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Wow, I almost forgot how all of this is working here… haha! No, I’m just kidding. But it’s been a while since I released my last video. Did I give up already? No, definitely not!

When things don’t work as you expect them to

The actual plan was to release a short cinematic film last Saturday. I had this project in my mind for a few weeks now. All I’ve been waiting for was just some good weather, which we actually had last weekend. But you see, sometimes you have something very specific in your mind and it just does not turn out as you expected it to be.
I took some shots in that town but they were everything else than cinematic or interesting to share. They were so boring. That’s why I was instantly frustrated and decided not to record anymore that day.
Instead, I used last weekend to watch tutorials about how I could take shots that would look more interesting. Speaking about composition and framing for example. And that’s how I came to the photos which I shared in my last post.
I thought if I would learn how to do this with photography I could use this knowledge in the future for cinematography as well. It might come in handy anyway.

Where are the comments?

Another topic for today was the discussion that we had yesterday on the DTubeDaily Discord. Some people were complaining about a lack of interaction and comments lately. And I can share that experience as I have noticed a decrease already weeks ago.
I was wondering why this was happening. Is it just because of the dip? Are we already bored of each other? Well, I think this platform might have another general problem.
And that is the fact that when you compare DTube with YouTube for example you have millions of viewers / consumers on YouTube and compared to this only a very small number of content creators. On DTube it’s exactly vice versa. Almost everyone who’s using this platform is a content creator as well. Those are the very busy people. So, who should watch all of this content?
And I was wondering if this will work in the long run. Of course, you could say that this community is still growing and the “only consumers” still have to come. But ask yourself this question:

Would you still be active on this platform if you stopped creating content? Would you still use it to only support others? Or would you go back to these “original” platforms you may came from?

Tell me what you think about this in the comments!

If you enjoy my content and you don’t want to miss the next video make sure to follow. Don’t mind to upvote and resteem as well and what's most important…

…live your dream!

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you bring up many interesting points. i think ill focus on the future of steemit subject matter. for me the question becomes.. how many people need to be active to support the overall ecosystem? I am not sure if i see a skew toward creators as a bad thing. i may be strange but i like the intimacy of the platform in general. i get everyone looks toward growth as a measure...but i see it slightly more selfishly i guess. i dont want every monkey from youtube here. i am perhaps a brat...i would probs leave if steemit became huge and everyone was here, i dont know that for sure. it is true i am on facebook but barely use it

i just love steemit because it is small and full of creators is what i guess im saying. I feel humanity works better small. 10 people agree better than a 100, 1000, a million. more people means more bullshit to me. i like the punk style creator reality of steemit.
i go back to my first question though... because sustainable viability is the real question for me. How many active folks need to be here? How much investment needs to be here? What is the magic membership number that allows for the circles within circles that allows steemit to survive perpetually? That magic number is the stat i care about finding out... it is a more important idea or number than next months new membership stats.
i am cool with being surrounded by a world of creators. Steemit has been a tool to revitalize my creative side. If it closed shop tomorrow i would only be selfishly disappointed...but i would mostly just feel grateful of all the months of creating and meeting other creators in a close knit environment........ i am not here for money, it is a bonus to being here. so i guess that shifts my overall feeling about the whole platform and what it needs or what goals it should strive toward.

thanks for you post and space to contemplate

I absolutely agree with you about the family feeling in this community and that I also don't want all those crazy YouTube guys here and those bullshit comments and content. People who have been following me from be very beginning know that these are the actual reasons why I signed up here at all as I have never been a social media guy. For me social media was dead already!
What is the magical number of members? That is a very interesting question and one that I have never heard before as everybody was always just talking about growth, growth and growth. Typical for a capitalism world I would say.
As long as you don't care about money I believe there is a number like this but as we come back to the actual idea of this platform of getting rewards for content which means earning money, said in a more dry way, I doubt that it will work without permanent growth.

Nice dude! You are back!
BTW! If you want to know anything about how to do cinematics just PM me on discord. If you have any questions! I will be happy to help you out! :)

Awesome, Reinis! Thank you very much! We should definitely do that some day. There's still so much stuff to learn. And guys like you are my idols^^

Aww! So nice to hear that! I will teach you the secrets of cinematics! It's easy!

Let's not forget the changing of the seasons and how that affects how some people utilize their time as well. I think you will naturally see ebbs and flows here with regards to content creation, commenting, etc. Seems to be the natural order of how things work. There will always be those that dwindle when the price drops, etc. I do like your thought provoking questions about content creators here and how they differ from just the many browsers of content out on the other platforms. Pondering these things now.

It’s very interesting though to see how these changes always affect complete groups of people. But it’s also understandable in some way as most of us have been working very hard for this platform within the last 3 months...

I'm going to be making your video soon! I remember when I was just starting out as a photographer and I would see a shot in my mind, then I would take the picture and it would be NOTHING like what I wanted haha. Took a few years of training, but got there where I can see a shot and then create now. Same goes for video.

I"ll be making your video soon!!!

Yeah, that is exactly what I experienced as well. But like you said it needs a lot of training, maybe even years. Thank you for helping me with these problems. I can't wait to see the video :)

So happy to see you back. I think it's good to take some time and come back whenever it feels right. Fill up your cup and come back stronger with your creativity. And the amount of times footage hasn't worked! I think many people can relate to that but I think that just comes with what we do, some times things are going to be great and some times they are going to be rubbish. I also think if you are not inspired to create its great to study. It's good to have balance between educating yourself and then executing what you have learnt. In relation to comments, I agree that there are way more creators than there are consumers and I think that's because the platform is so new and when you come in as a newcomer everyone sees the potentially so everyone is trying to create. But I hope over time there will be more people who come in just to view, just like Youtube. I feel that this will be successful as long as dtube continues to support all kinds of content, not just crypto and dtube related. But we will see how things progress. It's all a journey. Also I found myself for a while only supporting the people in the ddaily community. I stopped going into the new tab and trying to find different creators that I could engage with. This is something I'm trying to be active with because its very easy to get comfortable with the people you already know. I'd base the success of my content on the comments I receive from those I don't already know. I know I will always have love from ddaily but it's good for each of us to branch out as well.

