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Basically when you listen to our music you will find all the solutions for our beautiful blue planet🌍🌎🌏 We love our planet, we have been researching global solutions for years, here are just a few of our favorite projects🤗

via @youtube

Rodin Coil ~ Vortex Mathematics

Energy Recovery Systems will clean up our oceans and have the ability to desalinate sea water until we balance back with permaculture designs🌊

We wrote a song about it too🎶

Listen to 🐬 by :Z:Lotus: 💜 Infinite Love 💜 #np on #SoundCloud

Let's ALL PLAY with Infinite Love,

The Cosmic Kids🌌💜🌈


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It is a great Idea to combine one creative resource (music) with other creative resources (alternative projects and initiatives rising out of IDEAS). This is a promising approach, because music is one of the key "utilities" of (for) communication! I wish you all the sucess you deserve

Thank you! <3

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