a notch, if needed. Probably "coasting" a bit wouldn't be as taxing ... 😊

Ha ha... It appears that I worked just enough! Now, the mind games begin for the next round... Will I be working harder or less? Will you be doing more or less?

Howdy sir roleerob! thank you so much for the kinds words, God bless you sir!

What a nice thing to say @roleerob! Thank you!

The hot pink award is a great name for your SBI award!

You're most welcome @melinda010100! Nice to celebrate the "good guys" on Steem, as God knows there are plenty of the others who really aren't contributing much (from my perspective) positive at all ...

Thanks for the share! I'm loving the hot pink colour!

Happy to do it @bengy! We'll have to see if @abh12345 sticks with this color scheme or decides to "redecorate" at some point ... 😉

For now, hot pink it is!

Howdy @abh12345. Quick question for you on this ...

"This Post will be promoted with @ocdb."

... as I respect your opinion. Given the various options we have for post promotions, have you written anything on how / why you selected this one?

Dang if I wasn't so busy with my exams and hospital work I could've been on that list. ._. sad that this is how my activity dropped so bad on the blockchain.

Don't worry, you have a very good excuse! Good luck with the exams :)

These things do happen....and exams are more important....hope to see you around next week....Steem on

Posted using Partiko Android

Maybe not next week but more likely next month, will be looking forward to it and thanks :D

You are always welcome......love to see you around.....Steem on...and all the best with your exams

Posted using Partiko Android

Good luck with your exams. We will always be here. Its not sad because you are still here. Life has its priorities. We just want to know how you did :)

Thanks for the encouragement. Will be more active on the blockchain by next month :D

Yes and you can tell us how great you did on your exams

Congrats to all the winners. I did not expect to see myself even higher up the list. Maybe I will try to crack 6000 points one week. Very tough. Keep up the engagement everyone.

Posted using Partiko Android

Making good progress I see, thanks for checking in 😁

Now, I'm happy to be back in the league....
Congratulations to all the winners, but sit tight because you have a new challenge already.... Smile

Sounds like you have plans this week, good luck!

I really do,i used to be one of the toughest challenger before I went on a short break. I'm back to take my place.

Congratulations @tattodjay 😉 @brittandjosie @erikah and all top engagers 😉 what a colourful table we have here @abh12345, i like that bright yellow and purple one 😁

Anyway... I saw a spammy bot on the list under @kaerpediem, it just inspired me to try a copy paste comments 😂😂😂 too (but I don't think I could, because it will be so boring😆) ..thanks for the prize and have a wonderful week everyone 😉

Thanks for not copy/pasta-ing and well done on your placing this week!!

Thank you @cicisaja, congratulations to you too!

I had made a deal with myself not to check the list anymore, because seeing myself somewhere halfway every week really demotivated me.
But... I couldn't help myself... and I'm glad I did.
It has been a while since I landed in the top 20, and now I feel all motivated again for the following week :0)

@cicisaja, this was a close one. I'm coming for you...


Lol, is this you typing on a keyboard?

I think it's more like @janton, typing on his virtual, invisible keyboard, lol. With the speed of light :0)

Oh no! The list isn't supposed to demotivate!

Well done for making the top 20!

Lol - it's not the list, it's me :0)
I explained to apolymask earlier this week: it's a bad habit of mine to set the standards for myself so high that it is impossible to live up to them.
And if I can't live up to them, I feel like a failure. Pretty demotivating.

But, I'm learning... if you would have told me 2 years ago i would be happy to be in 16th spot, I wouldn't have believed you, lol. But today I am :0) So there's progress...

Well I'm glad you are happy with 16th. It's good to set a good standard for yourself, as long as you can forgive and move on when they are not quite me. Plenty of other opportunities :)

Being happy is one thing, being satisfied another, lol. I'm not settling for 16th - I'm just glad I went up the list instead of down. The only thing I gave up on is that 1st spot... as long as @janton is around, that's an absolute no-go... even if I would comment and reply all day long, I'd still not be able to come even close :0)

Howdy simplymike! Hey I'm stepping back from the League for awhile so now you can target tattoodjay. Congratulations on your placing too!

Hey @janton. Long time no read. It's pprobably hard to believe, but it's true: it took me until earlier today to find out you were not on the list this week. I'm so used to seeing your name in the top spot that I don't even look anymore. Shame on me :0)

How come you're stepping back?
(Tired of kicking everyone's ass?? - just kidding)

Posted using Partiko Android

haha! Howdy simplymike! good to hear from you. Well, it has to do with my addiction to Steemit. Mrs. J basically gave me the option of cutting back or cutting it out totally. lol. And we both know that I'm somewhat addicted to it and we both know that unless I break away from the League for at least awhile, I wouldn't be able to keep from jumping in, I had to make a clean break at least temporarily.