Hey, Sarah! Thanks for the lovely words. I guess it’s also better for the viewers to create more of a feeling of “When is his next video finally coming?” than “Oh no, I’ve been only two days off and missed 5 new videos...”. I don’t want to overwhelm my viewers but I said that on another point already. And I don’t want to post things that I’m absolutely not satisfied with or statements that I’m questioning by myself.
I hope you’re right that when this platform keeps growing more consumers will see the potential and believe in it for the long run and stay. Not only as creators but also as consumers only. But right now with the dip of the steem price this process slowed really down.

Yeah I agree, I think it's good to remain consistent but it's not necessary to overload your viewers with content. You want them to be eager for the next thing. And I think the beauty in content creating is feeling great about what you're creating, not just doing it for the sake of doing it. As for the platform, this is the hopes I have for it but we will see how things unfold. With it being tied to crypto it's always going to go through the ebbs and flows. It's just good to keep in mind why you chose to start in the first place and if those things still matter to you now. 😊

You asked so many interesting questions in this post... I also noticed my own lack of interest during the last weeks. And was wondering about it. Maybe it‘s really the money... is this the final „community-creator“? I don‘t know. I feel a little depressed about Steemit during the last weeks. It feels more and more like people just wanting attention and money. I bet I could find some topic to write about everyday. But lots of it just doesn‘t seem interesting enough, because it would just be the same what many others do? And then we come back to voting-bots etc... Posts earn, that shouldn‘t earn. And posts that should earn don‘t. At least enough.

What I really like about you is, that your videos always show what you are wondering about and learning at the moment. This makes it very authentic and human. And very easy to identify with you. I guess this is your biggest strength. At the moment I just watch your stuff and @surfermarly. She is definetely a friend. I don‘t know... have we also already reached the point to call us friends? I hope so.

Maybe it‘s even too hard to interest me. I really love looking behind things. Not too complicated, not too long. Just a little bit different. These are things that catch my attention on Steemit.

You talk about Dtube. Why are there not so many comments? Hm. It grows on Steemit and the community is still a little different than the YouTube community? Wouldn‘t it be disgusting, seeing your viewers fighting for your attention with more and more stupid comments?

I still watch and comment your stuff on Steemit. When I upvote, you can be sure, that I watched AND liked it. When I don‘t comment, it means: I have nothing more or better to say about the topic than you already did.

I think Steemit at first got attention from intelligent and interested people, who love the feeling of community.

To me this gets more and more lost and more and more becoming a fight for attention and money. The Steemit-feeling died a little inside of me. But through your post I remember, that it‘s me who has to wake it up again.

Thank you for your comment and your positive feedback, @brainnipper! I would definitely consider to call us friends already.
I always try to be as authentic and honest as possible. And when I say “try” I mean it. That’s just another way of showing my honesty. Because I would claim nobody of us is always 100% honest. Especially not when it comes to money things. And as things here are about money I would say this platform is no exception.
In some point I can’t understand all those people complaining about lots valuable content not getting upvoted. It’s a fact that is right but I can only say that with a regular blog or a new YouTube channel it’s still much harder to gain attention.
You are absolutely right that it’s up to you to wake up that steemit feelig for yourself again. Because nobody else will do that for you. I have realised this for myself as well when I came back from my short break ;)

I guess it‘s slowly coming back now. :-)

I like you approach of cycling through creators to keep a fresh feel.

Keeping things interesting not only when creating but also when consuming content, yeah. And this is always a great opportunity to interact with other people, find new friends, etc.

FUD EVERYWHERE! Crypto is damn scary right now. I wouldn't go near it at this rate if I was a newcomer

Well, as long as everything goes well and you can make a lot of money with it people don't ask how it's actually working. Just like it was 2007 in the US with real estates... But when times get tough people start using their brain again ;)

WOOOHOOOOO!!! You are back!!!

Bro, don't be too hard on yourself with the cinematography. Just do your best. Learn, do. and repeat. That's it.

Concerning the comments. Yeah, everyone has been noticing that, but that is going to change ;) we will talk about it in the VM.

To be honest man, I always thought that on this platform it's about content creators and not viewers. The demand then comes from cryto people and people who wants to make fast cash lol. But who knows...the viewers might come and they might not.

It's really awesome that you are back man :)

Winny out...for now ;)

Thanks man, I keep trying to give my best. I guess we will see how this platform is going to evolve within the next few months like we’ve been already talking on Discord.

Life gets in the way sometimes. We're happy you're back. 😊

Oh, all the videos I have discarded... and those that are yet waiting to be created! Great that you're also sharing this kind of experience!

Thanks, Kate! Yes, I guess this journey of creating content would be too easy if always everything was working great and every shot was a masterpiece. Then, probably everyone would do it^^

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

Thank you for being here, you don't have to be sorry to leave your life !!
Each one has is own rhythm of life. This is a subject I am talking about in my #Introduceyourself :

as life has taught me to listen to and accept the rhythm of my body while evacuating stress.

Rhythm of life goes on, whatever the way our dreams come true !!

Have a nice day §§

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