The Medicinal Cooking Collective Recipe Book #3: The Stomach & Spleen / Earth Element

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This third week draws to close with 8 of us participating and sharing our very yellow and sweet dishes. This collective is focused around the Chinese 5 element theory. We can treat and improve certain organs of the body by eating certain foods. According to this theory the five elements of Fire (火) Metal (金) Wood (木) Water (水) Earth (土) represent the five major organs - The kidneys, the Liver, the Heart, the Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas and the Lungs.

This week we have focused on the stomach and spleen by cooking foods that are yellow in colour and and are sweet, thereby supporting the stomach and good immunity and overall health. Ultimately good health comes with a balanced diet, so we should try to eat things that include many of the dishes and ingredients that we have used throughout this challenge. Nevertheless, it is very useful to have an awareness of what foods are good for what organs, as we can focus a bit on them when we are out of balance or in bad health.

It's also worth mentioning that a happy stomach also comes with eating slowly, not over eating, not eating just before bed and drinking plenty of water. The spleen is not well understood by most people, and its main role is in filtering the blood and improving immunity. It is a key organ to a strong immune system and will respond to eating the type of foods suggested in this challenge. It also really helps to eat slowly to help the spleen. Pumpkin is especially good for the spleen, and so it was good to see so many pumpkin recipes!

The medicinal ingredients that we could have used include

All sweet and starchy foods, root vegetables and very sweet soft fruits. Other Earth foods are millet, barley, rye, natural sugar, corn, oats, slow cooked onion, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet apples, sweet cherries, dates, grapes, peaches, carrots, cabbage, potato, sweet potato, bananas and plantains, yam, okra, taro, beets, button and chantarelle mushrooms and other fungus, winter and summer squash, cucumbers, almond, coconut and other tropical fruits like papayas, cherimoyas and mangoes are all earth foods. So are the pulses - lentils and dried peas, peanuts along with syrupy sweets such as maple syrup, agave syrup, molasses, rice syrup and barley syrup, pumpkin, butternut squash and yellow peppers!

I really hope you enjoy checking out these great recipe posts, and please be sure to let us know if you try any of them out!

Stomach / Spleen - Earth Element Photo Pile

Week 3: Yellow / Stomach/ Spleen Recipes




Thai Pumpkin-Ginger Yellow Curry, with Okra & Mushrooms


Yellow Pepper Salad


Carrot ginger Soup


Pumpkin Soup and Mango Smoothies


Auyama cream with turmeric and mango juice with carrot


Pumpkin Curry & Brown Turmeric Rice


Lemon Ginger Turmeric Ice Tea

This has been a great success, and I am very happy to be learning and helping to spread such great medicinal foods and ideas.

I will post tomorrow about next weeks theme for week 4 of this collective challenge!
Wishing you a happy and healthy day!

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OMGosh!!! WHAT A grand collection of healthy meals!
I especially like the Lemon Ginger Turmeric Ice Tea recipe/post! In my recent health quest, this is one I will be adding to sample here on the homestead.


happy to see you here! yes a really nice selection of very yellow dishes ;-) thanks!

Another wonderful round many delicious and super healthy recipes. WELL DONE EVERYONE! I am happy to be part of it and I look forward the next week 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇


it was! pumpkin was definately a theme this week.. but your fluorescent hummus ill not forget! Tomorrow ill post for next weeks element.. <3

This is such an inspired collection of healthy meals. With ingredients like ginger, turmeric and curry I want to taste them all! I'll be working on recreating some of these recipes in my own kitchen soon. Yum!


thanks! ive done a few.. so far Very tasty! thanks for taking part!

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I am soooo inspired to get back in my kitchen when my cast is off! Lovely collection and some ideas-flavours that I don't use or choose often but which intrigue me. Dare I say a golden post? :)

everything look so yummy! great ingo, thank you!