Motivate Yourself : What Reminding Ourselves Of Our Achievements Does

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We tend to worry about the future, carried away with the thought of how tomorrow will be like. Some due to the what they have been through ask will I ever
make it or sometimes engulfed with the fear of the unknown. Well, I don't know why it's like that but permit me to say that's the way nature programmed the human mind.

So lemme ask this question....
**Are you worried about what tomorrow holds? **
Do you think you can't achieve anything come tomorrow?
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OK, If you fall into this category,I will like you to understand that Worrying never solves tomorrow's problems rather it makes it bigger though sometimes it's something we can't afford doing but sure we can control it.

Now, you may ask How do we control Worrying?
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It's an easy one. What we have achieved in the past gives us the hope and the driving power to achieve more I believe they're little things you worried about and finally you got over it. Now take a look at those things that got you worried initial,then recount on how you conquered them and achieved to this level.

Constantly take out time to remind yourself of the things you have achieved and beat your chest and say If I have achieved these things, then I must achieve others cos I'm an achiever and a conqueror. MOTIVATE YOURSELF with that.

Happy New Week
This Week will be the best so far for everyone.

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