We have lots of work to do on our property and I didn't do much work on it last summer because of steemit so she wasn't going to let that happen again and I agree, that wasn't fair to her for me to be ditching my responsibilities and repair and maintenance work.
haha! that's funny that you just assumed I would be on top of the list. lol. I'm still doing tons of commenting, it''s just different times like the middle of the night! But I AM cutting back some.

Last weeks one-two are taking a break but kindly contributing a lucky number prize, the door is wide open! :D

Even then.. I'm not even sure top 10 will be doable, but I guess there's only one way to find out ;0)

Posted using Partiko Android

Congratulations to @tattoodjay @@@brittandjosie and @erikah for taking the top three spots this week!

And for everyone else that makes this place rock! Thank you to @abh12345 for hosting this awesome contest!

Steem on, everyone!

Thank you @dswigle, and well done for your top 10 finish!

If not for your hard work, none of this would happen! Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀

I guess not :) With the support I have been so lucky to have though, and the engagement it gives me and hopefully many of the accounts here, it's certainly worth the time. Thank you!

I have had a moment and flung an SBI share or two @wolfhart and a couple of consolation ones out there!

Thanks @meesterboom, much appreciated random sponsoring going on! :D

Amma random sponsoring sumbitch! :0D

I am currently in the bitter North of Scotland, I shall sort out Mr wolfheart this evening!!!

It's 24 degrees here, feels hotter in the sun!

Cheers b00m!

Dammit!! It's single figures here!!!

Screw that, i'm off to the beer garden with my stupid hat to nail some Guinness! :D

Hahaha!! I love them stupid hats! I have a cracking one that I bring our for Paddy's Day!!

This one is a shocker but will be used as a prop for a shit-post later today I reckon :D

Lolz, if it's shit post fodder then it has to be good!

Was thinking of just a title and a photo of me in a hat. Can't bring myself to it though!

Thanks to @esteemapp for sponsoring the EL League! You guys are the best!

And thanks to @abh12345 for all the work you do and for being the encouragement we all need to be a little more active than we might have been if we didn't have you!

Congrats to @tattoodjay on your win this week and on your SBI share from @janton!

@brittandjosie! 2nd place! Yay! You rock! I'm sending your SBI share now!

@erikah - Congrats on taking 3rd -well done!

And congrats to @veryspider, @chireerocks, @dswigle, @newageinv, @steemflow, @paulag, and @bengy for being in the green! Great numbers this week!

Everyone who is on this list is pretty darn amazing and I love engaging with all of you!

Thank you so much and have a great time ahead.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hope you have a great week, too!

Thank you so much and you too.

Thanks! It was nice to just scrape in this week!

Nicely done! And well deserved!

Thank you Melinda, I'm waiting for you to come back.

Thanks for that! I'm still engaged, just at a bit slower pace and off the list for now!

Thanks and yes!!! Everyone is so engaging! :)

Congrats to you! Even with your busy week you did great!

Much better than I thought I would! This week will be busier! Several double work days. Work + volunteer evening. But... we'll muddle through! Hope you have a fabulous week!

Thanks @melinda010100!

For the kind words to me, our sponsors, and for sponsoring a number yourself. Happy to have you engaging here on Steem!

Congrats to everyone on the list engagement is what makes steemit the wonderful place it is

Thanks @abh12345 for putting this all together

Howdy JJ! Congratulations on the stellar week and taking the top prize!
An sbi share has been sent.

Thanks for the share Mate, and of course I also have to thank you for taking a break this week its the only way anyone can replace you in the number one spot :)

Howdy JJ! You're very welcome and I wouldn't say my leaving is the only way to win because you were right up there, great job!

HI Mate, I was surprised to make number 1 I had a lot of time this week sitting waiting for meetings to start etc so was a little higher than normal :)
have a great week ahead

Howdy again JJ! you too sir, have a wonderful week and I'll do the same!

Let’s both to our best 😎👍😎

My pleasure, and congratulations champ!

Thanks KIndly Cheers

Ouups! I saw my down fall coming. I was less active compared to normal and had some challenges with electricity and internet connectivity. Hopefully, I will bounce back into top 10.

I think I had the same prize equivalent compared to when I'm 8th anyways but I gonna work hard to get back to glory next week.

Edit: congratulations 🎉 to all those who made it to top 10, most especially the acting champion @tattoodjay

Thank you for the Stats @abh12345

Cheers! 🍻

Well you landed on lucky number 13 and so a good result prize-wise even if your score wasn't up to usual standard. No power will certainly not help, cheers!

