Come On Over, Lets Get Dirty :) - Sprinkling Dust All Over This Post To Everyone!

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Lets Get Dirty

Now that I got you here with a little clickbait, lets talk about why I want to get you dirty today!

Just like in life, dirt is everywhere here on Steemit. Many times this dirt is in the form of tiny particles called dust. Dust can't be stopped but can be controlled, and that is true in life as well as on Steemit.

Steemit Dust Is Better

But one thing is different about the dust on Steemit, our dust can be collected and transformed into gold. Our dust doesn't have to be swept away and discarded, our dust has real value.

Its True, And I'm Going To Prove It With This Post

Here's how: First, I'm going to sprinkle dust on every legitimate comment on this post. Every comment, and every comment to a comment. I'm spreading as much dust as my voting power will allow. You're going to think I'm Tinkerbell by the time I'm done showing you how great dust can be! So comment away, please!!!

Transform That Dust To Gold

Now that I've given you dust, I'm going to show you how to turn it into gold. I'm inviting you to sign up with the coolest new service on Steemit created called @dustsweeper to transform that dust into real money. (ps. I know its the coolest because I teamed up with Steem Witness @danielsaori to create this and it really works!)

Its simple, its fast, and within 7 days you will see exactly how it works. Right before your eyes you will see that the $0.01 dustvote I'm giving you today will be paid to you finally for the first time ever.

How? Simple. By using @dustsweeper you will deposit a small sum of sbd and that will automatically create an account for you. Then @dustsweeper will look through your feed for any post or comment in the 5th and 6th day that is less than $0.0249 or less. (Note: these are the ones you are in danger on not getting paid on and will show $0.00, $0.01, or $0.02)

Once @dustsweeper finds the dust, it will take a small amount of your sbd on balance ($0.014 for instance) and upvote that post 2x (or $0.028) to make your sbd stick to the dust and then both can be claimed on payout. Think of dustsweeper as a machine that precisely turns your own money into a dust magnet!

Signup Is Easy

Signup is easy, just send a small amount of sbd to @dustsweeper (we recommend 1 sbd for convenience, but if you want to just test it you can send even less)

dustsweeper 4.png

Now Its Time To Get Dirty!

Rules: Make a comment about anything. Your favorite song... Your happiest day... Your stupidest friend... Your funniest joke... I don't care what its about, just make a comment on this post, or even to another comment... Then I will give it a dustvote of $0.01 and you will see that dust transformed 7 days from now ;) (Note: if you signup for @dustsweeper of course)

My "highly recommended" witness votes will now be added to my posts. I hope you add them to!


photo 1 source photo 2 source photo 3 source photo 6 source

@dustsweeper logos are provided courtesy of @charisma777


Well done Dave! Let’s get dirty in dust. 😃

We got a cool donation from @jackmiller. $10 in upvote value that we are free to hand out. Dave, let’s pick 10 users that we feel deserve it.

Big thanks @jackmiller for your kind act. I will manually move your balance to the users we choose. 👍🙏

Awesome! That's great to see @jackmiller stepping up to help others! This will help those less able to try it to get started :)... Thank you Jack!!!

And @danielsaori lets talk on discord and find a way to spread the word on this so that we do really help some minnows and newbies that really need the help to claim this dust ;)

Woo hoo! That's great news @danielsaori.

Thanks so much for your generosity @jackmiller. 💙

Hi @danielsaori, this is a great idea by Dave to prove to any naysayers out there that @dustsweeper isn't a great idea!! And so awesome about @jackmiller too :) Karma can be a wonderful thing!

Thank you Lynn! And glad you liked the idea... Its actually a 2fer... I get to prove that @dustsweeper is awesome, but just as importantly I get to contribute to lots of convos happening on my post! I like it when we have an active crew every so often ;)

excited 2.gif

I love a post with an "active crew"'s so much fun. Reminds me of the first few weeks especially on Asher's League posts :)

I agree ;) ... its been awhile as we have all settled in, but most of us are still here and its good to seem everyone around every so often ;)

NIce clickbait, @davemccoy.
I was a little disappointed, because I got a whole different kind of ‘dirty’ in mind.
I assume @doomsdaychassis will have the same experience ;0)

And we already knew you were Tinkerbell, bad boy McCoy - we’re just waiting for the pics as proof ;0P

lol... is this what you had in mind @simplymike??? This was when @doomsdaychassis got caught on camera trying to cool off one day!

dirty mind.gif

and I didn't send you my pic? I'm sorry, I thought you had seen bad boy McCoy ;)

bad boy.gif

Here you go bad boy McCoy. The abs on the background are for my own eye candy.

