How To Make A Sigil- A Positive Statement Of Intention that Speaks to Your Subconscious Mind and Works!

in esoteric •  5 months ago 

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Oh man I feel so bad that I can’t up vote this post anymore thank you for sharing this!

use it!!!

Hi. Should I just intuitively pick which letters to use or is there a process for determining that?

You create a positive statement of intention of your own- then use the letters of it to make your symbol

I understood that part but it seems that you only used some of the letters from the statement, not all of them. So, I was wondering what method you use for choosing the letters to use.

all the letters as they appear one time... you see if the letter appears once then it appears over and over in the same place. The subconscious does not need more than the letters appearing once, to capture the symbol of the statement.