Yeah, absolutely! 🍻

Posted using Partiko Android

@tattoodjay, @brittandjosie, @erikah, @veryspider, @chireerocks, @dswigle, @newageinv, @steemflow, @paulag, and @bengy

Congratulation to the top 10 engagers also to all who are on the list, great engaging

Congrats to you with that lovely springtime green color! Great engagement and congrats on your @meesterboom SBI shares!

Yes and I had a self vote. Most likely on a comment that was to go to the replied. Sometime i make the mistake and reply to myself.
Very nice of @meesterboom and the other sponsors. Very nice 👍

I have had unintended self votes, too. Voting is a good habit to have! For me it's those late evenings when I am tired and silly thing occur!

I don’t like the way steemit lays out its replies. Its to close to the comment I sometimes I make the mistake and self vote. I catch it most of the time and I missed one this time

I have that problem with esteemapp v2 if I'm on my phone. I used the old app for so long that I am still having difficulty adjusting to the new one. I have found myself voting people's comments when I intended to vote the post.

I am still trying to download esteemapp on my computer. You would think there would be one button to click but no there is like 15 links to choose from.

Layout is so important. They think everyone speaks computer.

Ha, I know! If you have Windows choose the .exe link for Surfer. My kid taught me that, and I've always remembered. It's been a helpful thing to know. Always pick the one that ends in .exe. Don't ask me why! But if you have trouble with it just ask and I'll help get you some answers! It is worth the effort. You will love it!

Many thanks, same to you too.

Thank you so much and stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

I try every day. and every day it gets easier 👍

Good to know that and wish that more ease will come towards you. Enjoy. 👍

Thanks! I hope everything is going okay with you! Haven't had time to keep up with everyone...

I am doing good. 👍 thank you for asking

Thank you so much!! Steemit and its people are so addicting!

!tip 🍀

yes they are. and the engagement people are like a big family.

🎁 Hi @wolfhart! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Oh! To Be Irish And Dream! Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Well done 👍 with the engagements.

Wow! I'm in the green! Lucky that @abh12345 doesn't qualify for the prize placings! I'm loving my pink livery...

Congrats to everyone on a great engagement week... Now that the price of Steem is rising I guess the competition is going to be heating up...

Oh, my name appeared a few times... I almost sent the SBI to the wrong person! However, I'm registering a share for @kaerpediem!

Yes I feel hard done by this week, it seems I needed to do a little worse to claim a prize!

Thank you for sponsoring a number @bengy and well done on sneaking another prize again this week :)

Earning.. You meant earning another prize!

Yes, of course :D

Thanks @abh12345 for adding me and putting together the stats. I entered the league on 62nd place with 3564 points I see. Not bad as a start I guess 😀

Posted using Partiko iOS

Gotta start somewhere and something to build on now, good luck :)

Agreed. Thanks!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Congrats to the winners @tattoodjay and the rest of the winners in the league. Sorry if youve been doing this for a while and just havent noticed, but loving the expanded list. When Im just outside the top, but close it usually motivates me for a week or two to push and make it in the top.

Love seeing names I recognize in the top getting the recognition they deserve and as always thanks abh12345 for keeping this post going week to week and the awesosme rewards to keep people pushing on steem.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah the top 100 of both lists has been around a while, this week they weren't loading for me fully on the phone and so I'm not sure if anyone else has had these issues in the past.

Thanks for the support and words of encouragement :D

It was probably just my fault. In the past if I wasn't getting paid I wasn't paying much attention. Haha.

@abh12345, When i fall in the journey of Steem then i explore my numbers in this Engagement League to boost myself. Keep up brother.

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm glad the Leagues have given you a boost this week @chireerocks, congratulations on your placing and thank you for the Resteem!

Welcome brother and have a blessful time ahead.

Thanks for the STEEM, I've sent it to SBI to help us both ahead, like a few of the previous times I won :D It remains a highlight for me to see how active some people are - building relationships.

Have I been missing updates from you? Still in Valencia?

Aww thanks! :D

You've not missed any updates, I'm back in Mallorca and feeling a bit too grumpy to talk about it - hence all the data posts and not much personal stuff recently. Not sure what will happen next, I'll just be Steeming on in the meantime :)

;-) I can imagine, I won't push for details. You'll write about it when it's a bit more sunny in your head again :-) Or do a grumpy post, you know we love them :D

But damn that sucks. They really screwed you there.

Unfortunelly there are not Italian Steemians in the Engagement Table (only @amico).
Instead there are a lot of us in the second table, Curation one. We have to work hard!!!
Thank you Asher!

Posted using Partiko Android

Give them all a kick up the backside for me @moncia90 :D

I will do it!

