EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #6

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Post # 75

Congratulations to the week 5 winner :-)

1# Place @niko3d
2# Place N/A
3# Place N/A

Monthly Grand Prize of 150 PB tokens goes to @niko3d for his outstanding work on Contest #5. Go visit his link and give it some love :-) https://steemit.com/easydex/@niko3d/easydex-photography-challenge-post-5-niko3d-entry Once you see his work you'll understand why :-)

Please DM me your bts username on https://discord.gg/ZDKbeK to collect your prizes :-)


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Hi Steemers,

Original @Boyerobert here.

Introducing contest #6, brought to you by the #EasyDex family. We love to encourage creativity in our community whether it be writing, music or in this case, the medium of #photography. Without any further delay, this week’s challenge.

This week’s challenge we will be stepping down our photography game (simpler) . Due to the complexity of contest #5 and the lack of participation, it would appear as great as the idea was, it might of been outside most average skill sets.


This weeks challenge is all about one thing “Your Favourite Thing". What do you do in your past time. What makes you tick? Is it cooking, baking, sports, coding, photography, writing, drawing, designing, illustration, PBToken, EasyDex ;-) One catch , you knew it was coming :-) I couldn’t resist, the photo has to be black & white. Come on, its not that difficult :-)

Above is my example, a picture of my bike. In my past time one of my other loves besides photography is cycling.

If you missed the fifth EasyDex Photography Challenge Post # 5 you can review the winning photos at the link below.

Post #5 https://steemit.com/easydex/@boyerobert/easydex-photography-challenge-post-5

Post pictures were taken with my #Nikon #D850, lens 50mm f/1.4

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Weekly Prizes

  • 1st Place - 15 PBTokens
  • 2nd Place - 10 PBTokens
  • 3rd Place - 5 PBTokens

Monthly Grand Prize

  • 150 PBTokens

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Participants must quality with the following 1 time registrations at;

When creating your post you must;

  • NEW This week the contest is opened to CELL & DSLR camera's
  • Create a post on your blog with your picture in it - (Only 1 , your best shot)
  • Description of your photograph & camera settings if applicable
  • Use the same title as this post - EasyDex Photography Challenge Post # 3
  • Use the same tags to qualify -> easydex pbtoken pinkdexday bitshares photocontests


  • Upvote the contest post and add a reply comment which must include;
  • The link to your post & include your easydex/bitshare exchange user name to be able to collect your winnings

Finally, Resteem the contest post

NOTE: If you do not have a exchange feel free to create an account at our preferred EasyDex exchange https://exchange.easydex.net/welcome or BitShares https://bitshares.org/ .

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Lastly, share with friends, have fun and good luck!!


Best regards,

Feel free to follow and register below,

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I'm truly honoured to be picked for the grand prize :) there had been some amazing entries over the last 5 contests. Some amazing posts from some great people and a wonderful contest from @boyerobert keeping it interesting and fun each week.


Well deserved brother. Congratulations and enjoy. Plus mental note. PBToken is a

Image source lost108


Dude, you earned it, hard work pays off ;-)

Congratz @niko3d, and great contest this week. I'll hope to be back again to post an entry!

Contest is closed as of 4pm EST 08/12/2018


Thanks for the entry, good luck and God speed ;-)

My username harold-simbo1

Great post brother. Excellent contest. I like this one very much...my favourite things these days are PBToken. Hmmm gotta see how I’m going to take a picture of them. Good luck. Thank you


Thanks bro, trying to get some traction on the contest....

Hi @boyerobert
I thought I'd share my favourite song writing partner with you all this week.


Bitshares name - darren-claxton

Thanks again for organising this contest and well done to our friend @niko3d for his epic photography skills.


Thanks bud, happy to see you participating :-) & Good luck!!!

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Thanks for the entry, and good luck!!!

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