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RE: 🏆 The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

in #engagement4 years ago

Another great week for the "CEL Team" @abh12345. I liked the little “Engage” video clip. Nice touch!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners. Very nice of @janson and @melinda010100 to support some new names atop the “Leader Board!” Definitely a classy “lead by example” move! 👍

As committed, the 1 SBI prize for the "ohhh so close, but not quite" award (might need to start calling it the “hot pink” award … 😉) to @bengy has been sent. For the second time … 😉 Right there, but not quite “across the line” into the Top 10 for my fellow PIFC community team mate …

Off we go into a new week!


Cheers @roleerob, and thanks for sponsoring a number - I thought I had it for a moment and just needed @bengy to work a bit harder!

Well @abh12345, as the "master number cruncher," I guess you can "dial it in" at any time, depending on what the numbers indicate is necessary. And what time you have available to "kick it up" a notch, if needed. Probably "coasting" a bit wouldn't be as taxing ... 😊

Ha ha... It appears that I worked just enough! Now, the mind games begin for the next round... Will I be working harder or less? Will you be doing more or less?

Howdy sir roleerob! thank you so much for the kinds words, God bless you sir!

What a nice thing to say @roleerob! Thank you!

The hot pink award is a great name for your SBI award!

You're most welcome @melinda010100! Nice to celebrate the "good guys" on Steem, as God knows there are plenty of the others who really aren't contributing much (from my perspective) positive at all ...

Thanks for the share! I'm loving the hot pink colour!

Happy to do it @bengy! We'll have to see if @abh12345 sticks with this color scheme or decides to "redecorate" at some point ... 😉

For now, hot pink it is!

Howdy @abh12345. Quick question for you on this ...

"This Post will be promoted with @ocdb."

... as I respect your opinion. Given the various options we have for post promotions, have you written anything on how / why you selected this one?

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