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Hey all

Its week 5 of the amazing contest hosted by @boyerobert. The EasyDex Photography challenge Our topic this week is light painting.


My entry is from a fun series of light painting photos I did a while back. I specifically bought duck eggs for this photo. Reasoning for this is simple.

Duck eggs are white and have super translucency so light painting with it made complete sense.

Entry Image, The spirit of the Egg


My concept behind this is image was to play with the idea of a spirit breaking free from the egg. Thus the title The Spirit of the Egg


A tripod was of course required, as well as a cheap remote shutter.
I used a small torch tied to a string to get the fluid motion, it took various takes to get the look I wanted

This is much tricker then it looks, however having a live bulb mode on your camera helps as you can see the exposure build up.

This was taken on my Olympus e-pm2 camera, shutter speed was 4.7 seconds with an fstop of 13.

Crop in
Use of a remote shutter is super important for keeping the image sharp, it also allows you to use one hand for the light painting and one for the shutter release

As mentioned I took a series of photos, so to give you a more complete background picture. Here's a few shots that may inspire others. You can really see how controlling light is such a creative tool to add to your skill sets. Photography only works with light so it makes sense right :-)

the mystical door stop

This almost made my top pick, but I like the story behind the spirit of the egg, again shot the same way but spinning the torch in a circular fashion and using the reflective chrome to add further complexity to the photo

The Laser Series

The following images you can see why duck eggs where so much fun to light paint with, especially when you play with an uber powerful laser pen. The laser just scatters through the shell in amazing ways. Point it just right and the egg glows with a strangely diffused and noisey light but still sharp on the details. With light painting this allows you to build up bounce light and direct light in your images.


Crop in, look at that crazy diffused laser lighting

2018-08-04_08-28-30.jpgOne cannot underestimate the power of bounce light, here you can see it dances around the broken egg

2018-08-04_08-28-41.jpgThat glow is almost alien

That's me for now thank you for viewing.
Nick aka @niko3d

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love the last one especially... nice playing with lights there, great results... inspiring, actually ;)


Yeah me too but it was the least light paintey of the lot haha. Happy to inspire :)

Speechless it’s an amazing photo niko3d...


Thank you John :) your feedback is always 100% appreciated.

First thing, you have an awesome mind. To think using an egg for photography to get the image that you want to create.... That is just amazing. 2nd, at first I thought the wispy light was a photoshop type thing as had no clue how someone could create that until you explained it all. How amazing is that?!

Great pictures and it really brings out some magic, mystical feeling to the egg. Wonderful!


Thanks :-) in camera FX are always fun to create and sometimes people mistake them for a computer graphics trick.

Wow they're great @niko3d! Love the mystical door stop! We did some light painting shots last year. I really have to use my camera more often! 😉

Always a pro in what you do man. That's some really creative technique there man. Bounce light, translucency also. :D


Cheers Zord :) Lighting means so much to all art forms to be honest, so it's always worth the extra effort to take it into account across board. I.e from surfaces to environment, direct lighting and shadow :)

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