Here's is a giphy from the first time I met DC, I assume that's his wanna be self cooling off.

lol... yes that was me last week with @royaleagle and @cryptkeepeer.... How did you get that shot, that's really cool.. It makes me look a bit older than I really am, but still not a bad pic :)

And yes @doomsdaychassis looked really good in that scene... I have heard him yell "this is Sparta" quite a bit over the years :)

I also do a great Gladiator. "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? "

How about "FREEDOM!!!" :P


Only if i am wearing a kilt.

lol... I'm sure @simplymike and @beeyou would be ok with that... They wanted to think dirty :)

I don't have my 6 pack anymore. Its more like a 4 pack now. Maybe i need to get back in shape.

Better get busy before beach season! Here's my dust support to motivate you; making sure to keep it still under the dust threshold.

The abs in the back get completely lost in the ridiculous dance... WTF are they doing?? wahahahaaa

hey, finally catching up and glad to see you made it, I'm trying to spread dust, so comment at will :)

Lol @simplymike. I think it’s called the walking running rabbit man, oopsie, with some form of break-dancing. Who knows. I did some running man moves back in my grade school years. 🤓

Edited, I was reading a post on skewing rabbits so I had the poor rabbit on my mind.

Except, @davemccoy, I had a different picture in mind. B P is not really my my idea of a bad boy.
This one s:

I think you accidentally posted your Tinkerbell pic.

And way to go, Doomz!!

lol... I did picture you as a Johnny Depp fan! I actually thought of going with that, but then I was thinking of Brad Pitt in fight club... But good choice ;)

You're welcome to Brad Pitt @davemccoy. He does nothing for me. Fight Club or no Fight Club! 😁

actually, he doesn't do anything for me either :P

Now you're talking @simplymike! 😁

lol Gillian! :)

Man i have been getting dirty talked all day. What is with you girls today? What ever it is I pray my wife got it too. Yall got me all hot and bothered today. She's in trouble.

Haha, we're on steemit here, not steam-it!

I fear I may have permanently damaged steemit. I can't wait till im a killer whale.

Me neither.
Let's f**ck this place up (Oops, sounds wrong again, hahaha)

hahaha... you said it again (well sorta).... I see you are going for another dose of leasing out there, you and @doomsdaychassis might just F this place up if you team up ;)

hahaha.. I think the steemit community might be getting a little scared about now... If you teach @simplymike a few of your tricks, watch out :)

You have definitely disrupted this peaceful side of our community. ;)

Could you imagine how boring it would be?

Completely agreed.
But not only friendships. Social encounters in general.
With the right dose of humor you can say a lot to anyone

haha... very good @beeyou :)

Me too @simplymike! I'm assuming most of us have a little 'dirty' tucked away some where haha

especially bad boy McCoy :P

Sigh, my phone couldn't handle all this dirty talk and refused to load the thread. I tried like a hundred times, but had to switch to my tablet to be able to read everything. So, sorry for the delay, y'all :0)

Now you guys have drained my VP!!! 😂

if you feel like having some fun, you should use the penny vote game... its a blast.. you can give out many, encourage more discussion, and everyone gets paid... what's not to like ;)

I think I even have a few sponsors for you if you want too ;)

better late than never, and this party can get started again as I got the delegation back and these dust pennies are easy to give! So lead the way :D

Awesome idea, a little spring cleaning with some fun attached. Needs a comedy Idiocracy meme added to the comments section...

click baitin'

lol... yes, I was wondering where you were my friend! :P

I can't not upvote an idiocracy meme

Thanks a lot dday you wrecked my chance at getting a dust vote! Can you flag your own comment, lol?

I just saved you a lot of money on a dust vote. lol

Yeah, I am a pretty ungrateful (expletive) sometimes ddc!


or make another comment

yes... one of the best movies ever... I see shit today that was foretold in that masterpiece ;)

It's my favorite documentary next to the Manchurian Candidate!

yes and the other documentary of the first Matrix was very truthful too! My neck still hurts from having to unplug

Bahahaha! Right on dave! I love it when you entertain my conspiracy theories!

