DTube | Guitar Beat #4 LOL

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Another little production of mine. Everything was composed and recorded/programmed by me i my room.

BTW. few of my recent videos was seen by almost 0 people.

This is pretty scary, because after 15 years of music education and REALLY CARING ABOUT MUSIC you realise that it doesn't matter what you can do. What matters is HOW you will REACH the RIGHT PEOPLE. You can do literally shit after few months of practising and just use some marketing/social-media tricks (AND/OR PAY $$$$$) to make thousands/millions of people see it. And those who practise 8hrs/day won't be seen by more than their local audiience. Now's the time for me to learn those tricks. This is sad, because i imagine how much time i need to get into it. I need that time to make music. But it won't sell itself :P I hope that in decentralised internet it will be more fair for really hard-working musicians/artists.

I know my videos are not too pretty. Sorry for that. I still learn how to make it better.
Also sorry for the butthurt :D
Anyway it propably won't be seen by more than 3 people lol lol.

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Thanks for sharing...

Thanks for watching

Nice playing!!! :)

Thank you!! ;]


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Those are some cool jazzy/funky guitar licks in there. How did you program the drums? Always interested to learn how people work on their productions.

In this one i programmed some samples in FL Studio, manually using only mouse and keyboadr, it's not too hard ;)

Thanks for responding. FL it's a great DAW. Very slick graphically and had some great plugins like Harmor.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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