Earth Nation Sustainability Contest - Come Play with Us!

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Aloha fellow Steemians!

I've have been thoroughly enjoying my journey on Steemit thus far! I am intrigued by the number of interesting talents out there as I view the many blogs, articles, videos, and photos that are curated on this platform. I salute you! Thank you for sharing all that you are, your knowledge, life, and abilities. Thank you for your kind comments and gracious follows!

I am a Center Coordinator for the Earth Nation and I am loving the Earth Nation Steemit Guild and all the benefits thereof. I’ve also been posting photography, with fellow photographers both beginner and professional while participating in some of the photo contests. The challenge has proven to be fun and interactive and am therefore inspired to step up my game!

Earth Nation advocates posting Conscious Media. We are all about planetary change and creating the world we want to see! In an effort to grow our Earth Nation community and culture, I’ve decided to test run some of my own weekly contests to inspire one another, meet new like-minded friends and raise awareness.

The theme for our first contest is


Three Easy Steps

  1. Create a post on Sustainability. The content is yours to create. It can be a video, article, blog, whatever you like but it must be related to planetary sustainability of any kind.
  2. Tag earthnation as your first tag
  3. Reply to this post with your URL post link

Weekly Winner will receive:
1 Free Upvote from Earth Nation

During the week, please take some time to view and comment on others posts. Don’t be surprised if you see your post resteemed by some of our members. Suggestions and comments about the contest are also welcomed.

At the end of the week, the winner and 2 other finalists will be featured in an announcement.

Have fun, share your wisdom and educate, educate, educate!



welcome to steemit teahna

enjoy and happy steemit !!

Thanks! @lopezdacruz! It's just gonna keep getting better!

Hi! This is interesting.
I'll try to participate.

YES! Let's have some fun! Thanks for the interest!

Beautiful! Mahalo!

Great Contest @teahna :)
Resteemd !!!

Respectfully yours,

Jacob A. Billett, M.B.A
CEO Billett Enterprises, Inc.


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First entry! Way to go @entrepreneur916! Looking into SteemFollwer and SteemEngine! You're awesome!

Thank you so much and it is a pleasure to be a part of this movement. I am wanting to become heavily involved and have been trying to reach out to organizational leadership. Is there any avenues for direct contact with leadership via phone or chat?

I have completed all signups and all academy training.

Yes, are you in the EN Discord channel? You can pm me in there @Teahna, we can discuss further how I can assist you.

Could use a boost on this as well, I plan on sharing it to my groups and would be nice to get them involved with steemit.

Thanks for participating! Upvoted and resteemed! Are you in our Steemit Earth NationGuild?

I had a problem getting in. "I believe an error on my part" I resent the information correctly and I should be in.

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