I also forgot to include "Fight Club" in the list of good documentaries

That is no lie. Maybe we could make a Brondo bot too. Brondo has upvotes, it's what the steemians crave.

that would be cool... I love watching clips from that show

seriously dude. It is a million dollar idea.

I agree, maybe we could become cabinet members with it too :)

Great post! :) lol
Hopefully we don't need @dustsweeper as much in the future. We really should lower the threshold probably down to .01. I heard it might change at the next fork. Hopefully it does.

The conversations I heard about it changing @mysearchisover were about it going the other way.

The information about the dust threshold first started doing the rounds after one of the witnesses (can't remember which one) suggested that it should possibly rise to as high as 0.05c in an attempt to combat spam.

What that really demonstrated for me was just how out of touch a lot of the people who joined in the early days are, with what it's really like if you're joining now.

Too may of the witnesses really haven't got a clue about such things, in my opinion.

That was @timcliff. I heard the next hard fork might lower it but who knows what will happen.

Indeed. I read a post somewhere that showed the figures that illustrated how it would be worse for minnows but as you say @mysearchisover, who knows?

There once was a man, who had a great plan.
the dust in room, was becoming quite gloom.
he purchased a a broom, yes a magical broom.
He took to the dust, like a magpie to crust,
Swept a pile here, and a pile there.
Then with that magic broom of his, all the dust stayed in the air.
It did not go poof and up in smoke, it settle back down and no one was broke.
So on day five or maybe day six, the little dust mote grew to a good vote.

Ha, ha, ha! That's brilliant @bashadow. Fast too! 😁

Thank you was just having a little fun with it, and it really is like a magic broom, the way they make the dust mote vote grow.

Yep. It seems like magic to me because even with @davemccoy's expanation of how it works I still can't really get my head around it.

My brain just doesn't seem to manage the nuance of numbers. it's like the bots. i was using one Dave recommended back in the day and assumed that because I appeared to be getting back more than I paid I was making a profit.

Then along came a friend who understands all this stuff and worked out that I was in fact making a loss.

If i pay $1 and $1.20 back my brain just simply says I've made a profit. it's all a bit complicated I find. Great reason for not using bots though! 😁

lol... no worries Gillian.. I will make sure this one always makes you a profit ;)

How wonderful. I like the sound of that @davemccoy.

When you got a spare moment, maybe you could come and sort out the mess that is my accounts, too! 😂

I will be happy to help you in any way I can... Just message tomorrow or over the weekend on discord and we will take care of any mess (if possible) :D

Ha, ha, ha. @davemccoy. You're too kind. I was actually referring to the piles of paper statements scattered across my table at home.

And all the things I need to do involving my online paperwork that I have been putting off.

A magic wand might work though, if you've got one of those! 😂

awesome @bashadow! that deserves far more than a regular dustvote! I love it :D

Thank you. I wanted to just say thanks for all the work. The lifted dust vote does not just give me a reward, it allow those people that have no real vote power to get a reward even if it is the smallest curation award available, they now get that $0.001 vote. So if they vote on dust protected people they will at the end of the day get $0.010 and end of week $0.070. It does add up for them. I really like this initiative. And it has really help me get some additional SP into my account. So when you need that SP you delegated me back, I am safe now even with the 30SP I have delegated out I will still be over the 500SP level. I am upto 565SP of my own.

I'm happy you like it @bashadow! Keep spreading that joy :) ... And I hope to never take that back because the only way I will ever have to is if you leave the platform (which I'm pretty confident you won't do) ;)

I like that SP just where it is, I know everyday it is doing something meaningful because you always do ;)

Another jingle!!!!! I love it!!!

Wow @bashadow! That's pretty talented of you to come up with that so quickly! :)

I'm a big fan of @dustsweeper, I even got my wife to sign up for it. I wanted to try in my little way to say thanks to dave and daniel for their program.

And a great job you did too @bashadow. Do you frequently come up with such inspired responses?

If I don't think sometimes I can hit the nail on the head without smashing my thumb in the process.

Well that's another brilliant one right there @bashadow.

If I don't think sometimes I can hit the nail on the head without smashing my thumb in the process.

Brilliant! 😁

Who is your wife?? I didn't even know!

