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ecoTrain QOTW: This week we had two questions relating to respect. The question was:

"How do you command (not demand) the respect of your friends and peers?"


"What does respect mean to you, who do you respect and why, and how do you demonstrate it?"

We had an incredible response, almost too much for one man to curate! The posts were all so good, and varied.. I surely got an education reading them. Thank you all for taking part this week!


The word RESPECT is a subjective topic and different people can have different perspectives to it.

Here is what I think - Respect is when you respect someone for their character not for their status which can include money & Fame. I see lots of people respecting rich people even when they are nowhere respectable as per their character.


Hello friends, how are you? Of course you are very good and have always been good and healthy these prayers and wish to you... today i want to go answer this really beautiful question . I am presenting this video to you. I hope you will like some words on this videos.


@ecotrain has come up with yet another thoughtful question and this week it is all about RESPECT

For me the word RESPECT has multiple branches. Starting first with my own-self. My own self-respect. Outside influences do hamper our life to an extent but if the Inside is only not sorted and weak then I believe the outside influences can bring me down within seconds.


Respecting Great Achievements

Sure, if someone has completed some amazing feats, it deserves recognition. A friend of mine recently graduated from medical school. Another one got her first book published. My wife, together with the NGOs she's been working with, have accomplished what I'd always thought was utopian at best: that the Mexican immigration authorities changed their practice of detaining undocumented migrants. Incredible as it is, they managed to pull it off! (Ha, in your face, United States!) My deepest respect for that. In these cases I express it by means of an applause, a congratulation, and similar cheerful gestures. Of course I feel proud of them and share their joy of accomplishment, and telling them only adds to it.


First of all, I am going to answer a question today, and you must know who the post is, and hopefully I will discuss a good deal with you and try to highlight some good aspects.

The question was....

What does respect mean to you, who do you respect and why, and how do you demonstrate it?"

Respect is certainly a big thing in our life, in our lives, if we respect someone and respect him, then we will honor him, and of course, we will be honored by the people. I understand that to walk well with a man, respecting him means to wear a remix.

I always try to speak respectfully to him regardless of whether he is a little older, treat him well and say no to him.


I believe respect is one of the major pillar which is essential to hold the moral of the society. You will notice how respect works. The more you respect others, the more you will get in return. Also it will help you to be a good human and thus build a meaningful society.

There are so many different kind of believe, so many culture, way of life, skin color and all; if we are not respectful to others how can we hold compassion, love in our heart! Respect is what can make us humble, more human more respectful to others.


Friends, this is my answer in response to @ecotrain question of the week.

Respect is the best way to express love for someone, coming from the heart of the heart. Some people in our life have a contribution, for those whose welfare, our way is better and more beautiful. When they remember their names or their appearance in the memories of the memories, our heads are bowed down in reverence or emotion.

We are people, and we can not live alone as a human, that is why people are termed as social organisms. To run well in society or to be established, we have to take various types of education, which is to be started from our family's elderly members. In fact our primary education is the family. We are taught how to deal with others, how to respect the elderly, and how to love the little ones, and so on.


" Respect ", whenever I heard this word, it put me into deep think. I have lots of words to say but let's see how it means to me. What respect actually is??, can we define, yes we can. Respect is an evaluation which we give others, we respect elder people , we respect whom we love. Even we have self-respect which we can earn by showing others respect. Some People think only rich powerful people deserves respect but it's not true. Anyone deserves respect if they are worth it.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals;
respect for others guides our manners.”

Laurence Stone


We often hear talk about tolerance. Tolerance of different people, different cultures, different races.

“tolerance: the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.”

You tolerate something you dislike, so why would we only tolerate other people? Should we not first respect them?

I'll be honest, I'm not a very trusting person. I learnt at an early age not to trust just anyone and there are few people I would place my full trust in. If someone needs to borrow something, I first ask myself if I can afford to not have it returned. When I meet someone I don't know, I'll avoid being in a position that could put me in danger if they turn out to be hostile. I don't divulge personal information that could put me in an uncomfortable position if they didn't keep it to themselves, even with people I'd call friends.


Seeing this weeks @ecotrain question of the week initially made me think about people and whom I respect the most in life. While I have plenty of people that I greatly admire and respect, I figured I'd talk more about why I believe living a life of respect - "for all things," is so important to humankind. "What does respect mean to you, what do you respect and why, and how do you demonstrate it?"