Posted using Partiko Android

Always a feel good factor to see my name on the list...especially when it comes to top 10 🤗... Thanks @abh12345 for the prize... And congratulation to @janton @melinda010100 @britandjosie @erikah @tottoodjay @veryspider and all the member who keep hustling and making Engagement League more interesting. ...Steem On.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you and congratulations to you too.

Thanks, my friend! It's always good to see you up in the green!

My pleasure, and thanks for being a part of the Leagues :D

It's my pleasure to feature among the Steem greats....

Posted using Partiko Android

Good morning/afternoon @abh12345. I take it from your announcement regarding a later posting next week for the leagues lists that there's some kind of news coming regarding yourself and so forth... I hope it's good news for you.

I see I maintained a Top 20 listing (barely). I can also see that janton and melinda010100 seem to be completely off the list (at least my old eyes weren't able to find them).

So, we have a different winner. Lots of comments, though, and the closest I've seen someone come to a janton score in the revamped system. The question becomes, how long can that kind of pace be sustained. I guess we shall see.

Thank you as always, Asher, for all of this. I think there are plenty of people here continually excited about engaging each week because of these lists—even those who might not have the time to work into the the Top 10.

Thanks to @esteemapp for continuing their sponsorship.

Okay, so now we have SBI for first and second?!

Let's just say, if I manage to land on any of those numbers currently receiving SBI, I'd really rather the SBI be given to the next person down, or whatever. I think I still have one another person gave me, and surely someone else can use them and appreciate them more than me. :)

Congratulations to everyone for their placements. Well done.

Onward and upward.

Hi Glen

Well spotted, and yes I think it's good news - not a job but something to make coming back to Mallorca a bit more interesting, for a weekend at least.

The SBI's for 1st and 2nd were picked by janton and melinda010100 who have also both decided to take a break.

I enjoy hearing from the people 'just checking in', even if they know their name is unlikely to be in the top ranks - almost like they are looking for new blood to engage with :)

The SBI's are out of my control, and so I guess you'll have to liase with the distributor if that is the case.


@abh12345. I specifically asked to be removed from the list for the time being I need to take a break from the EL for a time and it's easier to avoid the competition if my name is not included. Thanks!

re: Mallorca

Okay. Well, I'm glad to hear it's good news and look forward to reading what it might be. I might even attempt to be patient about it. I think there's an obvious guess based on your answer, but I will refrain for now. :)

re: break

Did they just not show up on the list because their numbers didn't hit the top 100, or did they ask to have their names removed from the list totally? No big deal either way. Just curious, really. It's different not finding them anywhere, let alone not at the top. :)

re: SBIs

Okay. I shall get in contact with all seven. :)

I'll write about it, perhaps on Friday morning, not long to go now :)

I removed them from the processing query, in hindsight they may still want to be on the list but in standard abh12345 white - it's just a bit easier for me this way but I think I can manage to remember to do that.

@janton @melinda010100

SBI's - you should be collecting these Glen!

re: removed


re: collecting

Maybe you can fill me on what I'm missing, because maybe I don't see the full picture here. A lot of people do collect SBIs like they're beanie babies or baseball cards (STEEM Monster cards? :).

Isn't SBI STEEM's version of universal basic income, and does it not essentially come from the same source as all our rewards, and isn't it basically saying everyone regardless of who they are and what they're capable of, should get some level of support?

And aren't they, since there's more than one account, more or less vote bots? Someone else generally subscribes to them on your behalf, so that's a little different, but there's still STEEM exchanging hands for upvotes (although pretty small, at least what I seem to get) and then all those accounts, large to small, can grow via curation.

They are good if you are here for the long-term, i have not calculated how many years you would need to be here for 100 STEEM/SBI's to break even though.

Pretty much a vote bot with size based on investment - the twist being as you mentioned, that you can boost someone else's vote.

I'm not fully convinced that it is better than holding stake, earning through curation, and then one day powering down and selling.

I almost didn't recognise that table without Janton there hahaha
Congratulations to all the winners...
@brittandjosie woot!woot!! so proud of you :)

This last week has been a bad show for me on Steem but I hit my favourite number.. so hey, I'm feeling lucky .... thank you so much @bengy :D

And thank you @asher12345@abh12345 ;p

No problem! My pleasure!


Lady luck strikes again, well done!

I didn't want to say, in case I jinxed it ;p

Howdy sir Asher! Thanks for putting on this contest and for all you do to help others, you're a tremendous role model to follow. Congratulations to @tattoodjay for the stellar showing and to everyone who made it onto the charts. Also a special thanks to the sponsors including @esteemapp for their generosity!

Thank you very much @janton, for the kind words and the sponsorship of lucky/well deserved top spot!