Life In The Sea ( And In The Big World) by Endija

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Its been a while since I wrote something here. Autumn has came, weather have become more enjoyable for me and more things are happening.


For a good few days I have been thinking about my exhibition I had in August, what it means to me. I always say - pick the favourite drawing would be the same as name your favourite child. It is impossible. This particular exhibition artwork is not my favourite, because all of them are equal to me. But! This one means the most to me as an artist. I still keep looking at this and have the same feeling I had when I drew it.


Whale here is me, my ppersonality. Why? Oh, I can say for sure not from its real meaning. For me it means freedom I reach for in life as an artist. Water splash is more like everything I have done and do in life. Once I will get where I want to be, I believe this is how that feeling would look like.


Oh, you might ask about ballerinas there. For me they mean balance. Sea is not just like life only one straight line. It has a lot of ups and downs. But always have to have that balance not to have head in the clouds or feel depressed about situations, never giving up. Being calm even if waves are getting too strong or everything happens all in the same time. Octopus legs here means climb. The place where actually can get that balance, when you are in that mindset and nothing can stop you.

IMG_20180802_120440 (1).jpg

Maybe not all and probably won't see the same meaning as I do, but, most importantly, we all know our meanings and what it means to us. I believe that is the magic behind each drawing an artist makes. Everyone feels differently about it. You never know.


Also, this drawing is some kind of recovery for me, when I look at It when I have lost my balance. Sometimes it really happens. Looking at it always helps reminding me from where I came from and how far I have become.


Thank you so much for taking your time and reading what I had to say! It is the most beautiful feeling to know that someone enjoys and are interested in what I am doing!

Thank you! And I hope you have a wonderful day!

With love,


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This speaks volume. I’ll totally buy this painting if I can!! Can I??

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This is huge compliment, thanks a lot!! If you really want to buy it, yes, you can!! Of course! Message me here: [email protected]

Such a quality art right here. It feels the connection between you and your emotions/art is so pure yet so strong. I guess it is due to all the thoughts, mind and feelings you have connected to this. When the masses come to Steemit, you should be a top author.

Thank you! That is how I always have felt about art - it have to be connected with its author.
Ha, ha, it is such a big compliment, but it is only in my dreams! Thank you so much!

Excellent work of art! Yoi are right that every artist shows his own magic, feelings or toughts throught their paintings... And what you descriebed about the balerinas as a balance, and as a way to feel good no matter the life circumstances, liked me a lot :) Have a nice evening and I wish to see more of your work :)

Thank you so, so much for your kind words! Means so much to me!! You just made my day, I can not thank you enough!!

You are welcome! :) Have a great day!!!

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