@shasta, she enjoys the photography parts of steem, also takes some real nice pictures, here is one of her pictures she got not to long ago:

She was asked by @melinda010100 to be a guest judge on one of her shadow photo contest rounds.

How did I not know this? :) That's a great photo too..I'm going to have to check her out now!

Its hard to believe that you didn't know that, omgosh... something escaped the Queen... That's not easy to do since you know everyone :)

haha smart guy, I think I learn something or someone new every single day here ;)

Thanks bash, that is very cool to say :)

Agree Lynn... @bashadow is always good, but this one is


Seriously though I love this idea!
Minnows let’s unite!


I would like to introduce you all to my new friend Carly . Either this is really her or she is trolling us all. She already promised to be my sugar mama so hand off. You should do an introduceyourself post holding up a sign that says @doomsdaychassis sugar mama.


Trolling u 🤣
I’ll skype u right now dork

don't have skype

FaceTime ?

negative ghostrider

lol @artgirlnyc... I think you're going to fit right in... you have @doomsdaychassis on his heals :P

She is lucky i am married. Lol . She seems like a super cool chick . My loyalty is literally my only redeeming quality. The rest of me is a piece of shit. She may be indescribably hot but i could not, no scratch that, would not ever betray my wife. I will gladly take the hit if it puts me on my heals. I think she is a bad ass chick , maybe even describe her as a unicorn but the only thing i refuse to do is mess around on my wife. She found the chink in my armor. Sorry if that makes me weak. She has been through someone cheating on her so I hope she can respect my position. If she is good with that I am more than happy to try to make millions of dollars here but I only have 1 line I wont cross. The rest of it is fair game.

awww... I was just playing with you @doomsdaychassis! I think you have more than that as your redeeming qualities! You play the SOB on tv, but we can all see that you're a good guy when you get off the stage ;) ... No worries about being discovered though, this post has so many comments on it that no one is likely to find out that you are a nice guy :P

Even beeyou will be unlikely to see it as I removed the @ sign ;)

She seems like a bad ass gal. I hope we can make a shit ton of money here. I love it. She is balls to the walls on getting shit done. Letd go make some fucking money.

yes... go get it done DDC! And btw, be careful of the bots... steem external is a big discount to the internal... about a 25 cent difference... so make sure they're good and profitable ;)

Hi @artgirlnyc, @doomsdaychassis mentioned you are fun! I think you need a dust touchup ;). Welcome to Steemit!

Now that dust is really starting to dirty up this place :P Good job @beeyou ;)

dirt in eyes.gif

Holy shit!!!!!!!!
Was going through comments to upvote any interesting ones and wow Artgirlnyc just wowed wow

You were just on
Why aren’t you answering!
Anyway I was obviously goofing around in my sarcastic responses b4. I was gonna say u could call me to say goodnight
Well next time. Now I go to bed for real!

lol.. you get my vote @artgirlnyc ... I like both versions enough to say, I think you will likely be the dust queen if we crown one! ;)

This really is an excellent idea. Well done. I wrote a piece recently titled Spread Your Vote - But Don't Let it Turn to Dust and if this checks out I'd be happy to help promote it as a service to help the minnows I've been dusting on! :)

I also am a big supporter of some of the people on your witness list and that is a good indicator for me too.

Thank you very much @buggedout! I don't know if you know @danielsaori, but he is the one that does the programming and handles the bulk of the program... I just approached him and we talked about it in the beginning... And yes it does work and I hope you do get in touch with Daniel and he can give you any data you want to see that the concept works as advertised :)

I'm also happy to see you like the people on my witness list, that means that you are a community-minded and broadening-our-base guy like me! I think engagement is key to helping to build a sustainable ecosystem and embracing the newbies and minnows has been my focus in my first 6 months!

Nice to have you here and thanks for your attention! :)

Great stuff, thanks. I agree and it sounds like we are definitely pushing in the same direction. I've added a dustsweeper review to my TODO list and will be sure to check out @danielsaori as part of my research. Keep up the good work! :)

Awesome @buggedout! I'm happy to hear that... And I'm sure @danielsaori will be happy to help you too :)

hahaha... very funny @sparkesy43... I love it hahaha... I hope @danielsaori see this one, lol

Its too good for a dust vote :P

What can I say @davemccoy? I couldn't help myself.

lol... I still laugh at that one :P

Great initiative and wonderful concept to never let any dust votes go to waste. Now someone can both say it's the thought and the dust that counts.

