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Paying for your food with Crpyto will soon be an option! At least in South Korea! If you're new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here:

My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

In today's video I talk about how people will soon be able to pay for food in restaurants with crypto-currency! Here's a link to the article I mention: http://bit.ly/2IjZAjw

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

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mainstream is coming

Can't wait!

just remember in the us every time you exchange cyrpto, you will have capital gains or losses

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Very good topic friend greetings from venezuela I follow and vote

Interesting post, however we are Nigeria have to wait in line for thy before any cryptocurrency is allowed

Yes it will take some time

Wow I can't wait for that to happen everywhere :D

Same here :)

I may start using cryptocurrencies for services in the future, the blockchain will beat the state control, taxation/theft and we will get to agorism! :D

I can't wait for that!

If everyone is able to pay with cryptos, it will be amazing. South Korea and Australia seem to be leading the charge into letting people pay things with crypto currency. Hopefully these kiosks can be programmed for every store, but even just restaurants is a good first step.

I can't wait for those kiosks to be everywhere in the world, it would be a dream come true!

This seems to be pretty cool. I wonder how much more expanded the use of this currency will become let's say 20 years from now.

I hope it will be everywhere :D

wow amazing video i hae few questions abut dtube

well i have seem a lot f time there is an upvote from dtube how can a video gat an upvote from dtube and what kind of videos do dtube like i mean can i upload vlogs or only videos about crypto gat appropriation from dtube

thanks man it really mean a lot i was searching for this .. thats why i love steemit and this community everyone is there to help

sure, make sure to post original content and never post the same thing twice

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The beginning of the future! Truly exciting! Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if governments around the world would start a "war on cryptos" in some sort of desperate move. But as you say I don't think this development can be stopped and I hope that sometime in the near future cryptos will completely replace FIAT currencies.

I think they will but I don't see a way of stopping crypto, thank god!

great post , keep the good work

interesting post, thank for sharing @tanbay

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