Psychoenergetics: the simple things - 4. Inward keys - 3. The Spirit Source.

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Human consciousness is like a vessel which changing the form depending on what it is filled. As soon as something (an idea, pattern, interaction between anything) are touching the core of our consciousness, it is changing us, at least for a while. Also, watching people, we can see a huge amount of protective mechanisms of consciousness, allowing them to keep the ideas on the periphery, avoiding the mental core, with the aim of preserving a 'proper image' of oneself that is called 'ego'.

Thus consciousness is protected from accidental or imposed suggestion. This is due to the fact that the mental reality of person is not only the reality of the manifestations of the harmony of the higher spheres, but also the reality of violence, of domination and subordination. And the preservation of the independence of thinking in terms of real society is one of the vital necessities at the context of the task of preserving our own integrity.

These protection mechanisms are useful but, however, they also turn the field of view of person to the world of speculative ideas, it is like the cinema for ego. The relocation of more and more fragments of information about the world from mental core to the outer layers of consciousness leads a person to the ontological crisis, because his world becomes a world of inanimate definitions, labels, numbers, and memes.

Once this happens (usually it coincides with the moment of maturation, when people constitute the 'final' opinion about themselves and about the world and finds their mature ego), people loses their core, ceases to feel the flow of life, and starts to feeling the senselessness and callousness of the universe, and begins to look for the spirit not in their life, but somewhere outside of the existence...

By the way, similar to the functioning of protective mechanisms allows us to influence to self consciousness through the change of the film. 'The film' means here the flow of patterns and relations between them. This generates a huge amount of gestalt-oriented practices and techniques, each of which is a self kind of method, style for person to become a self-film-producer and self-cinema-operator. Understanding that patterns, the relationships between them and anything related can be switched, is the basis of all modern holistic practices.

These practices help to structure consciousness, modify their attitude, and often even reality. These practices, being largely psychological, at the level of practical results are close to the idea of the existence of a global relationship between the consciousness and and the universe, the consciousness and the myth, the myth and the univerce...

By the way, person can revive his heart, just admitting the idea of the Spirit Source. For example, try to feel that we are created the Great Spirit, that we are the bearers of the divine spark, and each the consciousness descended from the spiritual world into the material world. And there are spiritual worlds, vast and complex, forming a relationship that permeates anything, and it is closely related in its nature with the material plane. This pattern generates the field of view ('point of view' - not very suitable for the skilful grouping of information), where all of processes, events and things, as well as life and awareness originate from the Spirit Source which located deep in the nature of univerce. And all this things interact, intersection and blend, materializing in the material plane accessed for the usual senses.

Of course all of this is only a approximate verbal sweep of one of the countless facets of the paradigm of the Spirit Source, which is beyond any words and descriptions, and at the same time it is in reach for perception and experiences... This is very important when is born aspiration, the experience when contact with the Source moves from the mental construction area to the region of direct perception and attention control. And the direction of the attention to the Spirit Source, and the sense of unity with Source and through the Source with the world, gives for person the real contact with the basic energy of creation. Are you remember: our strength is where our attention?.. And it's not only the words. It's the plus of vital energy, plus of power, plus of meaningful, even if the exercise was merely a game, like it will being at the beginning. Because you can practice only what you believe or playing. Homo domini ludens est.

As we know, the training of an inner effort at generating inner states is a good practice for the management of your consciousness. Now is the secret of method. The Spirit Source answers when we send to the Source our attention which carries a sincere thanks. Yes, exactly, it is necessary to experience sincere gratitude to the Source for all - ups, downs, lessons learned, acquisitions, losses, and for the sense to reach out to the Source of Being. You must to perform this exercise at least five minutes. It would be nice in the morning when sun is rising and in the evening before sleeping. It is the minimum time threshold value of practice for feeling changes. But you can practice this inward key for all your time. This will greatly increase your sustainability.

'God, mind, universe, time, space, causality, rhythm, matter, energy, life' - is the main categories that define a human consciousness. This categories are not setted in simple definitions, the understanding involves the initiation of indigenous intuitions holistic perception of the world to the level of archaic motility of the body.
Solodin A. I. The Strategy of an ontological game



There will be the most practical things from the world of esoteric and psychophysical practices always for you here.

I will also be grateful for comments on the quality of my English with the amendments. My native language is Russian, and I really want to learn English better. You can read about me here. Thank you for attention.


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I would like to share the AEIOU Mantra, which I created as a tool on our path to the Source. I hope you will find it useful. The basic energy of creation is sometimes understood as a combination of Five Forces or Five Elements. The five vowels in my mantra represent the Five Elements uniting in one Pentagram. The divine spark can be reached for from within the Pentagram. I find this ancient symbology corresponding with the Pythagorean thought most fascinating. Hence my little creation. Enjoy!
The AEIOU Mantra

Thank you! I saved this to bookmarks and certainly will observe in the moment of silence. Mantras, yantras and mudras are good helpers for inward keys, it is the external keys..

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Love this perspective! Nice article!

Thank you @teahna! Such feedback motivates to write more!

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