✨Color Challenge ✨ Indigo Saturns-day ✨

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✨Gandalf is a wizard with his words, spelling all sorts of truth. We now know not all who wander are lost. Will you decide to wander, lost or otherwise, with the time you are given? ✨

✨All in all, in these parts, wandering comes highly recommended...✨

✨Oh the glory of that morning, of those minutes, the culmination of years of learning and loving and trekking and traveling all leading up to this final mile stretch out onto the Playa for our Virgin Burn (read: my whole little camper, the MoHo, pictured here, full of bright eyed young ladies heading out to Burning Man for our first time).✨

✨This photo was snapped moments behind the Dirty Fun Bus (that black and green machine pictured in front of my little RV here, which ends up featuring heavily in further adventuring), and minutes before the downpour that caught us gridlocked and exhausted. We were worn thin by driving for days, but there is some sort of Magik in the glint of anticipation reflecting through the fog of self-imposed sleep deprivation. . .

And so we moved forward, knowing nothing of the impending storm, or it's red-headed step-child, the bumper to bumper unmoving traffic that would trap us less than a mile from the gates for the next eight hours, waiting for the alkaline mud rivers to cake and dry.

For the brief second caught in this shot here, we remained blissfully unaware. ✨

✨Suddenly the princess in the back seat is screaming about a waterfall gushing through the ceiling onto her head, and into my bed. . . As we waited here in line to enter Black Rock City, this was the first torrential rainstorm of the season, and my mobile home seemed to have sprung a leak 💦😬

✨Armed with duct tape and a garbage bag, I sloshed through the playa, layers of mud caking inches thick to the bottom of my shoes. The Spice Girls would have been impressed.

💥Upon reaching the roof, all surfaces included myself too wet and dirty to effect any change, I did my best to splash off the puddle forming and pouring inside, through the cupboard where I kept my books. . .

✨My rage of exhaustion was immediately dampened by the realization that from where I stood on top of the MoHo I caught my first sight of The Burn. Mollie followed me up top, and the sky opened. Raul snapped this shot. The entirety of the Playa was framed by a double rainbow, all they way 💦🤣💦

✨I lived in this Magik little micro mini motorhome for five months that year, and put 10,000 miles on the super duper four banger Toyota engine. What a champion that machine was. I passed it on to my pixie god sister, who drove out from Northern California to Guatemala and back, only replacing the battery and sealing the leaky roof✨

✨Tell me about a time you found creativity by stepping outside of your comfort zone in the comments ✨💖✨

✨There certainly are more where this came from!

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Thank you as always @minnowsupport! I LOVED the Steem Queens Podcast on Peace Love and Unity this morning @aggreod!!

This sounds like such an amazing adventure. A double rainbow over the playa?! Wow! And that camper went to Guatemala and back? So impressed! Glad to meet you, Stirling! Steem on! :)


Oh it was SO ABSOLUTELY EPIC! Very Dickens:

It was THE BEST of times.

It was the worst of times. . .

<3 <3 <3


And honestly, I was super surprised the camper made that journey too! It had been my initial intention to do a similar trek, but I ended up moving to the U.K. for Circus School instead, and the Amazing Lady who sent me that direction is the one who adopted the MoHo and made the trek (she's a badass).


I expect it was epic, and I bet she is (Amazing)! You must have some stories! Fun fun fun...

hey :) you have excellent work!
nice to meet you . see you again


Hey @artizm! Thanks for stopping by! <3 Yes, see you again soon!

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I LOVE YOOOU! <3 <3 <3