lol that is impressive!

I think because a vote was made over 7 days ago, but removed less than 7 days ago. I normally 0 these but forgot to check this week! :D

I did have one I removed right as 7 days hit, that would make sense. I wish there was a way to turn yourself off on SteemAuto

it's a conspiracy . I have a self vote too. But it's not a -1. LOL, -1
anyway time to ooohhh before I forget

Why don't you Iron a four leaf clover

Because you don't want to press you luck

Happy St. Paddy's Day

lol good one :D

You are on a role dear ! Congrats

Maybe you flagged yourself?

Maybe. It would be like me to do something silly like that on accident. That is most logical answer.

I self vote myself all the time. Then I go back and undo it when I see it. There should be a bell or something. A warning, “WARNING YOU JUST SELF VOTED - YES , NO”

The pressure is just to much. I have it on good authority that some of the Engagement League is in therapy. Yea no kidding. In therapy eating tofu.

I can’t say who but they have an alt account and all it does is self vote. Keep that between us. Ssssshhhh

I am going to go and self vote YEA. !!!!!!!!!!! @abh12345 are you with me

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