Sigil To Nullify 5G, As Above So Below

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Sigil: 5G is nullified, as above, so below

Here's the original Sigil Drawing...

Reduced to this image...I decided to make it within a circle because the circle represents Nature, rather than a square - because of the negative connotation of the hypercube that the square has - being that there are no true squares in Nature. Squares are more about "man" -and man has caused this problem. Binding the 5G within a circle, visually nullifies it.

Next, I added in the imagery.

Final before color is added...

Here's the Sigil from 9 months ago to ask the Nature Spirits of the Air, called Sylph's to aid with 5G...

Below are instructions to activate this Sigil for yourself. The more people that use a Sigil, the more powerful it becomes.

What Is A Sigil?

In this previous post, it also talks about a tried and true way to contact the Nature Spirits for help. They are just waiting for us to ASK them for help...

Previous Posts


Hey thanx for this one @in2itiveart, we so much need it.
Can we take a print of this one or do we need to make our own Sigil with the intention?
Can you give me a Sigil for Good Health please.

yes print it or copy it, as you prefer... when you order, just give me your positive statement of intention - "I radiate optimal health" is one - if you don't wish to buy one from me, I have made that sigil already - print it or copy it... and color it in - which will activate it. Here's another one I did for health you can use...

Yes I would like to buy it my dear. Right Energy exchange is necessary in these things. I will check it out and order it. Just one thing, Is it that I can use 1 Sigil only for 1 person or I can also use it for the family.Many thanx

You can use it for the family if they give you permission to do so but never violate other's free will... - and it will work best for all of you if you all activate it - ie - copy it, color it in - etc - make a family project out of it - hang up everyone's colorings of it... each individual person activates it and then as a group...hang up around the house - each person' can use the free ones I offered - or you can get a specific one for you and if you give me each person's name I will include that in the drawing.

My dear I have done the payment and sent you the details, please let me know if you would need any other additional information

thanks - I will get to you in a few days

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thankyou so much!!!