Tomorrow...I Will Open A 4-Point Coning with The Sylphs, and Others About 5G

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this is sigil states: I am making contact with the Sylphs to help me with 5G

Steemians! I am so happy to have gained access to this knowledge! I am free regardless if most of the world is going willingly to the slaughter, because I have access to the 4th dimensional realm, and they are eager to help us - but because of FREE WILL they have to wait for us to ask them for help in co-creation! This is the time, however - because so many things are happening that are destroying our gracious mother home planet that it seems we can do nothing about - but we can - as long as we are willing to ask them to join us ... and help us ...

What is a 4-Point Coning?

Machealle Small Wright, in her book, The Perelandra Workbook II, discribes a 4-Point coning as a way to gather all the Nature Spirits together for whatever project you are working on - ie: Pan, The Deva of the Project, Your Higher Self, The Ascended Masters, etc and ask them to be present in the Coning - a vortex of power...

Here is a pdf document describing how to open a coning:

and using Kinesiology, you can affirm that they are there and also ask them questions about what you are supposed to do - Yes or No questions, affirmed by the Muscle Testing:

Here's how:

My intuition is strong, so I don't always have to use the muscle testing, but it is good in case I have an agenda, then I can over-ride that answer with muscle-testing.

After I open the coning, I will tell them that I am going into a house tomorrow to work, where 5G Internet is activated. I will ask them to co-create with me, an end to that 5G and all other 5G, for that matter.

Every week I go there and I get radiation sickness from being in that house. I am using ETS Flower Essences from Perelandra, LTD, to counteract the radiation, as well as carrying rocks in my pocket - Shundite and Tourmaline - but I also want 5G to be dismantled, disbanded, and destroyed rather than implemented.

I believe that as one single person, disunited from my fellows who want 5G gone, there MUST be something I can do as one person - I believe that Nature does not want 5G. And I am coming to believe that Nature needs us to co-create WITH Nature to put a stop to what the el-ite agenda is pushing.

Shit...tonite, I was watching "Chuck" Season 1, again - and while Chuck was absorbing the information from the Intersect - one of the fragments of recorded information was "Denver International Airport is at the 4th Level" - that right there is evidence of the el-ites -who own the media - telling us what they are doing through tell-lie-vision programming...and in this case the lie they are telling us is that this is entertainment. No - it's REAL. Chuck was aired in 2007-2012.

I am going to use this modified Sigil that I made a couple of days ago for geo-engineering, which I used today for Chemtrails - activated it in the air - see this article which confirms this...

And then I am going to see what the Nature Spirits do about 5G.

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You could implore someone else to solve it for you... or you could just solve it directly with a little work:

Thank you for sharing this with me - and I am glad that this paint "works" for you - but how is it protecting birds? Animals? trees? yes, this paint might protect someone from 5G - i don't own my own house - so I can't paint my way out of this mess - personally. Instead i have loftier goals - to get rid of it all together...

Good intent.

How do you intend to pay the Sylph for their effort? I am wary of people who seek free things from others.

Sylphs are the Nature Spirits which rule the Air. They want to co-create with us but we have Free Will, hence they patiently await us asking for their help. It's a win-win. if they help us to restore earth to a non-polluted place to live - clean and clear for all sentient beings, we will all win - they do need us to cooperate. Pan is the overlord of the Nature Spirits - He also wants to see a time when we all are co-operating and living peacefully together on earth. He also awaits patiently for humans to ask to co-create with Him. Our Higher Selves also want to co-create and cooperate with Nature Spirits.

Some books I might recommend - Findhorn Garden and also all the books available from Perelandra - - Nature gives freely to us - there is no "payment" in terms of paper fake proxy mon-eye - this is a real exchange of current- see - in which we all work together for the Highest Good of All, so that we all may live and let live.

The monetary system is one that was imposed on us by our ancestral interference - the "annunaki" they are called by some. It is not part of Natural Law on earth.

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