Ha, ha, ha. Very witty @lovefreedom and you signed up and experienced the extra cash yet? It's brill! 😁

For real? I made someone laugh! Yay!

I just signed up for it and my son and my hubby. I haven't seen it in action but one of our friends mentioned it and we're on it too! But we'll be in the lookout for abusers, this is such a great project I hate for unscrupulous accounts to take advantage of it.

Yep. You made me laugh @lovenfreedom. Keep 'em coming! 😁

I think @davemccoy and @danielsaori have got it all under control. They'll be able to spot any abusers and act accordingly.

yes, not too many people should get more dustvotes than you, @lynncoyle1, and @glenalbrethsen! We already know who to use as our benchmarks ;)

As you've probably heard, my comments tend to come with extra CL, so hopefully, in your calculations, you're accounting for that. :)

I suppose, though, scammers aren't particularly concerned about the comment length or the content, so it probably makes no difference. Still I'm excited to be a benchmark of some kind.

Maybe you could call it the LynnGlenGillian Benchmark. Or the GillianGlenLynn benchmark. I don't know, something like that. Kind of get some rhyming and sort of alliteration going.

I never noticed before, we're pretty heavy on the G's and L's aren't we? 😂

hahaha... that's why I think giglly is perfect ;)

How about Giglly? 😂 😂 😂

That's actually very good. I move to use Giglly as the name for the Gillian, Glen, Lynn benchmark. There is a motion on the table to use Giglly as the name for the Gillian, Glen, Lynn benchmark to be used in conjunction with the dustsweeper protocol. Do I have a second?

Actually, maybe that name isn't such a good idea after all, given what's going on with the rest of the comments here. :)

haha... that is very good... both work great actually :) And I think that if anyone pops up ahead of you three, they will get the extra pat down like that have at the airports... But maybe since @danielsaori is a computer programming genius, he can make it work like they do now with those air blowers to detect criminals there! (no patdowns needed) :P

:)... the good thing is that it will be really hard for the scammers to take advantage of it, they will stick out like a sore thumb... We have the largest commenters already signed up, so if they somehow pass them, it will be very very strange ;)

I'm glad you and husband and son signed up, I think you're really going to love seeing those dustvotes soon! ;)

LOL for sure the great commenters will also look out for spammers scammers and abusers. They're already warned.

If you all do run into it, let me know so we can get steemflagrewards at it. We're trying to clean them up for Steemit. It's the only way we can help. So thanks for creating dustsweeper to clean up the dust votes. I'm on the abuse side sniffing around with steemflagrewards, I report them to steemcleaners if I need to and take care of it on my own when I need to.

you are now the second person using the "fast-reply"... I definitely need to figure that one out!

And yes I think our group (the engagers) will definitely be useful to you in getting this place in shape ;)

Fast-Reply is pretty awesome Dave. All your comments lined up for upvote/reply and there's an option for mentions so you can have them all in one list to get to. I'm sure your scrollbar would be tiny with your long list lol. But it's definitely a time-saver.

I started using it yesterday, I love it! Its truly awesome! And here is the 0.06 I owe you from the other post too! :)

you are now the second person using the "fast-reply"... I definitely need to figure that one out!

And yes I think our group (the engagers) will definitely be useful to you in getting this place in shape ;)

you are now the second person using the "fast-reply"... I definitely need to figure that one out!

And yes I think our group (the engagers) will definitely be useful to you in getting this place in shape ;)

Thanks @lovenfreedom! and lol... that's true :)... Maybe @danielsaori might put that in his commercials soon :) ... I'm glad you like it!!!

Cool! This project is really a great deal. I see a lot of comments that they're disappointed with their measly votes and some commenting it's the thought that counts. worries there now! Thought and Dust are both counted! Hooray!

exactly :) ... I personally think this will encourage more engagement as they can now realize their thoughts actually will get paid!

I think so too! Then after a while the dust votes won't matter anymore and the engagement will come first. I'm hoping it will come to that point. Rewards as incentive and stay for the great people we meet, fight for a platform we're investing our time and make it NOT like FB. It's a dream and we're working on it! 😀

and you need to reply back again so that I can also give you a dust vote... this dust vote will throw you into legit vote... And I want you to see this in action ;)