Join Us For the ecoTrain Question Of The Week - Why do you think there is so much hate and anger toward Vegans, and why are those who eat meat and dairy so threatened by the notion of giving it up?

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This weeks question is one that is close to my heart. Sometimes the opinions of the majority perplex me and I am left wondering how and why people feel they way they do. The topic this week is Veganism, and in particular what I can only call Vegan Bashing, and the very prevalent criticisms against those that choose the vegan path. There are quite a few things that arise from this weeks question and I look forward to reading your responses and opinions about it! Personally speaking I cannot understand how people who do eat meat can ignore the mass torture of animals so that they can satisfy their tongue. I can not understand why people would not spend $1 more on free range eggs to allow chickens to live a vastly improved life. I cannot understand why people will refuse to eat a meal without some meat in it! So, i'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!



Why do you think there is so much hate and anger toward Vegans, and why are those who eat meat so threatened by the notion of giving it up?

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I look forward to read your answers on this one!




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Oh My.... that should create some discussion and furious posting!! Do you keep these kinda questions up your sleeve for when the steem price bottoms and engagement is low?? haha... I shall ponder.


Haha good one! Yes ponder away its a loaded question!


Pondered over coffee. An authorial plan is being formed.... haha.... :) Sending love to the earthship karuna. x

Ohhh man this is an interesting question, I have been thinking about this since I joined the vegan side, now almost two years. I wonder if two years of thinking is enough to answer this question :D