When I stop to think about life - I can't help but think of the randomness, beauty, and pure balance that the earth and the ecosystem have given us. It's hard not to reflect in pure appreciation for the earth and all life on it. How can we possibly not respect it? Unfortunately that is what has happened for far too long. The beauty in the world is awe-inspiring. Everything has a purpose. The irony is that if humans vanished off the planet tomorrow I'm not sure the world would miss a beat. As most of us know - this gift of life we've been given along with the beautiful planet to which we're living on all too often goes unappreciated or respected.


We demand respect
We want respect
We love respect

But do we know how to "earn" it?
What makes someone respectful?
What makes me worthy of respect?

This is a very subjective matter. But a rule of thumb I follow is a quote by Coach Ken Carter from the movie "Coach Carter" (2005):

"You will have my respect, until you abuse it"

Let's dive into a cutting edge of what I believe translates to respect.


I mentioned in a previous story I posted this week that I’ve been mostly offline due to my work commitments. Since returning from Japan I’ve become a lead staff member working for a young disabled man who has Down Syndrome and extreme Autism and requires a ‘Personal Assistant’ 24 hours a day to help live independently.

Since I started working with him over the last six months, I’ve learned a lot about respect, and how some sections of the community struggle to receive it. I’ve realised that like with many aspects of my life, I am quite blessed and privileged. So this is something I can no longer take for granted.

My client, despite his disabilities, is actually exceptionally intelligent. And albeit he is non-verbal, he is able to communicate articulately with the assistance of a special device (which I’ve also taken the time and effort to learn how to facilitate for him).


Respect is a funny thing. It is essentially missing from our society and we hardly realize it. Do our politicians respect us when they claim to represent us? Do the companies that force themselves into our conciousness through advertising and media respect us when they put profit over everything? Do our neighbors respect us when they refuse to have a peaceful conversation and instead insist on trying to change our ideas? Do our parents and teachers respect us when they force us to sit in a chair during the time of life we feel most compelled to move and explore? Do our friends and neighbors respect us when they expect us to be something we are not?


"I don't want you to do that Thai respect 'thing' to me - I'm your MOTHER!" Possibly the most culturally inappropriate thing a mother living in Thailand and raising a half-Thai child here can shriek. But I (deep sigh) am guilty of having shrieked it more than once Well, maybe not quite shrieked, but I may have uttered it forcefully from a place of frustration and feeling misunderstood. I want my daughter to honour me because she chooses to and loves me, not because it is expected and everyone else is sdoing it.

Before you ARRIVE in Thailand, the guidebooks and websites will start telling you all the "Respect" rules. How you have to "Wai" (think the Namaste hand thing) and how many levels of 'respect' even the simple "wai" has, depending on who wais to whom.


There are many things which you give or share to others but never get back. However, there are still Two things which if you give to others , you will get back more for sure. Love & Respect the bonds that binds humanity with a stronger thread. Infact it is Respect only which could makes our world a better place. Because Love also exist when there is Respect for each other.


I feel the basis of respect is in respecting yourself, who you are, your abilities and character.

Wonderful if we can pick this up at an early age within a nurturing environment.

I have a cautionary tale for parents or caregivers in regards to respecting your child's abilities.

It was a sad case of a child who's mother believed she couldn't do anything and the child grew up with learned helplessness.

This can be applied to yourself - you may be far more capable than you think!

Stretch yourself every once in awhile. This helps you grow and with your new success comes confidence.
It's this confidence and courage that will be what often commands respect.
Folks will start to look up to you more for you did it!


What respect means to me

Everyone would like to be respected, feel respected. But what does it mean to be respected? Is it that your children listen to you when you tell them something? That they do what you ask them to do? Or does it mean that others (adults) take you seriously? To me, the answer to that is both yes and no.

In regards to my kids, I feel that it shows respect when they look at me when I speak to them. However, it goes both ways. I need to look and listen too when they try to tell me something. As for 'doing as they're asked to do' it's a bit different. We all share this home, we live here together and together we are responsible for the household running well, care for the animals, etc


There are times in our lives where we are expected to show respect to others, be it because of their position, their age or their life experience. Yet should we just show those people respect, just because it is expected of us. Indeed are we really even truly respecting some one, if we only do it out of duty. Is it even possible to show respect to someone, if they do not first show respect to you.

What even is respect, if we look online we see that respect is a deep feeling of admiration for someone or something brought on because of their actions, their achievements. It also talks about having due regard for someone's feelings, wishes and rights.

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Serious Kudos to you @eco-alex for reading them all - I felt and shared that one and can also attest to the education I got form such an amazing challenge response. Impressed and I feel richer for having been part of this journey. Consider yourself respected. And appreciated.

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