Misheard Lyrics Part 1 | Try Not to LAUGH | DTubeDaily Vlog #2

in dtubedaily •  9 months ago

I personally believe the one thing DTube is missing is... ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT, ENTERTAINMENT!!!!
So that was the reason I thought I should give it a TRY.

DTube is filled with all the crypto-related channels, Vlogs, about STEEM and so on.
I hope you like this type of content.
Do leave your valuable Comments below and let me know If you want a PART 2?

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Brilliant entertaining video! Looking forward to your next videos. Upvoted & resteemed!


Thank you so much sir :)
Upvoted your comment


No sir needed. Everyone I've shown your video has enjoyed it. So when is episode 2 dropping?


you would want a hindi version to it?
Do you watch bollywood?

It's real that u r filling dtube with missing piece,else there is garbage everywhere.Very much liked ur video.


Thank you.
Actually DTube is very new and we need to create good stuffs.
I am sure by the year end we will have a lot of good content creators here.
You make video's too?


Yes ma'am I will.
Please put Butter Chicken receipe in English and I will resteem it.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

For Buisness queries : Officialfcstudios@gmail.
It should be business instead of buisness.

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I always thought it said "i can't believe their takin' more than 12." Like $1200 or 12k.

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"Imma shit for you" I lost it right there :D great video, continue!


Thanks buddy :)

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Bhai you have any youtube channel


yes bro www.youtube.com/fcstudios

waaaa bhai only 3 days and videos on tranding big achievement in small time


Thank you so much Thakur bhai.
Tum saath ho toh kya chaiye aur?

your are doing great man indian brother. keep it up


haha Thanks bhai jaan :)

I've contacted you in Facebook, I will tell you everything you want to know about dtube, do you know about discord?


Yes I am on discord :)
Are you on telegram?
I am not much active on Facebook these days.


I don't use telegram, how to find you on discord?


Discord id: vjjoe002 #0001


strange, I couldn't find you there, try to find me please and send me a message : clixmoney#0084


Request sent

Thanks for the good information. I will visit you often.
nice up vote :)


Thanks brother